Olives: Useful Properties and Contraindications

The unusual taste of the olive tree berries and their health benefits were evaluated in ancient times, but now they are mostly used for culinary purposes, forgetting about their amazing positive qualities. Next, let’s look at what is the harm and benefit of olives for the body, as well as how many berries are recommended to eat during the day, so as not to cause negative consequences on the part of the body.

Nutritional value and composition of olives

Nutritional value and composition of olivesFresh olives are not eaten as a result of their bitter taste, which appears due to the presence of the polyphenol oleoropein in the fruit. To remove this taste, the berries are immersed in salt water for several months, they become sweet and soft, then they are washed and canned, so they fall on the table in canned form.

These berries are very nutritious and well absorbed due to their fibrous structure, their structure is rich in the following substances:

  • Fats and oils-56%
  • Water – 23%;
  • Fiber-9%;
  • Proteins-6%;
  • Vitamins (E, PP, A, B group);
  • Macro-and microelements (sodium, copper, zinc, and others).

The pulp of berries contains about 90% of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are not produced independently in the human body and almost do not accumulate, and for the normal operation of the body, it is extremely important to add products saturated with such fats to the diet, so the use of canned olives is essential.

Calorie content of olives and olives

Olives and olives, despite the fact that they are berries of the same tree, have different caloric content. The energy value of olives in canned form ranges from 180 kcal, and stuffed ones have an even higher calorie content (up to 220 kcal), which depends on additional components, while olives have 115 kcal.

These fruits, along with olive oil, can be included in vegetable diets, but pay attention to the content of sufficient salt in canned berries, excessive use of which can cause water retention in the body, and this will lead to puffiness.

What are the benefits of olives for women and men?

What are the benefits of olives for women and men?Berries are rich in vitamins and mineral compounds, they are healing for various organs and systems of the human body:

  • The use of olives helps to strengthen the release of digestive enzymes, they gently affect the digestive tract, contributing to the healing of microcracks in the intestine;
  • These berries increase the likelihood of conception, normalize the female hormonal background, create beneficial conditions for the birth of a new life due to the presence of monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamins A, E, that’s what olives are useful for women;
  • The fruit contains omega-9, which is necessary for the normal functioning of the heart and blood vessels and provides restoration of damaged vascular walls, and the presence of oleic acid in the structure of olives does not allow blood cells to stick together and form clots;
  • The inclusion of berries in the diet, which have a choleretic effect, helps to restore the liver;
  • Recent studies have identified a unique substance in olives, oleocantanol, which destroys cancer cells for 60 minutes, while not clinging to healthy ones;
  • The fruits of the tree are useful for arthritis, osteochondrosis and arthrosis, they strengthen bone tissue and joints, and are an excellent preventive tool for diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • There is a positive effect of berries on the male body, this is manifested in improving the quality of seminal fluid, thanks to them, a better blood flow to the genitals is provided;
  • Olives have a positive effect on the nervous system;
  • Due to the content of pectins in the berries, which remove harmful compounds from the body, they are recommended for people living in adverse environmental conditions.
  • Olive oil contains linoleic acid, which is good for vision.
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Also useful properties of olives are used in cosmetology, because they contain a huge number of components that have a positive effect on hair, nails and skin.

How many olives can I eat a day?

To assess the healing qualities of olives, you should regularly consume no more than 7 berries a day in any form, and you can use olive oil instead of them for 3 tablespoons a day, but remember that it is quite high in calories (220 kcal).

Harmful properties of olives and contraindications to their use

In these berries, in addition to useful omega-3, there is also not very useful omega-6, which in a significant amount has the ability to form sclerotic plaques, and excessive consumption of berries rich in vitamin A will lead to toxicity of this vitamin.

Basically, people buy canned olives, which add salt and acid, which makes them a contraindication for such pathologies:

  • Cystitis;
  • Coronary heart disease;
  • Hypertension;
  • Gastritis with high acidity;
  • Exacerbation of liver and kidney diseases.

So, the question whether olives are useful can be answered positively with confidence, but it is necessary to take into account their number, so as not to harm yourself.

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