Why Sugar is Bad for Your Body?

About 160 years ago, sugar was first imported to Europe, but then it cost a lot of money, sugar was sold exclusively in pharmacies and was literally “worth its weight in gold”. Commoners could not afford to buy sugar, perhaps that’s why there were more healthy people then…

Today, sugar is not a delicacy available to the elite, but an everyday food product, which is also very harmful. Even excluding the fact that pure sugar is not consumed, because most often it is an additive to various dishes, this product causes damage to our body, which is difficult to overestimate. Initially, the raw material for production was sugar cane, since its stems contain a huge amount of sweet juices. Later, sugar beets also came into line with sugar cane. Today, about 40% of sugar is obtained from it (for the other 60%, sugar cane is used). In sugar, there is sucrose in its pure form, penetrating into the body, it divides, and we get a shock dose of fructose and glucose. These two elements are absorbed in a matter of minutes, so on the one hand, sugar is an excellent source of energy. Here, perhaps, is all that can be said positive about sugar. It is known for certain that this product is only a highly refined easily digestible carbohydrate, especially if it is a refined product. There is no biological value in sugar, nothing but calories -100 gr./380 kcal-impressive, isn’t it?

Harm of sugar to the human body

Harm of sugar to the human bodyIf a person wants to bring all the processes of his body back to normal, he should first think about the correct food system, which will almost completely exclude the use of sugar. The motivation for giving up sugar for some people, especially for women, is the fact that an abundance of calories strongly changes the figure for the worse. However, the harm of sugar to the body is also in the fact that this product:

  • Helps reduce the body’s protective functions (almost 20 times);
  • Causes various fungal diseases;
  • Initiates the process of kidney destruction;
  • Provokes the development of Oncology;
  • Destroys the cardiovascular system;
  • Promotes sharp jumps in glucose/insulin levels;
  • Causes diabetes;
  • Promotes the beginning of the process of obesity;
  • In women who are pregnant, it causes toxicosis;
  • Contributes to the feelings of false hunger;
  • Slows down the digestive process;
  • Stops the body’s absorption of nutrients/minerals/proteins;
  • The body begins to suffer from chromium deficiency;
  • Helps reduce the body’s absorption of calcium/magnesium;
  • Contributes to the fact that the body stops receiving b vitamins;
  • Promotes the development of peptic ulcer disease;
  • Provokes the occurrence and development of arthritis;
  • Leads to the fact that a person begins sudden and unreasonable mood changes;
  • In children, it causes an increase in the level of adrenaline;
  • Condones the fact that a person becomes overly excitable;
  • Contributes to the appearance of irritation and excitement;
  • Promotes stress and tension;
  • Contributes to the depletion of energy reserves;
  • Reduces the level of concentration;
  • Reduces the quality of vision;
  • Causes the development of caries;
  • Leads to the beginning of the early aging process and the appearance of wrinkles;
  • Dramatically worsens the condition of teeth, skin and hair;
  • Promotes disruption of the DNA structure.

This list of harmful effects of sugar can be continued for a long time and all of them have been confirmed in the process of medical research.

And at the same time, we use sugar not because it is really a necessity for our body, because, as already noted, sugar does not contain any minerals or vitamins, but in order to please our own desires to eat delicious food. The situation is aggravated by the fact that this substance is part of most products that are on store shelves. Thus, a person, one way or another, whether he wants it or not, uses sugar. According to statistics, the body of our compatriots gets about 150 g of sugar every day. So, in seven days, we consume about one(!) pounds of a hazardous product. While the world health organization has deduced the daily norm of sugar, and it is only about seven teaspoons (30 g). And even if you strictly adhere to this norm, your body still gets significant damage.

Harm of sugar for men

In addition to the General harm that the use of sugar has on both the female and male body, sugar is harmful to the individual orientation of men. Sugar is especially harmful for men who consciously refuse an active lifestyle. In this case, excessive sugar consumption increases the number of harmful lipids in the blood. Excessive levels of lipids inevitably lead to the development of atherosclerosis, which will result in vascular damage. For men, this is fraught with a decrease in potency, since erectal dysfunction is a consequence of the failure of the arteries. And, in addition, men are more likely than women to suffer from myocardial infarctions, strokes and thrombosis.

How to replace sugar without harm to health

How to replace sugar without harm to healthThe harm of sugar to health is a scientifically proven fact, and it’s no secret that in order to stay young, slim, beautiful and at the same time feel great, sugar should be abandoned. However, it is almost impossible to stop drinking sweet tea, refuse to eat cakes, ice cream, and so on overnight. To make this task easier, sugar can be replaced:

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  • Various sweet berries;
  • Honey;
  • Dried fruits and fruits.

These foods will not only replace your usual sugar, but will saturate your body with useful elements: minerals, vitamins, and fiber.

What about those who like baking and multi-component dishes? To solve this problem is not so difficult, it is enough to give preference:

  • The vanilla extracts;
  • Brown sugar;
  • Essences.

However, it should be borne in mind that the above substances are strictly prohibited for use by diabetics. But a healthy gourmet will never distinguish between a cupcake baked with essence and a cupcake baked with the addition of the usual sugar! Tea drinkers also have a fairly large selection of substances that are considered a complete substitute for sugar in terms of taste properties:

  • Honey;
  • Fructose;
  • Stevia;
  • Saccharin.

Of course, it is strictly forbidden to drink tea with cookies, cakes and other sweets, replace them with dried fruits or a bar on muesli, since there is a large range of them in stores and pharmacies.

However, even if you can boast of great willpower and in one minute are able to completely abandon the use of sugar, this can not be done. This extreme measure will bring huge damage to the body and health, apathy, fatigue, irritability are guaranteed. In addition, the body will lose a large amount of glucose. This is why, despite the proven harm of sugar to humans, it should not be excluded, but replaced! Even insulin diabetics should adhere to this principle. The best “ersatz” sugar is fructose, but its use should be reduced to the norm-40 g/day.

So, making a conclusion, we can absolutely say that sugar in its pure form in large quantities is evil. You need to get used to this yourself and train your children from childhood so that they grow up healthy and in the future they would not have to fight with themselves and refuse sweets. Moreover, you can find a decent alternative to sugar!

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