How to Stop Sweating?

In the summer heat, excessive sweating is not just a minor nuisance. For some people, it can become the number one problem. As you know, increased sweating is accompanied by a strong unpleasant smell, so not only does the person who sweats suffer, but also the people around her. The sharp smell of sweat can completely spoil the most favorable impression of others about you. Excessive sweating can not be tolerated, since this is not only a question of hygiene, but also ethics.

How to deal with hyperhidrosis?

First of all, at any time of the year, wash the armpit area at least twice a day, using slightly warm clean water, wipe dry and sprinkle with talc. For this purpose, you can take the usual pharmacy, as well as children’s or perfume talc containing zinc oxide.

In addition, once a day, you must use an antiperspirant. Unlike simple deodorants, which only deodorize the skin, antiperspirants affect the sweat glands-narrow the ducts and temporarily block their activity. You can buy antiperspirant in any perfume and cosmetics store. Important: you can not abuse the use of antiperspirants, that is, apply them several times a day or use them just before the upcoming physical activity, in which sweating will be increased (for example, before sports). Improper use of antiperspirant can lead to a violation of the body’s heat balance.

In case of excessive sweating of the feet, it is recommended to use a special deodorant: it will help to avoid unpleasant odors and reduce sweating. Apply deodorant for feet before going outside, treating them clean feet.

Natural remedies

Folk remedies are good for increased sweating. Try using a decoction of regular pharmacy chamomile when sweating your limbs. Try regularly making 20-minute baths of chamomile broth for the hands and feet. For 2 liters of boiling water, you will need 6 tablespoons of chamomile. Let the mixture infuse for about an hour, then it should be filtered and slightly warmed.

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As a preventive measure for hyperhidrosis, you can recommend a vitamin decoction from the leaves of two plants – sage and nettle. Prepare this broth should be in the proportion of 15 g of dry grass on 2 glasses boiling water. It is recommended to take this decoction once a year for 4 weeks. At the same time, you should drink it every other day for half a glass 2 times a day. By the way, such a vitamin broth will not prevent anyone from taking it (especially in winter), and not only when you suffer from hyperhidrosis.

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