How to Look Beautiful Without Makeup?

Beauty comes from within. To look attractive, you need to love and pamper yourself. Instead of putting tons of cosmetics on your face, trying to hide imaginary flaws. Those women who have learned this simple secret have a lot of fans and spend their morning hours sleeping, rather than spinning in front of a mirror.

You will need

– orthopedic mattress and pillow;
– means for skin care of the face.


How to Look Beautiful Without Makeup1. Eat right. If you do not overload your body with harmful food, you will soon begin to feel better. And after a while, your complexion and skin condition will improve. Try to avoid fatty, fried foods. Replace foods that are heavy for the stomach. Instead of pork, eat lean beef, chicken, and Turkey. Instead of sugar, use a substitute. Cook with corn, Flaxseed, or olive oil instead of butter.

2. Drink at least 2 liters of water and green tea a day. They help to improve metabolic processes in the body. Try to give up coffee, various energy drinks and black tea. They can ruin your skin color. Do not drink the liquid before going to bed, otherwise in the morning you may have puffiness on your face.

3. Sleep at night for at least 7 hours. Then in the morning you will have a fresh and rested look. And you will not need any cosmetics. Choose an orthopedic mattress and pillow for sleeping. And it is better to hide under a not very warm blanket.

4. Give up bad habits. Alcohol and cigarettes worsen the complexion, create problems with internal organs. On holidays, limit yourself to one or two glasses of wine.

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5. Take care of your skin. It is not enough just to apply the cream at night. To look attractive in the morning, you need to properly clean and nourish the skin. Do not use ordinary soap for washing, it dries the skin. Try to remove makeup with special creams or lotions. Use scrubs, creams, and face masks regularly.

6. Lead an active lifestyle. Be sure to do sports, dance, aerobics or yoga. This will help to get rid of excess weight, give muscle tone and give a good mood for a long time.

7. Love yourself. Every time you look in the mirror, smile at yourself. Regularly conduct self-trainings. Beautiful are the people who believe in it. Convince yourself that you are beautiful without makeup. And after a while, so will the people around you.

Wipe your face with an ice cube in the morning, and after a while the skin will become more tender and velvety.

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