How to remove bags under eyes at home?

Edema of the lower eyelids cause a lot of problems to their owners. In this article we will learn how to quickly remove the bags under the eyes on their own. At home, the method is selected taking into account how soon you need to fix the problem. But, we will not reveal all the cards, we will consider the methods in turn.


Before you get rid of the bags, examine the reasons why they are formed under the eyes. Then at home pick up the technique and act quickly.

So, the reasons are as follows:

  • genetics; allergies;
  • difficulties in the kidneys;
  • age factor (loss of skin elasticity in the area of the lower eyelids);
  • excessive eye strain due to PC, prolonged exposure to the sun or reading a book;
  • reception of alcohol before going to bed;
  • abuse of fatty, salty, sweet food;
  • prolonged crying; fluid intake in the evening.

All these factors provoke swelling. If possible, they should be excluded, so that from now on do not face the appearance of bags.


The following methods help to quickly remove the bags and prevent their re-formation under the eyes. At home, there will be no difficulties with the implementation of the planned.

№1. Tea brew

1. An effective and old method that aims to eliminate bags and normalize blood circulation. The eyelid area is freed from excess fluid, swelling subsides.

2. Prepare a strong brew of 2 tsp tea (black/green) and 150 ml of boiling water. Leave for 20 minutes.

3. Put down the cotton pads, squeeze a little. Send them to the freezer for 15 minutes and apply to the eyes.

№2. Parsley

1. It promotes the outflow of blood and fluid, improves skin elasticity. Allowed to use as juice and pulp plants.

2. So, chop a bunch of greens. Close your eyes, put the contents on your eyelids and rest for half an hour.

3. Alternatively, you can squeeze the juice from this gruel, immerse it in a cosmetic sponge and freeze.

№3 Cooked/raw potato

1. A great option, how to quickly remove the bags. It is enough to hold boiled potatoes under the eyes. At home, the whole process will take about a third of an hour.

2. If there is no desire to boil the root crop, rinse and RUB it. Place the gruel on the problem area and rest for half an hour.

№4. Ice

1. Under the influence of cold vessels are narrowed, there is an outflow of blood and fluid. Skin tone is improved, the swelling disappears.

2. Take the ice, lead them through the problem area. You can attach the slice of cold meat through fabric, if there is no ice.

№5. Cucumber

1. Excellent tool that does not require you to time and financial costs. All you need is a raw cucumber.

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2. Grind it into a pulp, send it to the freezer for 5 minutes. Pull out, place on the lower eyelids and mark 10 minutes.

№6. Aloe with cucumber

1. If you have aloe Vera at home, be sure to use this plant. Break off a large stem, squeeze the gel out of it, measure out a teaspoon.

2. Now pass the cucumber through the grater, fold on the cheesecloth and squeeze out the juice (1 tsp). Mix with aloe.

3. Lower cosmetic sponges in this tool, then apply to the eyelids and relax. After half an hour, rinse with water. You can apply the composition at night and wash off in the morning.

№7. Pure aloe

1. Effective method allows you to quickly remove the bags and restore the elasticity of the skin under the eyes. The main thing that at home was a plant.

2. Squeeze out the gel, lubricate their bags and wait for the setting. When the composition is dry, forming a film, wash. You can repeat the steps in a couple of hours.

3. Another way is to send the stem in the cold for an hour, squeeze the juice, to moisten it drives and put in the freezer. These compresses are used when required.

№8. Egg white

1. Whisk the raw protein into a foam and spread with a cosmetic brush under the eyes. Wait 10-15 minutes.

2. Remove the ice cubes. Parallel to this face mask will tighten the skin, eliminates the bruising and wrinkles.

№9. Massage with spoons

1. How quickly to remove bags under eyes? We’ll use the silver spoons. If at home they are not, arm yourself with conventional Cutlery.

2. Dip them in a glass of ice water, then move from the inner corners of the eyes to the outside.

3. Cooled spoons are better to lead to the most temples. Be detained in extreme point to the pair of seconds.


How to remove bags under the eyes, learned, now let’s look at how to prevent them at home.

1. Always ventilate the room before going to bed. Fresh air has a positive effect on metabolic processes in the body.

2. Try to arrange a walk shortly before bedtime. If possible, exercise during the day.

3. Take for habit to go to bed not later than 11 hours of the evening.

4. It is important to get an orthopedic pillow so that the liquid does not stagnate or, conversely, does not rush to the face.

5. Proper nutrition and rejection of addictions (Smoking, alcohol, etc.) – the guarantee of health and a flawless appearance.

6. Be sure to pick up a quality night cream. Before this, it is strongly recommended to consult a beautician.

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