Homemade Chocolate Body Wrap

In the fight against subcutaneous fat, there is nothing more effective and pleasant than wrapping with chocolate. The procedure helps the body to find harmony and beauty, because caffeine in cocoa powder acts as an active substance that breaks down fats. The advantages of wrapping are safety and ease of preparation: in contrast to the equally popular and affordable mustard masks, it is almost impossible to get a burn here. The more pleasant smell helps to relax and raise the tone.

What you need

What you needTo make a chocolate wrap at home for weight loss, you will need dark natural chocolate with a cocoa content of more than 50% or you can take regular cocoa powder. There are a huge number of recipes for making mass from a pure product and with the addition of other components: for example, with cinnamon, with vegetable oil (preferably coconut or olive) and with essential citrus oils. It will be better to choose the most preferred composition for your skin by experience.

Mass recipes

The first recipe

1. Take a shower, you can clean the problem areas with a scrub.

2. Gradually melt 100g of chocolate in a water bath. If you prefer to make a chocolate wrap for weight loss with cocoa powder, dilute it with water until you get a thick plastic mass.

3. Apply a slightly cooled, but hot mass to the problem areas.

4. Wrap the body tightly with cling film;

5. Or cover yourself with a warm blanket or just throw on a warm robe.

6. After 30-60 minutes, wash off the mass.

7. Apply an anti-cellulite cream to the same areas.

This is one of the most popular recipe for holding chocolate wraps at home.

The second recipe

All application steps are saved as in the first recipe. There are only changes in the composition of the mass. One bar of chocolate should be added when dissolved in a water bath 1 tablespoons olive oil and 2-5 drops of citrus oil.

The third recipe

Add 2 tbsp ground cinnamon to 200g of cocoa. You need to dilute the mass with water to a creamy consistency.

In addition to the above additives, ginger, Cayenne pepper, kelp, and many other ingredients are added to the chocolate mass. If you do not have a reaction to chocolate, but you are using an additional ingredient for the first time, first check the mass on your hand to avoid skin reactions.

Due to the thermal effect of polyethylene, a greenhouse effect is created, which contributes to the expansion of blood vessels and activation of blood circulation. The pores are well opened, through which all toxins and slags are removed from the body. However, these procedures should be done no more than a couple of times a week. 10 sessions will be enough to achieve the effect. During the course, you can lose from one and a half to 2 kg of body weight. If you want to do the procedure either for preventive purposes or to raise the overall tone of the body, the optimal mode is 3 times a month.


Some believe that to make a chocolate wrap at home, it is better to use purchased formulations. There is a very large amount of truth in this, because all purchased formulations contain ingredients in the recommended, already calculated proportions for the most effective effect. Buying a chocolate bar in the store, you can not be completely sure what kind of composition was used there.

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The effect can be expected after the course of application. This anti-cellulite effect, the skin becomes taut and elastic, activates the synthesis of collagen. In addition, wrapping chocolate at home rejuvenates and nourishes the skin, adds energy and tone to the body. What is very important, the body, feeling the smell of chocolate, begins to produce the pleasure hormone dopamine. So the procedure helps to improve mood, positive mood and relieves stress.

Chocolate wrap at home will help well with cellulite and if you have a slight excess of body mass index. If you have a lot of extra pounds, to reduce excess weight, you should contact a specialist who will make individual recommendations on diet, sports activities and other SPA procedures in the complex.

Briefly about the benefits:

– chocolate breaks down fats and helps eliminate toxins from the body;

– the skin becomes incredibly soft and soft, does not dry out;

– rejuvenating, tonic effect;

– is a great preventative treatment against the formation of orange peel.


How to make a chocolate wrap so as not to harm your own body. There are certain contraindications for the procedure:

– pregnancy;

– individual intolerance to chocolate and other components;

– presence of wounds and cuts, dermatological fungal diseases at the site of the procedure;

– cardiological diseases;

– oncological diseases;

– diseases of the organs of the pelvis and gynaecological diseases;

– the tendency to hypertension;

– varicose veins and thrombophlebitis;

– at high temperature.

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