Evening Skin Care

The procedure is similar to the morning one. For cleansing, use a cleansing cream (milk), lotion or tonic. First, apply a cleansing cream. The remnants of a cleansing cream, stubbornly unwilling to go cosmetics and dirt are removed with a lotion or tonic.

How to remove makeup correctly

How to remove makeup correctlyWhen cleaning the face with cosmetic milk, you can not stretch or scratch the skin. Movements should be smooth, directed upwards. Special attention is paid to the area around the nose and chin, as well as the neck.
To remove mascara from your lashes, you need to use special cleansing creams and oils, as well as an oil-based cleansing cream (any oily cream). Remove makeup from the eyelids and eyelashes should be especially careful. Never pull the skin. Dip the cotton wool in a cleansing cream or lotion, close the eye and guide it along the upper eyelid to the outside. Open your eyes I. turning the swab, wipe the lower eyelid, but the fleece on the contrary lead to the nose. Repeat until the entire surface is clean. Excess cream is removed with a soft paper napkin, “blotting” the skin.
Toning lotion is applied to a cotton swab and wipe the face in the direction from the bottom up. Well after applying the lotion, apply a napkin with a nose slot on your face and Pat your fingers on your face so that excess moisture is absorbed into it.

Hydration of the skin

Moisturizing the skin is the main procedure in the morning, afternoon and evening, which can really help the skin to maintain its natural youth for as long as possible.
There are many moisturizers: water and oil solutions, emulsions, creams. The best effect is given by liquid moisturizing creams-emulsions. Or not very thick cream that is easily absorbed by the skin and does not leave a feeling of dryness after a few hours.
It is better to warm the cream before using, squeezing it out on the tips of your fingers. Apply it to wet skin so that the active ingredients work more effectively. Use your fingertips to drive the cream into the skin of the face and neck, skipping the eye area.
Oily skin needs less moisture than dry skin. In winter, care should be most thorough, as we are constantly in rooms with very dry air. Skin hydration is well combined with massage.

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