Basic Rules of Healthy Eating

When trying to solve problems of appearance or health using various food systems, many people are like travelers who can’t see the forest behind the trees. Going through various diets, a person loses more and more orientation in the “three pines” – the body is constantly experiencing stress, and tension that naturally does not lead to improved health and appearance.

There are basic, fundamental rules of nutrition that all of us should strive to observe in all situations. A visual analogy can be drawn with mathematics – there are basic arithmetic operations (multiplication, addition, subtraction and division) that are observed both in the first class and in the study of higher mathematics. It is foolish to count on a successful study of higher mathematics without knowing the basics of arithmetic, and in nutrition you should not count on the positive effect of a diet if it violates the basic laws of the body’s vital activity.

Therefore, before you begin to solve any problem with health or appearance, you need to bring your daily diet in accordance with the following rules.
Basic Rules of Healthy Eating1. The most optimal is considered to be a three-time daily meal.
2. It is necessary to break the habit of snacking between main meals – this habit brings chaos to the digestive system.
3. Breakfast should consist of fruits, vegetables and a small amount of carbohydrate food (porridge, potatoes). Lunch is similar to Breakfast, only the portion size should be increased, but for dinner you should eat vegetables and protein foods (meat, fish, peas, beans, and so on).
4. It is best to drink water before meals and 1-1.5 hours after.
5. It is impossible that the body is deficient in at least one of the main nutrients – proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.
6. The digestive process begins in the mouth-chew your food carefully. A lot of problems with the gastrointestinal tract also begin in the mouth – if we swallow food in chunks without chewing it.
7. It is necessary to exclude from your diet deliberately harmful and unnecessary foods – sweet carbonated drinks, meat semi-finished products of long shelf life, sweets of industrial production (bars, cakes, and so on).

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Our body is constantly striving to eliminate health problems-compliance with the above rules will only help it.
Naturally, your diet should be adjusted depending on the goal, but this should not violate the basic rules of nutrition.

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