How to Take Care of Your Nails?

You can organize nail care at home using simple and affordable tools. It is enough to read the recommendations of manicure specialists on how to perform procedures and what to use for them.

Simple rules for nail care should start with the fact that the procedures should be regular. Even the most effective means of strengthening the nail plate or softening the cuticle will not help if you use it occasionally. Therefore, you need to start organizing care procedures by developing a detailed plan. It should include all activities and schedules of application of the cream and toning composition.

Before you start taking care of your hand nails at home, you need to determine their condition and look for expert advice on improving the health of the nail plate. Some relevant recommendations can be found in the proposed article. Here are the basics of organizing care at home and told about the available tools.

Nail care at home to strengthen them

How to Take Care of Your NailsI hope you don’t think that manicures are just nail Polish. Nails should not only be painted, but also processed all the time, and, if necessary, even treated. Here we will tell you a little about nail treatment.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes the nails become soft and brittle? This happens often. What can you do: from the cold, nails break, from hot water with soap-they also often lose their beauty with howling-they become soft and grow very poorly.

What do most of us do in such cases? Paint over with a bright varnish, so that you can not see how they are layered. But does this make your nails better? Try to treat them: then they will Shine without any varnish and will not break.

By the way, try not to apply nail Polish more often than once a week: it usually makes your nails brittle and soft.

When taking care of your nails at home for strengthening, make a bath of vegetable oil. Dip your fingertips in the heated vegetable oil (sunflower or olive) and hold for 10 minutes. The oil nourishes and strengthens nails. To enhance the effect, add a few drops of iodine or a little lemon juice.

You can try another option. Wrap your fingertips in strips of gauze soaked in vegetable oil. You can wear gloves on top. This is very convenient, because in gloves you will not be ” tied” to the bath and will be able to do some things.

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More good tips for nail care: if you notice that the nail plates become brittle, make a bath of Apple cider vinegar mixed in equal parts with any vegetable oil. Ten minutes will be enough. Of course, one such bath will probably not be enough, so periodically perform this procedure.

To strengthen your nails, you can use pure lemon juice. This is not only useful, but also very convenient, because while you are treating your nails, you will have to give up the varnish. And lemon juice will not only strengthen your nails, but also make them so shiny, as if you covered them with a colorless varnish.

To make your nails healthy, wipe them every evening (or, if possible, several times during the day) with aloe juice or grape vinegar. This good tool should not be forgotten.

If you occasionally wipe your nails with the juice of red or black currants, or cranberries, be sure that their condition will improve significantly.

If the nails become brittle, make a bath with table salt or, even better, with sea salt: the nails will become harder, smoother and will grow faster.

From time to time, rub table vinegar into your nails — it strengthens brittle nails very well.

Recommendations for nail care at home: make baths

Perfectly strengthen nails and baths with beeswax. Heat the wax in a water bath, and then immerse your nails in it (completely, up to the holes). On the tips of your fingers, you form “thimbles” of wax. They should be left overnight, put on gloves or finger pads). In the morning, free your fingers from everything, and smear the skin around your nails with a nourishing cream.

If you notice that your nails are turning yellow, do not rush to hide this lack with a bright varnish.

Better try to cure them. This will be much better than permanent masking with varnish. The best tool for nail care at home – the following composition of the bath: mix one part of glycerol with five parts of hydrogen peroxide or one part of glycerol with one and a half parts of perhydrol and four parts of distilled water. Follow these recommendations for nail care daily and as a result you will get beautiful and well-groomed nail plates.

Use one of the suggested formulations to wipe your nails every day. Only regular repetition will make your nails beautiful and help them regain their color.

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