The Benefits of Running Slow

Simple logic and common sense say: “to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you consume.” Therefore, many people go on diets that limit the intake of calories. However, any nutritionist will tell You that only to establish a diet is good, but not enough. It is necessary to connect physical activity. But how to play sports, being a full person? A new method that has become very popular in Japan — slow Jogging-comes to the rescue. This is nothing more than running with a smile on your face!

Running at a slow pace for weight loss and recovery

Running at a slow pace for weight loss and recoverySlow running is a method that originates in Japan. It is known to be a country where people live much longer than in other highly developed countries, and where there are fewer people who are obese. This method was invented and patented by Professor tanake, and today it is used by many people around the world. On the streets of many cities, you can meet runners who move at a speed of 3-5 km/h, and this often means that they are overtaken by pedestrians.

This natural running technique is especially recommended for people who are overweight, as it does not lead to injuries and does not load the joints. This is a great way to get back in shape, as well as recover from serious loads. It is intended for the broadest circles.

Slow running is based on the fact that we can use it several times a day instead of spending 20-30 minutes on a fast sprint. Taking breaks from work or going to the store for shopping, we can make our body move slowly in small steps. What sets it apart from classic running is its slow speed, which allows you to communicate freely with your companions. At the same time, during the movement, taking short steps, we can burn quite a lot of calories.

Since slow running does not lead to any injuries, any of us can do it successfully, even those who have never run. This way we can not only lose weight, but also improve metabolism and brain function. And if you have enough enthusiasm, you can even prepare yourself for a marathon in this way! The most important thing is to learn to set a certain pace. Many people do not like to run, because after 100 meters they start to suffocate. This happens if you move too fast. We must determine the pace that suits us, and it must be slow in any case. The key point here is the speed at which you can freely smile and talk. If you don’t have enough breath, it means that you are moving too fast. Running at a slow pace should not be a burden.

Movement in the middle of the foot

The key to the method as a whole is running on the middle part of the foot. Our tendons then play the role of a spring, and we can run by Bouncing off the surface. After some time running, we will begin to descend to the foot. You need to try, first of all, not to fall on your heels, because this will load the joints to the greatest extent. If you have never done this, running in place or even backwards is recommended. Walking backwards, it’s hard to get down on your heels, and instinctively we lean on the middle of the foot. This is how we should run and move forward using the slow running method.

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Put your feet on two lines

Many, even experienced, runners make mistakes when putting their feet on the same line while running. This leads to the fact that the pelvis makes unnecessary movements. Therefore, it is important that the legs move along two separate lines: this will not cause any movements in the pelvic area, which means that it will not overload the knees.

Don't look at your feet

You should always run in a strictly vertical position. If we look at our feet during it, this leads to less oxygen entering our lungs through the respiratory system. Whether you breathe through your nose or mouth doesn’t really matter, because the whole idea is to breathe naturally and fully.

Why don't we suffer while running slowly

If you try this method of transportation, you will see that you are able to cover a large enough distance. Why is this possible? This is due to the structure of our muscles. They consist of fibers that contract rapidly and contract slowly. The first ones determine whether we are able to break into a fast run, and we feel their fatigue after a short distance. The second ones are launched during a long run, but they are much more durable. They do not accumulate lactate, so even after traveling long distances, there will be no pain in the muscles, they will still be in good shape. By exercising regularly, we strengthen the resistance of our slowly Contracting muscles and as a result, we can gradually lengthen our training sessions.

Slow running and nutrition

We will not achieve positive results if we just sit on a diet. But in the same way, slow running will not achieve the goal (to lose pounds) if we do not combine it with a healthy diet. Slow running is much more effective at burning calories than walking, because more muscles are involved in this process. If you take into account that the food will deliver fewer calories to the body, the effect of weight loss can be felt in 2-3 months. Remember, however, that you can not completely abandon food, but you must replace food with a healthier one, full of vitamins and minerals necessary for the normal functioning of the body.

With the advent of a philosophy based on slow running in our lives, we can minimize the risk of diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and atherosclerosis. Run slowly, have fun, be slim and healthy!

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