Tofu Cheese: Useful Properties and Contraindications

Tofu cheese is a product that is perceived with a Bang by people who adhere to a healthy diet. Do not mind to include in your diet this amazing type of cheese and those who stand on the positions of vegetarianism.

A lot of tofu cheese can be found in Asian cuisine. Surely only the lazy do not know this product.

However, not everyone likes tofu soy cheese. There are sometimes disputes about the benefits and harms of this food element.

Note at once: there can be no obvious harm from eating cheese made from natural soy beans. But the benefits of this product are incredibly many. But more about everything.

History of the origin and distribution of tofu cheese

History of the origin and distribution of tofu cheeseThe Chinese believe that soy tofu appeared somewhere in the second century BC. That is, this product has been around for much longer than many assumed.

In Japan, this cheese was learned a little later than in China. Then the product was successfully distributed in Asia. And still many dishes of Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese cuisine are simply unthinkable without this amazing ingredient. In European countries, the value of a useful product rich in proteins and other essential trace elements was recognized much later. Just in the last century, soy tofu cheese began to fill the shelves of grocery stores in Europe. This amazing product has also recently arrived in our country.

According to legend, the tofu cheese turned out by accident. Like many famous dishes and products, this element of delicious and healthy food was the result of a successful combination of circumstances. A Chinese chef, whose name has been lost for centuries, decided to make a delicious soy puree with a new seasoning — nigari. This component was the coagulant, which provoked the typical reaction of “yearning” mass. The result was a delicate cheese product, which the cook then tried to compress and got a firm, soft, pliable, pleasant-tasting cheese.

Tofu soy cheese: product features

According to the principle of preparation, this cheese is almost no different from the classic sheep, goat, and cow cheese. In the same way, milk is taken, which is steamed by adding a special ingredient, and then the curd mass is pressed and aged to the desired state. However, there are some very noticeable differences between regular cheese made from animal milk and tofu made from soy milk.

  1. Soy tofu cheese does not have a distinctive smell and taste. It has a delicate consistency and a porous structure. Cheese absorbs the aroma and taste of the products with which it is combined. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage of this product. This ability to absorb flavors and taste allows you to create incredibly delicious dishes with this component. But this product can not be kept near too fragrant and rich in taste elements of food.
  2. Tofu is based on soy milk. This product does not contain animal fats. This feature is good for those who adhere to a healthy diet, choose a clear diet, and live according to the principles of strict vegetarianism. And tofu is good for those who are lactose intolerant.
Tofu cheese: benefits and harms

To determine how harmful or useful a product is, you should first take care of studying its composition. Let’s look at what the famous tofu cheese is made of.

The composition of this product is a natural soy milk. And this is a genuine vegetable protein, calcium, B and A vitamins, folic acid and vitamin E. unlike animal cheeses, tofu does not contain harmful fats. Vegetable protein is perfectly absorbed. The percentage of the protein component: in the solid product about 10.7 %, in the soft curd mass – up to 5.5 %.

The use of tofu cheese

It is important to read the list of useful qualities of tofu cheese.

  • This product is rich in protein and does not contain milk fat, is not a source of bad cholesterol. Tofu cheese can be an excellent substitute for a meat-and-milk protein source. This version of the product saturates the protein component as generously, while not carrying a negative effect on the body.
  • This element of food contains the necessary amino acids for the human body. The product is useful for the nervous and urinary system. The use of this cheese does not harm the cardiovascular system.
  • This product stabilizes the body’s protective functions due to the high content of vitamins and minerals. By including it in your diet, you can eventually find that SARS and colds have become less frequent, the body has become stronger and resistant to infectious diseases.
  • Calcium, which is rich in tofu, is necessary for strengthening bone tissue. However, it is believed that by using this product, a person reduces the risk of formation of calcium stones in the gall bladder.
  • Soy beans contain a lot of iron. This suggests that a soy-based product is useful in preventing anemia and compensating for this condition.
  • This element of food has high antioxidant properties. By eating this cheese, you can slow down the aging process, get rid of toxins, and rejuvenate your body and body.
  • Tofu is a low-calorie product. It does not provoke the deposition of excess fat reserves in the body. The cheese is perfectly suitable for the diet.
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It is important to understand that all the benefits described in this list are specific only to genuine tofu produced using a special technology developed in Asian countries. No substitutes or analogues of this product can be as useful and delicious as the original tofu.

Harm of tofu cheese

Harm of tofu cheeseIn fairness, it is worth paying attention to the possible harm that can be caused by excessive and improper use of tofu cheese.

Possible troubles include:

  • development of pathologies of the endocrine system (thyroid gland);
  • disruptions in hormonal levels in adolescence and reproductive period;
  • development of diarrhea.

It should be emphasized that any failures and pathological disorders occur not from the use of the product, but from its abuse against the background of existing contraindications. That is, if a person has disorders of the endocrine system in which it is not recommended to eat this type of food, then ignoring this warning can provoke the development of problems.

Also, overeating and clearly exceeding the norm of consumption of tofu cheese, you can face some violations in a particular system of organs.

Therefore, when choosing this component for your daily diet, you should read the recommendations for its use.

It is also worth taking into account the fact that only genuine tofu cheese does not cause any harm. Unfortunately, the modern market is full of not quite high-quality offers. Cheese created on a genetically modified basis, of course, is not as perfect as the classic eco-friendly tofu. If the product is made from some analogues, substitutes and imitations of soy milk, it should not be purchased and consumed at all. This “tofu” can be harmful to health and certainly will not bring any benefit to the body.

How much can I eat tofu a day?

Incredibly pleasant to taste and tender tofu cheese is allowed to eat no more than 50 70 grams per day. The maximum limit for an adult is 100 grams. This norm is presented for an adult who has an average build, a normal weight corresponding to his height. Standards for children are much lower. Babies (ages 3 and up) can be given no more than a slice (10 to 15 grams) per day. It is desirable that the child does not use this product every day. Adult children (10 to 17 years old) can eat a little more of this cheese. But the allowed norm does not exceed 35 grams. In adolescence, it is better not to overeat this product. Since they note some ability of the components that make up tofu to slow down the maturation process. If a person is prone to stool disorders and has a weak bowel, he should not exceed the norm for the use of tofu more than 50 grams per day. All norms are approximate. To get specific recommendations on standards in the presence of chronic diseases and other body features, it is necessary to consult with a specialized specialist in person.

Who benefits from soy cheese

This product is unusual, tasty and useful. It is especially good for dietary and complex healthy nutrition. Therefore, feel free to choose tofu cheese if you are a vegetarian, are fond of raw food, care about health and form a healthy diet, lose weight, play sports, and are a devotee of yoga. In the absence of individual contraindications, tofu cheese is useful for absolutely everyone. But you need to eat it according to the rules and in moderation!

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