How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off?

Weight loss is a difficult topic not only for women, but also for men. Some do not believe that they can lose extra pounds, others enthusiastically experience various diets, and some even fall from one extreme to another, stopping eating or taking questionable “miracle” pills for weight loss. In fact, the answer to the question of how to lose weight quickly and without harm to health, lies much closer than you think. Let’s find out if popular methods can really help, and what you need to do to really become slimmer.

Regimen of day

Regimen of dayYou can wear yourself out in the gym, not eating after 6 or not eating at all, but if you don’t have a stable schedule – everything will go to naught. You must train your body to perform daily procedures accurately. If you don’t have a daily routine, it won’t be easy at first. But after 2 weeks, you will not only start losing weight, but also feel much better.

Healthy sleep

Full rest affects the entire body. If you do not get enough sleep – you will soon feel all the “charms” of the consequences: constant fatigue, loss of strength, irritability, sleep disturbance.

In addition, lack of sleep affects the production of leptin, a hormone that affects appetite and energy consumption. Metabolism is disrupted and, as a result, a person gains excess weight.

The fact is that due to lack of strength, the body begins to experience stress and includes protective mechanisms, accumulating instead of consuming. Scientists have proven that it is desirable to sleep at least 7 hours a day.

A glass of water before eating

Many people have heard that the day should start with a liquid, namely a glass of water. The fact is that it starts the stomach and cleanses it from toxins. This way the food will be digested faster. Drink a glass of cool water half an hour before you are going to eat. It is also recommended to add a little lemon juice or a slice of the lemon itself. However, if you have problems with your stomach, you should refrain.

But to consume 2 liters of water, as advised by nutritionists not quite right. You need to drink when you feel thirsty.

Good nutrition

Good nutritionVarious sites and forums are full of a huge selection of diets that will help you lose weight in a few days. Indeed, there are methods by which you can lose weight very quickly – and for a short time. Moreover, if you strictly limit yourself to food, the body will begin to ” stock up”, fearing to lose all energy sources, and the weight will decrease much more slowly. In addition, through strict diets, you will stop getting all the necessary elements, which will negatively affect your health.

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Eat often, but in small portions about 5-6 times a day. Do not deny yourself snacks, but choose not chips and burgers, but healthy and nutritious products: bananas, apples, nuts, low-fat cheese. The main rule is that the amount of calories consumed should be used by the body for work. Therefore, the menu should be balanced and consist of products that contain all the necessary elements. You should not give up fat – the body needs about 60 g per day. But the daily rate of carbohydrates, which are so fond of giving up supporters of diets, is at least 370 g per day, but it should just be reasonably divided into all meals. The dose of protein is 100 g. usually protein diets are recommended for rapid weight loss and muscle mass gain. However, it is not balanced enough and is not suitable for everyone.

Active lifestyle

As mentioned earlier, the body must burn the number of calories consumed. The mechanism is quite simple: what is not used is deposited as fat deposits. Therefore, it is very important to make sport a part of your life. It doesn’t have to be something you don’t like. You can choose any type of activity that will bring pleasure and burn calories.

However, if you need to lose weight quickly you should take the issue more carefully. The main mistake of many is the wrong choice of exercises. They are divided into anaerobic and aerobic. Doing the first, many people sometimes wonder why they are actively engaged, and the weight does not go away. The fact is that this type of exercise is aimed at building muscle. Therefore, you should start with aerobics or combine strength exercises and weight loss training. Depends on your stamina.

Remember: it is possible to lose weight quickly. But this will not have a long-term effect. Do your favorite sports, choose your menu carefully, have a good rest and be positive. Then the extra weight will not appear in your life.

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