Soy sauce: Useful Properties and Contraindications

One of the most common components of Eastern cuisine is soy sauce, which is characterized by a sharp smell and is a darkish liquid. In our country, sushi lovers usually use this sauce, which gives an unusual taste and aroma to the dish. This product has a special basic taste, which is manifested as a result of sodium glutamate, formed naturally. Let’s take a closer look at the chemical composition, what harm and benefits of soy sauce, and what may be a contraindication for its use in food.

What is included in soy sauce and what is its nutritional value?

What is included in soy sauce and what is its nutritional valueIn the structure of soy bean sauce, a large indicator of minerals, amino acids and vitamins is found. The main components of soy sauce:

  • Fat (2.01%);
  • Ash (5.67 g);
  • Carbohydrates (37.42%);
  • Proteins (60.58%);
  • Sodium (5666.6 mg);
  • Mono – and disaccharides (6.66 g);
  • Vitamins (choline, thiamine, beta-tocotrienol, and many others).

As you can see, the high protein content puts soy product on a par with meat, and a high percentage of glutamins allows you to refrain from salt, which is the benefit of soy sauce for the body.

The amino acid composition of soy sauce is characterized by a large number of components, the main percentage of which is serine, leucine, aspartic acid, Proline, lysine, arginine, threonine and isoleucine.The structure of the product contains natural glutamic acid, which is formed as a result of fermentation and thanks to which the dish has a bright, stunning taste.

An interesting fact: in order for meat or vegetable dishes to be successful, it is recommended to replace salt with soy sauce, which is most suitable for marinating.

The classic sauce consists of only four elements specified on the label-water, wheat, soy and salt, and the occurrence of other components (preservatives, dyes, etc.) indicates that the product is unnatural. Sometimes there may be an additive such as peanuts, which reduces the cost of making the product, which indicates a low quality.

Calorie content of classic soy sauce

The energy value of bean sauce accounts for only 57 kcal, so many nutritionists unanimously recommend it to those who adhere to a dietary diet. This product can replace seasonings, salt, and oil at the same time, and it does not contain cholesterol.

Classic soy sauce helps to burn calories from fat stores that are already available, and also helps to accelerate the metabolic function, which allows you not to gain excess weight.

What is the use of soy sauce for the body of men and women?

Most followers of the right way of life to the question whether soy sauce is useful, will surely give a positive answer, because it has the following positive properties:

  • What is the use of soy sauce for the body of men and womenAn allergic reaction to animal protein makes it impossible to eat fish, beef, and other foods, so it recommends using Chinese seasoning in the cooking process;
  • The ability to reduce the amount of free radicals, allows you to use this product as a preventive tool aimed at preventing the development of malignant tumors;
  • Offer soy sauce for painful menstrual bleeding and during menopause, which helps reduce discomfort and improves the condition, that’s what soy sauce is useful for women;
  • Ascorbic acid, contained in a significant amount in this seasoning, has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the immune system, which allows the body to cope perfectly with colds;
  • The presence of a large percentage of amino acids that are not synthesized by the body contributes to the construction of muscle tissues;
  • Systematic use of this product helps to improve the cardiovascular system, which is especially useful for people with hypertension, ischemic disease, and patients who are recovering from a myocardial infarction;
  • Due to the presence of Niacin or vitamin B3 in the structure of the sauce, useful cholesterol increases, while the level of harmful fats in the bloodstream decreases;
  • Manganese, contained in the sauce, helps improve blood clotting, takes an active part in the development of connective tissue;
  • The product contains tryptophan (an amino acid of mood), which is necessary for the production of serotonin, which has a beneficial effect on sleep, General well-being, as well as for reducing irritability and depression;
  • The beneficial effect of Chinese seasoning on the functioning of the kidneys has been proved, it prevents excessive accumulation of fluid, and helps to normalize the water-salt balance.
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The benefits of soy sauce for men are in the presence of necessary substances that help strengthen muscles and remove toxins, as well as help restore the body after exercise and sports.

Harm of soy sauce and contraindications to its use

To avoid negative consequences, do not use Chinese seasoning in excessive amounts, which will lead to the deposition of salts in the body due to the high sodium content in the sauce. Low-quality cheap product can also cause harm due to the content of powerful carcinogens chlorpropanols in an unacceptable amount, which can provoke the development of cancer processes.

In the presence of such pathologies, it is recommended to limit the use of soy bean sauce:

  • Kidney disease;
  • Difficulties with protein metabolism;
  • Overweight;
  • For people who are allergic to gluten, you should choose a sauce that was made without adding wheat grains;
  • Intolerance to soya;
  • Acute pancreatitis is a contraindication for its use due to the presence of a lot of amino acids and salt in the liquid, which activates the secretion of the pancreas and stomach;
  • During the period of exacerbation of gastritis, it is necessary to limit yourself to a small amount of fermented product, while the Asian sauce should be natural, without dyes and other harmful substances;
  • Children are not advised to often use Asian seasoning, as a result of this, an allergic reaction may occur and even develop thyroid diseases (especially children under three years old are predisposed to this);
  • During pregnancy, you should also use a sauce in small doses that contains isoflavones that are identical in composition to estrogens (female sex hormones) and have a negative effect on the formation of the embryo’s brain.

You should not buy the product on tap on the shelves, especially in plastic containers due to the fact that it can only be stored in a glass container. This Chinese seasoning has no sediment, has a brown tint and is transparent, and the protein is present in the composition in an amount of 8%.

Did you know that soy sauce is one of the oldest seasonings in the world, which was discovered more than 2.5 thousand years ago in China.

In General, soy product is useful, when buying, you need to pay attention to the quality and then it will not harm, while there are no special storage conditions.

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