What foods to eat against wrinkles and aging?

Although aging is quite a natural process, but few would refuse to slow down the age processes — to slow down the appearance of wrinkles, prevent changes in the skin of the face and body, weakening of muscles and weight gain. It is proved that some foods due to its unique composition help in solving certain problems associated with age. And it’s not just the content of vitamins and minerals, as well as proteins. Many plant or animal products contain antioxidants, biologically active compounds that stimulate cell regeneration.


A certain effect has a variety of cosmetics applied to the skin — a mask, creams, gels with extracts of berries and vitamins. But the use of fresh berries in food is much more effective, because vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and biologically active complexes work much more effectively from the inside, positively affecting metabolic processes. Especially important are vitamins such as A and C, they help to stimulate the synthesis of collagen fibers of the skin. Many secrete Goji berries, considering them anti-aging products. But many traditional berries – currants, blueberries, blackberries and gooseberries are not inferior to them in terms of vitamins and stimulating effect. And sea buckthorn will help to replenish the stocks of unsaturated fatty acids (especially linoleic), smoothing the skin and helping to eliminate small wrinkles.


Many unfairly overlooked in the nutrition of legumes – peas, beans, lentils and others. Meanwhile, these products help in the fight against aging due to the concentration of rejuvenating and necessary for the body compounds. Thus, they revealed a stimulating effect on the synthesis of hyaluronic acid by the body itself. It is a substance that inhibits aging due to the formation of elasticity and renewal of skin cells, helps to retain fluid, eliminating fine lines. It is due to the decrease with age of the necessary concentrations of hyaluronic acid that the water content in the body decreases and skin laxity is formed. Hyaluronic acid is used in cosmetics to combat aging, but externally it is not as effective as the stimulation of its synthesis from the inside. Two tablespoons of legumes a day will help to activate its production by the body itself. The most useful will be mashed beans, which can replace potato.


This wonderful vegetable is undeservedly overlooked by people who seek a healthy diet and fight against aging. It belongs to the unique anti-aging and dietary products, taking spinach in a couple of weeks helps to make the skin younger and smoother. This is due to the concentrate of vegetables in combination with biologically active substances. Every day you need to include in your diet salads with spinach or cabbage of any sorts. They contain a lot of lutein, an organic substance with antioxidant effects, which has the ability to stimulate hydration of the skin, improves its elasticity and fights wrinkles. Thus, a daily dose of lutein of 10 grams can be obtained by using about 60 g of cabbage or 100 g of spinach.


The skin requires moisture and nutrition, and it is permissible to use as an additive to various salads linseed oil or flax seeds. They are sold in health food stores and pharmacies. Seeds can also be added to cocktails and other dishes, and the oil can be applied to the skin or taken with spoons inside. The skin got extra food, enough teaspoon of oil per day. Rejuvenating abilities are manifested in this product due to the fact that in linseed oil a lot of omega-3 acids, which are part of the cell membranes of the skin and all tissues, as well as help the production of skin fat secretion, which protects it from drying out. It improves skin elasticity, helps to smooth wrinkles and folds.

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If the first wrinkles appear on the face, you should pay attention to the Turkey. Meat, as it may seem strange, also refers to anti-aging substances. The composition of white Turkey meat contains a specific substance — carnosine. It refers to animal proteins, vital to the body in order to slow down the destruction of cells under the action of free radicals and the formation of wrinkles. If these processes do not slow down, they destroy the collagen fibers of the skin, give it elasticity. Respectively, formation of the deficiency of collagen results in leather flabbiness, small-sized mimic wrinkles are formed, and then and more deep. To help in eliminating such problems, you need to include Turkey in your diet up to 2-3 times a week.


In addition, beet regulates digestion and normalizes the stool, it has even more antioxidants, contains anthocyanin — a pigment that stimulates the synthesis of collagen fibers of the skin. Beet is useful to use boiled or fresh, adding to salads, no less useful will be natural beet juice.

Actively helps to fight wrinkles prunes, it is a concentrate of substances that prevent aging. The most dangerous free radicals, which are actively fighting antioxidants, they are saturated with this fruit. It is useful to combine prunes with the use of blueberries, in this combination they have a double effect, it is a kind of concentrate of youth. It is necessary to include in the diet of prunes in its natural form, adding to salads, desserts and its broth.

Familiar vegetables — red pepper, carrots or potatoes help protect the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. It was found that the yellow, orange and red fruits are rich in useful substances for the skin, antioxidants and vitamins for rejuvenation. Salads “traffic light” with green, yellow and orange vegetables help in the fight against aging, more than 4-5 times reducing the negative effects of external influences.

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