How to Relieve Insomnia Without Medication?

Have you ever felt like you want to sleep, but you can sit a little longer? At some point, this turns from a small desire into a habit, which is also harmful. Anxiety, stressful situations, and much more knock the body out of its usual rut, and at some point sleep becomes an inaccessible luxury. Do not despair, there is a way out. Let’s see what you can do to sleep sweetly and with pleasure.

A little about the enemy

Insomnia is a frequent sleep disorder. In this case, the person can not sleep properly or does not sleep long enough. Periodically, about 40% of people suffer from insomnia. The reasons for all are individual, but there are several main ones:

A little about the enemy– chronic fatigue;

– violation of the sleep mode;

– stress;

– depression;

– health problems;

– hyperactivity.

Now, in the age of hyperactivity, many do not keep up with the rapid flow of modern life. A 12-hour working day, outings with friends, excessive loads-all this not only disrupts the usual rhythm of a person, but also causes serious health problems.

Although doctors recommend sleeping at least 8 hours, the acceptable length of sleep for each person is a purely individual thing. Some famous people did not need a long rest at all: from 24 hours a day, the genius Leonardo da Vinci slept only 2, and the beloved Franklin did not sleep more than 4 hours. However, with many, the constant lack of sleep played a cruel joke. For example, Napoleon, who was not a sluggard, eventually became nervous and did not respond well to urgent situations, which led his army to many mistakes in recent battles.

However, irregular sleep is not a joke. Just a few days without sleep is enough to cause irreparable harm to your health: many organs, the nervous system.

You should start worrying if:

You should start worrying if– you don’t sleep well for several days;

– decreases the overall activity of the body;

– sleep is interrupted very often;

– it is very difficult to fall asleep after waking up;

– there is a constant drowsiness.

Insomnia is divided into 3 stages: first, sleep is disturbed suddenly, after which you have to use special rituals to fall asleep: counting sheep, drinking a glass of wine, watching TV. Then comes the next stage: not only is it now impossible to fall asleep. The person begins to Wake up from any rustle or nightmares, it is difficult to breathe in a dream, feels pain. But it is better not to bring it to the third stage. At this stage, the body finally fails, there is a lethargy, a feeling of constant fatigue, and an unwillingness to do anything. It also happens that a person feels sluggish and weak, although the duration of his sleep is much longer than the daily norm.

The wrestling rules

So, you have already realized that insomnia is a more insidious and dangerous disease than many people think. Therefore, you should not ignore the problem. Especially if you can’t figure it out on your own. It is best, of course, to contact a specialist to assess the degree of threat and get proper recommendations for treatment. Many people try to cope by themselves, stocking up on sleeping pills at the pharmacy. However, you should not do this: incorrectly selected drugs will not only help, but also greatly harm the body. Many sleeping pills are addictive, so you need the advice of an experienced doctor.

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But, first of all, full recovery depends, of course, on the person himself. Here are some tips that will help you get a good night’s sleep and make it sweet and strong.

— Inviting bedroom:

It is not necessary to spend all your savings to make the bedroom look luxurious. But it must be cozy, because sleep is influenced by many factors: the color of the walls, the location of objects, sound characteristics. This should be a place where both the body and the soul will rest.

Therefore, avoid decorating the bedroom in bright colors, it is better to choose pastel and unobtrusive colors: pale pink, light beige, coffee. The bed should be moderately hard and not too soft, the atmosphere – not depressing. Before going to bed, the room should be ventilated. And most importantly-no TV, the brain should relax completely.

— Sleep duration:

How much to sleep-everyone chooses individually. However, for sleep disorders, doctors recommend resting for at least 8 hours. And do not delay with the words: on the weekend I will sleep off! Healthy sleep is the key to a good day.

— Don’t snack at night:

Not to eat at night is advised not only to lose weight. The fact is that the stomach takes a certain time to process all the incoming food. So if you still want to kill a worm, you should prepare something light-vegetable salad, chicken soup or low-fat cottage cheese. You should also drink a Cup of tea: mint, chamomile or lemon balm. A glass of red wine will also help you fall asleep, but you should not abuse this method too much.

— Moderate exercise:

It is not necessary to transfer complex training to a late hour, it will only tease the nervous system and will not allow you to fall asleep. But a light warm-up, an evening walk or yoga, on the contrary, will help you relax.

— Fragrant bath:

What can be sweeter and more pleasant than warm water with a pleasant foam? The body tired for the day and asks to plunge into pleasant dreams. If there are significant problems with sleep, instead of foam, you can add soothing herbs, such as calendula or oregano.

Another effective advice is to read a book before going to bed. However, if the story is very interesting, you will not be able to fall asleep.

Do not delay treatment and be healthy. And let your sleep be strong and pleasant.

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