Tuna: Useful Properties and Contraindications

Tuna is one of the most famous and favorite types of marine fish, having a delicate and refined taste, while having useful qualities. It is from it that such famous sushi is prepared in Japan, because tuna eats only sea delicacies and therefore its meat does not contain parasites. In this article, we will tell you what harm and benefit of tuna for the body, what is contained in its composition, as well as what calorie content this fish has in different ways of cooking it.

Composition and nutritional value of tuna meat

Composition and nutritional value of tuna meatOver the past decades, experts have conducted numerous studies and found that this marine fish contains many useful substances:

  • Micro-and macronutrients (selenium, iodine, copper, manganese, iron, and many others);
  • Vitamins (retinol, Niacin, choline, and a number of others);
  • Ash (1.7 g);
  • Fat (4.6 g);
  • Proteins (24.4 g);
  • Saturated fatty acids (1.3 g);
  • Water (69.3 g);
  • Cholesterol (38 mg).

As you can see, tuna contains a large number of compounds necessary for the body, but the main component is omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which have a beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels, while they can only get into the body with food, so the benefits of canned tuna are huge.

Also found in fish in large quantities of protein, which is almost completely absorbed by the body and saturates it with all the necessary amino acids.

Interesting fact: compared to other fish, tuna has the highest amount of protein.

Calorie content of tuna (canned, baked)

This fish can be attributed to low-calorie products, whose energy value is only 140 kcal, so it can be safely used during fasting days and diets. No less useful and delicious is baked fish, which is also suitable for the diet table, because its calorie content is not more than 187 kcal, but it is worth using the product with a vegetable side dish.

Canned tuna loses a lot of its positive qualities during processing, while the caloric content of the product in oil increases to almost 240 kcal. However, canned fish in its own juice has an energy value of half as much, and is also suitable for those who want to lose weight, which is why the question whether tuna is useful in canned food can also be answered in the affirmative.

Benefits of tuna for women and men

Benefits of tuna for women and menIn addition to the unique nutritional characteristics, the presented fish has various medicinal properties:

  • Due to the fact that this type of fish is not infected with parasitic organisms, it can be safely consumed and not worry about your health, the product is considered absolutely safe;
  • Frequent addition of tuna dishes to the diet is an excellent prevention of malignant neoplasms, in addition, fish meat helps to relieve stress and good mood;
  • Regular consumption of the product helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system, improves brain activity and reduces the likelihood of heart diseases as a result of the presence of omega-3 and omega-6 in the structure of fish meat, which are not produced independently in the body, that’s what is useful for tuna;
  • This fish is especially useful for the elderly, which clears the arteries and does not allow the formation of cholesterol plaques, which are the cause of blood clots;
  • The product is recommended for people with diabetes and hypertension, as it normalizes blood sugar and blood pressure;
  • The meat of this fish helps to strengthen the body’s protective functions, producing antibodies that reduce the percentage of allergic reactions;
  • Due to the balanced content of the elements sodium and potassium, the use of tuna helps regulate the balance of fluid in the body, which has a positive effect on kidney function, as a result, the likelihood of developing organ pathologies is reduced;
  • Research results have shown that the use of this fish product in the diet has a beneficial effect on the mental health of women and is an excellent remedy for depressive States;
  • No less important is the presence of selenium in fish, since this mineral has the ability to cleanse the liver of harmful elements, toxins and toxins;
  • Systematic use of this product can prevent the development of thyroid pathologies due to high iodine content, reduce the manifestations of weakness, impotence and chronic fatigue;
  • The rich complex of minerals in the structure of tuna helps to maintain youth and beauty, and the group of vitamins B has a positive effect on the condition of nails, hair and skin;
  • This fish can be used as a prevention of arthrosis and arthritis, as well as its meat can relieve pain when developing joint diseases.
Harm of tuna to the body and contraindications to use

Despite the various useful properties of tuna, the product can also negatively affect human health. It is necessary to limit its use to people who have allergic reactions to the mackerel type of fish, as well as patients with kidney failure. Children under three years of age are contraindicated tuna in their diet, and women during pregnancy and natural feeding should use it without exceeding the daily norm, that is, no more than 200 g per day.

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However, the most important danger is excessive consumption of large fish of this species, since there is a risk of mercury poisoning, which is contained in large individuals a significant amount due to long life.

Thus, you can get a huge benefit from this delicious fish, which contains the most useful components and protects the body from many diseases, without forgetting about certain contraindications for its use.

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