Lips Care at Home

Lips are the part of the appearance that people pay most attention to. If you do not take care of your lips, they will look ugly, and you will not be able to hide and disguise them with cosmetics.

Lack of proper lip care can lead to the following complications:

  • dryness and cracks;
  • discoloration;
  • the appearance of wrinkles in the corners of the lips;
  • decrease in elasticity;
  • herpes.

Lips need more serious and comprehensive care, do not limit yourself to one balm.

Lip cleansing

Remove makeup from your lips every day. To do this, apply a special tool with a mild action to a cotton pad.

Also, such a procedure as peeling serves as a cleansing. It should be done no more than once a week.

Peeling can be done at home yourself:

  • take a spoonful of honey and 2 spoons of sugar, mix and massage this mixture on your lips. After 20 minutes remove with a tissue;
  • add salt to the sour cream, massage, and then rinse;
  • mix honey with soda and olive oil. Apply the mixture with massaging movements.
Lip hydration

Lip nutritionA big mistake is the use of balsams in the composition of which includes wax. Such products are not suitable for daily care, as they interfere with natural moisture, creating a protective film on the lips.

Vegetable oils are perfect for moisturizing your lips. You can use sunflower or olive oil.

Good results are also given by castor and avocado oil.

For more effect and flavor, you can add various essential oils.

Lack of fluid in the body can also cause dry lips. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the intake of liquid and monitor your drinking regime.

Lip nutrition

Nutritional masks should be done regularly. Thanks to them, the lips get the necessary elements and do not allow the skin to fade.

You can make these masks yourself:

  • butter mixed with grated Apple spread on the lips and stand for 10 minutes;
  • mix any vegetable oil together with honey, you can drop a little essential oil. Withstand this mask for 10 minutes;
  • add the carrot juice to the sour cream and smear the lips for 5-10 minutes;
Protection of the lips

To protect your lips, cosmetic vaseline is perfect. This tool is able to protect the lips from adverse effects on them and will not cause allergies.

In the summer, the lips need protection from the negative effects of sunlight on them. To do this, you need to select balms and lipstick with SPF protection.

In winter, you should use other protective equipment that is designed specifically for this time of year.

Exercises for lips

Do not forget about special exercises that prevent the appearance of wrinkles around the lips.

Try to repeat these simple steps every day:

  • pull out your lips, while slightly opening your mouth. Lock in for 5 seconds. Repeat 15 times;
  • inhale deeply and then exhale as if you are blowing on a candle. Repeat 10 times;
  • inflate your cheeks, then gradually release all the air, while trying not to strain your eyes;
  • pull out the tongue as far as possible, then pull it in. Repeat the exercise 10 times.
Lip massage

Massage is an integral part of lip care. You can use the following methods:

1. Massage with a non-rigid toothbrush. You need to do this massage with soft and unhurried movements. This activates blood circulation, softens the lips and gives them Shine.
2. Ice massage. This massage is performed using an ice cube that needs to be massaged on the lips. It has a tonic effect and helps to increase the volume of the lips.

It is not difficult to take care of your lips. All processes can be easily performed independently at home.

If you keep proper care of them, then your lips will always have a healthy and attractive appearance.

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