How To Get Rid Of Sore Muscles After A Workout?

Professional athletes know that muscle pain is short-term and not critical. However, what if you are a beginner and have just experienced your first training session? Immediately there are thoughts: what if I damaged something? If you panic a lot – you can contact a traumatologist, who will check whether there are any dislocations and injuries. In other cases, it is necessary to understand why there was pain in the muscles, and most importantly-how to get rid of it as soon as possible?

Cause of pain

Cause of painMost often, problems with muscle pain occur in those who are just starting to practice. Even if you are still doing well after class, the next day you will get an unpleasant surprise. Also, muscle pain occurs in those who are engaged in an enhanced program, changed the level of training to a more complex, as well as after long breaks. Another reason is a poorly conducted warm-up before the main exercises.

When a person is engaged, the muscle structures are destroyed. But don’t be scared. After disintegration, the process of oxidation and recovery of new tissues begins. With regular loads, protein synthesis increases, the muscles become stronger and stronger, and over time, it becomes almost impossible to break the bonds.

What to do to avoid muscle pain:

* A good warm-up. Before training, you need to warm up your muscles well and prepare them for more complex tasks. Spend 2-3 approaches before you start. Otherwise, you risk a dislocation or more serious injury.
* Do everything gradually. Don’t start with exercises that you can’t do. It is better to increase the load gradually, without tormenting your body.
* Under the guidance of a coach. If you are not sure that you are performing the exercises correctly, work out with a personal trainer for a while. Also, watch the video tutorials and consult with what intensity you should perform the training and whether such exercises are suitable for you.
* Drink. Water will not only improve your health, but also deliver oxygen to your muscles.
* Do not come to the gym if you feel bad. Not only will you not be able to complete the training, but your condition may also deteriorate.
* Maintain the correct daily routine. Lack of sleep or hunger is unlikely to help you train. But to fall unconscious-quite.

What should I do if my muscles still hurt?

Try several methods that help other trainees.

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* Analgesic cream. Menthol will help to relax the muscles by creating the illusion of cold in them.
* Contrast shower. Warm water will help you relax, and cool water will help you tone your muscles.
* Access to the sauna. Another simple and pleasant way to reduce body pain.
* Additives. Include BCAA, creatine, taurine, and glutamine in your diet. They will help increase muscle endurance. Before the reception, you should consult with the coach.
* Massage. Use a special massage roller. About 25-30 minutes of massage will help relieve pain after training.
* A little warm-up. Restorative training will help you get in shape and speed up the fusion of muscle structures.
* Rest. If the pain persists, rest for a few days. Then start with light exercises, gradually increasing their intensity.

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