Mandarin Benefits and Side Effects

Mandarin is a citrus fruit that most children and adults love. It appears on store shelves mainly in winter. This is very appropriate, since this time of year is characterized by a lack of vitamins. They eat this fruit, both in its raw form, and prepare various desserts from it, and even add it as a spice to some second dishes. What is the harm and benefit of Mandarin? And to whom are these fruits contraindicated?

What are tangerines useful for, and what is their composition?

What are tangerines useful for, and what is their compositionMandarin is known for the presence of vitamin C, which is enough in the composition. This vitamin, or ascorbic acid, as it is also called, effectively raises the immune system, which helps fight infection and viruses.

In addition, the composition of the fruit there are vitamins:

  • D;
  • К;
  • Е;
  • В1 and В2

Tangerines also contain lutein. This substance has antioxidant properties that have a positive effect not only on the entire body as a whole, but also prevent the formation of cancer.

It is also interesting that these fruits contain citric acid, which prevents the accumulation of nitrates in the flesh. Also in Mandarin slices is choline (or vitamin B4) – a substance that is very useful for the human body. This component is used in the treatment of liver diseases, hepatitis, and atherosclerosis. When these fruits are consumed in sufficient quantities, kidney function is significantly improved, and even stones are removed. In addition, choline is an intermediary in the nervous system and improves memory.

Benefits of Mandarin for human health

What else are tangerines useful for? Interestingly, they contain a phenolic amino acid, which is necessary for bronchial diseases. Thanks to this component, tangerines have a decongestant effect, which means that they can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and do not allow harmful cholesterol to be deposited on the vessels.

Very often, when people clean tangerines, they remove the white rigid mesh that is attached to the slices and throw it away with the skin. But this should not be done, since it is in this mesh that glycosides are found, which strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

Fruits are also used for dietary nutrition, as they enrich the body with vitamins and trace elements. However, tangerines themselves do not contribute to weight loss, because they have a low glycemic index, which means that they speed up the digestion of food, which makes a person feel hungry faster.

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Are tangerines useful for pregnant women? Expectant mothers are generally not recommended to eat a large amount of these fruits, as citrus fruits can cause allergies, which will negatively affect the child’s condition. However, it is also not necessary to exclude tangerines from the diet, because they carry a storehouse of useful vitamins necessary for women during this period. For example, a tincture of peel (peel from one fruit to 1 Cup of boiling water) perfectly helps to cope with toxicosis. And the fruit juice has a positive effect on the nervous system and is a natural antidepressant. Essential tangerine oil is used for relaxing massage and protects the skin from stretch marks.

Harm of Mandarin and contraindications to use

If you use tangerines incorrectly, they can be harmful to your health. There are some contraindications regarding this citrus. It should not be used in such cases:

  • Those who suffer from inflammatory bowel diseases;
  • Patients with stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer;
  • For gastritis;
  • With high acidity;
  • With nephritis;
  • At hepatitis;
  • In case of cholecystitis;
  • Diabetes mellitus (use in limited quantities);
  • With cholelithiasis.

Beware of excessive consumption of tangerines should also be those who are prone to allergies, since these fruits, like other citrus fruits, are the strongest allergen.

Also, it is very important to know the measure in the use of tangerines, so as not to cause hypervitaminosis — a condition in which the human body has an excessive amount of vitamins.

For both men and women, it is also important to know which tangerines to choose in the store. Remember: if the skin of the fruit is unnaturally glossy and shiny, then the tangerines have been lying for a long time, and to give them a marketable appearance, they were simply rubbed with wax. It is better to buy something that does not look so attractive, but it is more useful and fresh.

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