How to Make Your Nose Smaller?

The nose is the Central part of the face. It gives individuality to the features and creates a unique image of each person. But, unfortunately, many are more or less dissatisfied with its shape or size. What if your nose seems too big?

You will need

– powder;
– bronzer;
– pencil or paint for the eyebrows.


How to Make Your Nose Smaller1. Use decorative cosmetics to sculpt your face. In order to visually reduce your nose, apply powder to your face to match your skin tone. Then, using a thick soft brush and bronzer, darken the tip of the nose and its side surfaces, highlight the cheekbone line. Gently blend the sharp lines of transition from one tone to another with your finger. If there is no powder at hand, use a foundation.

2. Adjust the brow line, giving them more curves and clear contours. Select rare and heavily plucked eyebrows with a pencil, shadow, or special paint. When applying makeup, try to focus on them and on the eyes to distract attention from other facial features.

3. Add volume to your hair to visually reduce the proportions of your nose. Make hair extensions and high hairstyles. When styling your hair, avoid straight parting. If you can’t imagine yourself without bangs, stop at elongated options that will be convenient to remove to the side.

4. If you are radical, contact a plastic surgery clinic. Discuss with your doctor all the risks and possible consequences of nose reduction surgery. Be prepared for the fact that the result of a brilliantly performed rhinoplasty may not satisfy you and the procedure will have to be performed again.

Refer your problem to a psychotherapist. Perhaps it will help to look at the situation in a different way and the idea of the need to reduce the nose will lose its relevance.

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