Hair Care During Pregnancy

Most often, during pregnancy, the hair looks better than before it-this is due to hormonal changes in the body. However, hair loss during pregnancy, as well as a General deterioration in their appearance – is also quite common. As a rule, the hair is restored after some time after birth. In any case, during pregnancy, hair care and, especially, their strengthening, should be paid more attention: this way you will reduce the almost inevitable hair loss after childbirth. And, of course, at this time you need to choose the safest cosmetics.

How to restore and strengthen hair?

The causes of hair deterioration are often a lack of vitamins and trace elements. Do not want your hair to be brittle and split? Take calcium! And not necessarily in tablets. Its sufficient amount is contained in natural dairy products-sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt and kefir. Also, the hair should be provided with protein, because this is their building material. So eat more poultry meat, fish, seafood, and legumes. No less important for the condition of hair is vitamin E, which is a lot in olive oil. Use it as a salad dressing. And olive oil is an ideal component for strengthening home hair masks that work as well as expensive salon ones. The secret is in the molecular composition of the oil: it quickly penetrates the hair structure, restoring them from the inside. Oil masks should be applied warmed up and only on dry hair: this way they are better absorbed.

Can I dye my hair during pregnancy?

Can I dye my hair during pregnancy?Perhaps the greatest number of prejudices are associated with hair during pregnancy. Every woman has heard more than once in her life that during pregnancy you can not cut your hair and, especially, dye your hair. As for the haircut, the ban on it does not have any scientific basis. For hair coloring during pregnancy, it is better to prefer natural products based on henna, Basma or soft chemical paints with a minimum content of ammonia or without it at all. Remember that not only paint components can be harmful, but also vapors that are formed in the air when painting. Be careful with resistant paints. If they are written “do not contain ammonia”, it usually means that this component is replaced by another, similar action. And, as shown by a number of studies by scientists, such ingredients (for example, ethanolamines) are sometimes much more toxic than ammonia. But such a component as hydrogen peroxide should not be afraid: it is completely non-toxic. Just keep in mind that due to changes in the hormonal status of the body, the result of staining may be different from the expected one.

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You can strengthen your hair both “from the inside” (for example, taking vitamins), and using external means. For home masks, it is very good to use burdock oil: it stimulates their growth, strengthens the follicles, normalizes blood circulation in the scalp.

How to prevent hair loss?

The simplest procedure for strengthening hair roots is simple combing! It stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp, so the hair follicles get more nutrients. Before washing your hair, it is good to do a light massage of the head – with the fingertips, light circular movements starting from the base of the neck and moving forward to the forehead. Once or twice a week, use strengthening masks, and in the third semester, it is desirable to start actively nourishing the hair roots, for example, using burdock oil or various tonics and ampoules. This prudent approach can reduce hair loss after childbirth.

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