How to Look Younger?

Sooner or later, every woman is afraid to grow old. In the pursuit of youth, many resort to a variety of methods. Jars of anti-aging creams, injections, face masks fill the shelves in the bathroom, and panic thoughts about plastic surgeons cause fear. Some begin to fall into extremes: become lethargic and lead a secluded lifestyle, or vice versa-buy bright clothes and try to behave like teenagers. Of course, age has a certain impact on a person’s health, appearance, and thoughts. But do not give up on yourself and despair. At any age, you can look attractive and charming. And we’ll tell you how.

Good nutrition

Good nutritionThe saying “I am what I eat” is as relevant as ever. Of course, it is advisable to take care of a healthy diet and should start as early as possible. There are so-called “vitamins of youth” – A, C and D. so pay attention to citrus fruits, apricots, carrots, tomatoes. Pay special attention to seafood: they contain an important element of omega-3, which has a rejuvenating effect. Eat more greens, and if possible, use olive oil for salad dressing. From spices, use pepper, cinnamon, ginger – they are great for burning fat.

Do not forget to drink a normal amount of liquid: thirst exhausts the cells, which leads to rapid aging. Include fresh juices, green tea, dried fruit compotes and, of course, purified water in your diet.

Also, try not to overeat and have dinner 3-4 hours before going to bed.

Healthy skin

Shelves in supermarkets are full of various anti-age care products. However, do not get too carried away, as most of them have a negative effect on the skin and are addictive. We recommend starting with scrubs. They clean the face well and get rid of old cells. In addition, this form of cleaning is safer than peels. If possible, make the mixture yourself. Use natural products for production: ground coffee, oatmeal, crushed eggshells. Masks made of natural yogurt, sour cream, and fruit will be useful. However, they should be used carefully, especially if the skin is sensitive.

Despite the desire of many to use cosmetics to hide age, do not focus on bright colors. If you can’t imagine a day without shadows, blush and lipstick, try to choose natural cosmetics. Do not forget to remove the make-up, it has a negative effect on the skin. You need to clean your face with means that do not dry the skin: gentle gels, cucumber tonics, micellar waters. Complete the care with a baby cream that nourishes the skin well.

New style

New styleIf a woman wants to change something in her life – she changes her style. If you want to look young and fresh-start giving up dark hair shades and too bright make-up. Many try to paint gray roots black. Indeed, dark tones are washed away much more slowly than others. But they also age the face. The best solution is to choose a color several shades lighter than your own. Various highlighting techniques are also able to perfectly mask gray hair and refresh the appearance. The shape of the hairstyle is also important. Although it is believed that long hair is difficult to care for and they age – do not rush to choose short haircuts. Different hairstyles are suitable for different face shapes, so a bad choice will have a bad effect on the overall image.

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With cosmetics, too, is not so easy. It is necessary to abandon the provocative and bold shades, although a few bright lipsticks can still be left in your Arsenal. But giving preference to dark tones is also not a good idea. Give up Foundation creams – it is better to use BB-tool. Try to choose cosmetics by face type to look natural.

Another mistake many women make is trying to look younger by trying to steal a few of their daughter’s dresses from their wardrobe. Of course, this does not mean that you need to dress strictly and not allow yourself anything colorful or bright. You only need to follow a few important rules:

– choose things in a minimalist style. They should be elegant and concise;

– give up mini-length that will look out of place, and pay attention to dresses and skirts-MIDI or Maxi;

– who said that you need to dress in black or white clothing colors? With bright colors, you should always be careful. But delicate pastel shades will refresh and emphasize. Choose things of milk, cream, pale pink, sky blue. Also experiment with muted shades. Combine them together without dwelling on monotony.


Not everyone likes to practice. And in adulthood, not all sports are approach. However, it is worth keeping your body in shape: this way you will not only look younger,but also keep your health. Do something nice: sign up for dancing, buy a subscription to the pool. Yoga classes will also be useful for weight control. In addition, yoga helps to perfectly relax the muscles and relax.

Positive thinking

Life does not end because you are once again 18 years old. You are experienced, feminine, and know how to present yourself. Enjoy the little things and don’t be afraid to discover something new. After all, happiness is not so much in youth as in the soul.

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