The 6 Best Foods for Healthy Skin

In one of the previous articles, we told you what products provoke inflammation, peeling, and a gray complexion. Best Foods for Healthy SkinNow we decided to find out what to include in your diet if you want to have clean and smooth skin.
Care for the preservation of youth and health of our skin is not only in proper care, but also in proper nutrition. Since the skin is a large excretory organ, any failure in the body is instantly reflected on its surface. And if you use the right products, the skin condition, namely color, quality and tone, will instantly improve. The words “you are what you eat” are very relevant in the modern world. Now it is very difficult to find high-quality, vitamin-rich products. Remember: for a good skin condition, it is necessary to use products that contain large amounts of vitamins, antioxidants and trace elements. All these items include vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, herbs, fish and marine products — they should form the basis of our diet. The main rule: food should be varied and include a large number of vegetables and fruits. If you want to look good and keep your skin young for a long time, it is necessary to exclude smoked, pickled, fatty and sweet products.

As for meat, everyone decides for themselves: if you can safely do without it, it is better to make a choice in favor of fish or vegetable protein (cereals and legumes), which, with the right combination and variety, can completely replace meat products. If you find it difficult to imagine your life without steak, choose Turkey, lamb or rabbit.

And most importantly-do not forget about water: 7-8 glasses of clean water a day are necessary for proper metabolism and hydrated skin.

Vegetable and nut oils

Any unrefined oils will benefit: they contain unsaturated fats, which have a beneficial effect on the body from the inside and outside. But many do not know or have simply forgotten about the existence of other oils: mustard, which is not worse than olive, but is much cheaper; oil from grape seeds and pumpkin seeds, linseed, sesame, almond, cedar, amaranth, etc.All these oils are a storehouse of vitamins, trace elements and minerals. For example, grape seed oil contains chlorophyll-a substance that perfectly tones the skin and activates the healing process of wounds, and linseed oil-phytoestrogens, which play almost a major role in maintaining women’s health.


“If the composition contains more than 3-5 ingredients, do not buy this product” – we are increasingly hearing this phrase from nutritionists. But manufacturers of dairy (and not only) products do not want to adhere to this concept. Sugar, shock absorbers (the secret of producing natural and artificial shock absorbers we have revealed here), preservatives, dyes, syrups — all this can not be reflected on the skin. But natural yogurt made with sourdough is really useful for the body: live bacteria have a positive effect on the digestive system. And if the digestive system is all right, then the skin will please with its impeccable appearance. This yogurt can be prepared independently or found in health food stores. But even there, carefully read the composition on all labels.

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Sea fish, shrimps, octopuses, and other sea creatures should be present in the diet. The fact is that seafood is rich not only in omega-3 fatty acids, which are necessary for skin health, but also in iodine, which is responsible for its beautiful color. In General, it is difficult to say which trace element is not involved in improving the skin. For example, zinc relieves inflammation, and copper improves microcirculation.


Parsley, dill, cilantro, Basil and other herbs will provide your body with the entire periodic table. Especially now, in the season when you can grow all the greens yourself and not worry about their quality and real usefulness. Add sprigs of parsley or dill to salads, first and second courses: there is only one rule-the more, the better. But remember: vitamin C in contact with oxygen is quickly destroyed, so do not store freshly prepared salad in the refrigerator — eat immediately. The same thing happens when vitamin C comes into contact with metal, so when cutting greens, it is recommended to use a ceramic knife.

Vegetable milk

Disputes about the benefits of cow’s milk are still ongoing. And for those who are its opponents, they began to produce vegetable milk: from almonds, hazelnuts, soy, rice, etc.All the valuable properties that the raw material conceals are preserved in milk. For example, almonds are rich in magnesium, which is necessary for perfect skin.

Sprouted seeds and beans

If your diet will be constantly present sprouted seeds and beans, you can forget about the lack of vitamins and stop buying vitamin complexes in the pharmacy. These seeds are a unique product that has a positive effect on all processes in the body, as it is rich in all kinds of trace elements, minerals and other substances. Eating sprouted seeds and beans, you will notice instant improvements in the skin: the complexion will change, skin regeneration will accelerate, inflammation will decrease or disappear altogether — in General, you will no longer need tonal products. Add sprouted seeds to a vegetable salad with herbs, season with linseed oil — and you will get the most useful, what you can imagine, a dish for the skin.

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