Pear: Useful Properties and Contraindications

According to Homer, the fruits of the pear are “gifts of the gods”. And the author of “Odyssey” does not exaggerate at all. Pear fruits are incredibly rich in vitamins and trace elements, which makes them almost indispensable natural products in the diet of a healthy diet. Pear fruits are rich in vitamins A, E, C, P, PP, and b vitamins.

In addition, the pear contains carotenes-natural antioxidants that have a rejuvenating and regenerating effect. Also, carotenes are involved in the process of self-synthesis of vitamin A. Folic acid, catechins, nitrogenous substances – all these components necessary for our body are contained in pears. Today, there are more than three thousand varieties of pears, and among all this variety, everyone can find a kind of this useful fruit to taste.

Pear: health benefits and harms

Pear: health benefits and harmsEating pears in fresh and dried form is useful for problems with the pancreas, as well as for overweight and various forms of diabetes. Also, for these ailments, drinks from pear fruits are useful: juices and compotes. Pear fruits will be useful for cardiovascular diseases. The content of potassium in pears provides a healing effect on the heart, normalizing its work and rhythm.

Pears will also be useful for improving the immune system and fighting colds. Pears contain biologically active substances that have an anti-inflammatory effect. The most interesting thing is that pears will even help to cope with depression. Therefore, if it seems that your life is divided into bands-black and very black, it is enough to include pears in your diet — using them daily, you can look at life from a different angle and paint it a little in the yellow-green colors of pear fruits.

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If there are problems with digestion, including pears in the diet can also help to cope with the problem. Natural ingredients contained in pears stimulate the digestive process. Pears will speed up the metabolism and normalize the work of the kidneys and liver. Also, pears will help to cope with microbes and parasites: biologically active substances that they contain, have a detrimental effect on microbes.

If you suffer from frequent dizziness or note weakness, fatigue, heart problems, adding pears to your daily diet can solve this problem. Also, eating pears helps heal skin damage and increases appetite. It is recommended to use pears for children and women during pregnancy, since pears contain folic acid, which is very useful for children and pregnant women.

With regard to contraindications, they are, unfortunately, too. The use of pear is contraindicated in cases of stomach problems, especially ulcers of the stomach. You should also refrain from eating pears on an empty stomach, as this has an irritating effect on the intestines. Pears are not compatible with anything other than other fruits, so it is not recommended to use them mixed with the main meal. It is better to do this an hour or two after a meal. Also, pears are not recommended for use late in the evening — our body is not able to digest fruit later than 16-18 hours, so it is better to use pears before this time. It is not recommended to wash down pears with water, as this impairs the digestion of this fruit.

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