Salad Diet for Weight Loss

Salad diet for weight loss is one of the most useful. It will allow you not only to get rid of extra pounds, but also to improve the condition of your skin, hair and nails. This diet is the best remedy for beriberi, suitable for those who love vegetables and fruits.

SALAD DIET MENUThe diet based on salads from fresh vegetables and fruits is designed for two weeks. The main rule here is not to mix vegetables and fruits in one dish, do not add salt, sugar and honey. It is necessary to fill the dishes with either lemon juice or olive oil, if we are talking about fruit salads, then kefir or low-fat yogurt. Exclude potatoes, grapes, bananas, and sweet apples from your diet.

It is recommended to use products boiled, stewed, baked, raw, but not fried. It is undesirable to use for making salads: bananas, grapes, melons. Potatoes are forbidden.

Such Express diets are not designed for a long time, as they are based on a sharp restriction of nutrition and often on a meager diet – for example, on proteins alone. The salad diet is based on carbohydrates, and those that are not able to permanently muffle the feeling of hunger.

A big plus of the salad diet is the cleansing of the body due to the receipt of a large amount of fiber. For three days of the diet, you can lose up to 5 kg – and this will be appropriate before an important event, to which you need to look your best or just if you decide to advance in weight loss.

As with any diet, you should drink at least 2 liters of water a day on a salad diet, and better more-herbal teas, black or green. It is advisable to avoid salt, salads can be filled with lemon juice, herbs and spices. But if you have any chronic diseases of the digestive tract or digestive disorders, it is better to abandon this diet immediately.


30 minutes before Breakfast, drink a glass of water with lemon without sugar, adding lemon to taste.

Breakfast: fruit salad with unsweetened fruits (green apples, pears, citrus fruits, kiwi), dressed with yogurt or kefir 1%.

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Lunch and dinner: salad of any vegetables, except potatoes, without salt, dressed with olive oil or lemon juice, 100 grams of lean meat without salt.

During the day, you can drink a liter of 1% kefir. In any amount of green tea and water with lemon, preferably half an hour before meals or between meals. Salad portions are medium.

Dinner: vegetable salad dressed with lemon juice.

During the day, it is recommended to drink green tea and water with lemon. An hour before bedtime, you can drink a glass of low-fat yogurt.

Carrot day

The first day of the salad diet is dedicated to carrots and salads with it. It is not necessary to use only raw carrots – boiled, steamed or fried, you can also. You can fill a carrot salad with olive oil or lemon juice. No mayonnaise, heavy cream, or sour cream. Ideally, if you eat at least one and a half kilograms of carrots in 5-7 meals during the whole day.

Salad Day

The main product of the second day is salad leaves. It goes well with a variety of nuts and any other greens. A small amount of olive oil or lemon dressing is allowed. Salad leaves are less nutritious than carrots, so the number of meals can be increased.

If this diet is difficult for your body, you can add boiled chicken, seafood or fish, but the result will be less noticeable.

Beet day

The last day of the salad diet is beetroot. Beetroot perfectly cleanses the intestines, heals the body and improves the appearance of skin, hair and nails.

Beetroot is useful for diseases of the digestive tract. Beets can be eaten raw, baked or boiled. You can add nuts or a little raisins to the beet salad.

Dilute the salad diet menu with the following products: shrimp, cheese, low-fat cheese, red pepper, fish or chicken.

A vitamin salad diet will help you lose weight and improve your condition (improve the condition of your skin, hair and nails).

The salad diet is prohibited for people suffering from chronic diseases, diabetes or intestinal diseases.

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