Mussels: Useful Properties and Contraindications

Mussels are one of the most popular types of seafood, whose useful properties are difficult to overestimate. More than 8 centuries ago, people tried to breed this type of shellfish artificially, and now special farms have been created where mussels are sold. In this article, we will tell you what is the harm and benefit of mussels for health, what is their chemical composition and calorie content.

Composition and nutritional value of mussels

Composition and nutritional value of musselsThis product is a whole multivitamin complex containing various substances:

  • Vitamins (group B, tocopherol, ascorbic acid, and others);
  • Minerals (silicon, zinc, copper, phosphorus, sodium, iron, and many others);
  • Proteins (11.2 g);
  • Carbohydrates (3.3 g);
  • Fat (2 g);
  • Water (82 g);
  • Ash (1.59 g).

Numerous studies have shown that mussel meat is low in fat and carbohydrates, but it is rich in proteins, the number of which exceeds the percentage of proteins in beef and fish, mineral salts and vitamins. In addition, this product contains useful amino acids (arginine and taurine), which cause the unique property of mussels – they are a powerful aphrodisiac that can increase sexual desire.

Interesting fact: the structure of shellfish contains about a quarter of the daily norm of tocopherol, and some scientists consider them a natural viagra.

As you can see, such a variety of valuable compounds causes numerous positive qualities of the mollusk and suggests that the benefits of mussels for the human body are significant.

Calorie content of mussels

Due to the rich vitamin and mineral composition, high nutritional value and low calorie content (only 77 kcal per 100 g of mussel meat), this shellfish can be called a useful dietary product that will help saturate the body with protein and energy during the diet, when the energy value of the diet is significantly reduced.

However, if you use butter or sunflower oil and fatty sauces during the preparation of mussels, the calorie content of the prepared dish increases significantly.

What are the benefits of mussels for the body of women and men?
  • What are the benefits of mussels for the body of women and menSeafood contributes to the acceleration of metabolism as a result of the content of vitamin B12 in it, so it is recommended to use the product for people with a reduced appetite. Residents of different countries include shellfish in their diet untreated, along with the entrails, so they have a higher percentage of fatty acids (especially arachidic acid, which is effectively involved in the normalization of metabolism);
  • The benefits of mussels for women have been proven to help improve the condition of the cervical mucosa, which creates beneficial conditions for pregnancy;
  • Thanks to the large complex of vitamins in shellfish, the body’s protective functions are improved, and the natural antioxidant qualities of mussel meat cause the restoration and support of a healthy immune system;
  • Regular consumption of seafood (even canned) has a positive effect on the bone system, helps to relieve inflammation and pain in bone pathologies, and also helps to strengthen bones in osteoporosis due to the presence of useful micro-and macronutrients, organic compounds in the structure of mussels;
  • The product contains iodine and zinc, which are effective for potency, so the use of mussels in the diet has a positive effect on the reproductive system, provides sperm motility, that’s what mussels are useful for men;
  • Numerous experiments have revealed a positive effect of this mollusk on the activity of the nervous system. its introduction into the diet will lead to an improvement in the function of neurons, which will lead to increased sensitivity of bones, muscles and tissues;
  • Regular use of seafood in food helps to improve the functions of the cardiovascular system, strengthen blood vessels and reduce the likelihood of atherosclerosis;
  • The high content of antioxidants in the mussel helps prevent the development of cancer pathologies, they have a detrimental effect on free radicals in the body and inhibit the processes of oxidation in cells.
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Also found useful properties of mussels for skin health, which are manifested in maintaining its tone, the formation of collagen and renewal of skin cells as a result of the content of polyunsaturated fats, amino acids and b vitamins in the product.

Harm of mussels to the body and contraindications to their use

Like most seafood, mussels are very useful and have quite positive qualities, but some harm from their use is also present.

This seafood contains saxitoxin, which is formed from harmful substances that have entered the mussels along with water. Therefore, if the mollusk lives in sea water, the toxin is quickly removed from its structure, however, when mussels are grown on special farms, this harmful substance can accumulate in significant quantities, and with abundant use of the product, negative reactions in the form of eating disorders and even poisoning are possible.

Did you know that if the mussel shell did not open during boiling, the product is considered spoiled and must be thrown away!

The body of the mollusk often contains sand and even something similar to oyster pearls, which are very hard and can cause damage to the tooth enamel.

However, even high-quality mussels can provoke adverse consequences for the body in such pathologies:

  • Allergic reaction to marine products;
  • Disorders in the blood clotting process;
  • Gout.

Thus, you should not eat this delicacy in excessive quantities, it is desirable to use a fresh and high-quality product, and then it can bring a lot of benefits and support the health of the body. Therefore, the question whether mussels are useful can be confidently answered positively.

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