How to recuperate: leisure and hobbies?

Every person in different periods of his life is faced with such a concept as the decline of forces. Everyone is familiar with winter and spring fatigue, when the morning rise from the bed becomes a real feat, going to work is regarded as a manifestation of heroism, and with the onset of darkness in my head with enviable regularity looms the idea of “get into bed and sleep long.” All this suggests that your energy is at zero and you urgently need a full and properly organized vacation! Why there is a similar state and how it is possible to correct it and to replenish energy reserves?


The decline of strength, unwillingness to do anything and just catastrophic chronic fatigue are among the most common problems of modern man. According to the research of British scientists, 2\3 inhabitants of our planet feel broken and tired, and almost always dream of rest. And this fatigue does not depend on the type of activity and the level of physical activity! And all because the causes of the decline can be very diverse and they are not always associated with physical activity or the amount of time that a person takes to rest and sleep.

The most common causes of the decline of forces-is excessive, sometimes racking load on the body as moral and physical. In the same list you need to add a systematic lack of sleep, the diet does not contain enough vitamins, nervous tension, conflicts, lack of exercise, problems in personal life. The decline of vitality and unwillingness to move – this is the first sign that the development of chronic fatigue syndrome is very close. It is important to understand that the state of “nothing can and do not want to” delayed for a long time should be an occasion to visit a doctor. Fatigue can be caused by low hemoglobin in the blood, hormonal disruptions, disorders of the endocrine system.

Fortunately, in most cases, this condition is not associated with serious diseases and appears due to prolonged stress, lack of sleep, vitamin deficiency and insufficient rest. You can correct the situation, the main time to recognize the presence of the problem and take action.


Manifest yourself decline can be a variety of symptoms that each person will be individual. In most cases, the decline of strength is manifested by increased drowsiness and irritability, dizziness, decrease or loss of appetite. In addition, with the decline of forces is often observed pale skin, insomnia, headaches, fever and increase\decrease in pressure.

In this “running” state is very difficult to perform even the simplest steps: get out of bed, wash and get ready for work or school, and about normal performance and say no. Also suffers emotional sphere – mood worsens and nearly always remains so, falling productivity, reduced speed of mental processes.

The danger of decline in strength is also that this condition makes a person weak and vulnerable, even bad weather can be a real test, since in this state, sensitivity to cold increases and limbs begin to freeze strongly. In addition, against the background of high blood pressure, tinnitus and flies in the eyes may appear, in some cases, even aches, as during a cold. Long-term stay of a person in such a state can have an extremely negative impact on health.


The main ally in the fight against fatigue is our immune system, because a good immune system – is the key to productivity, vigor and high efficiency of human activity. To maintain your immune system in good shape, it is very important to ensure the presence in your life of such “things” as a balanced, vitamin-rich diet, full and regular rest and moderate exercise, preferably in the fresh air.

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Despite the fact that fatigue is often accompanied by the absence or reduction of appetite, to eat properly still need. This should be done regularly, at the same time and certainly with a positive attitude. Qualitatively accumulate energy will help you products such as beans, almonds, dark chocolate, coconuts, eggs, citrus, cabbage and seeds. Exclude from the menu should be fatty, fried and sweet. Drinking coffee is a controversial point, in this case, caution will not hurt – a Cup of coffee in the morning will be enough.

It is extremely important to fully relax and get enough sleep, because, experiencing a deficiency of the hormone melatonin, which is released during a full night’s sleep and rest, our body is not able to fully recover. To improve the quality of sleep will help reading a good book, a Frank conversation with home, listening to light music, drinking warm milk with honey or walking before going to bed in the fresh air.


It is equally important to combat the decline of forces – to improve not only the physical condition, but also the emotional mood. Improve your mood and tune in a positive way will help to communicate with the right and nice people and the ability to relax.

The “right” people should be understood as those who can support you at the right time, approve your actions and Express their opinion. Even if it is criticism. But with those who are jealous, constantly complaining and pessimistic, it’s time to limit or even stop any communication.

In addition to communicating with positive people need to learn to relax. Unfortunately, not all modern people are able to do it. Do not check your work email after your working day is over or think about the nuances of a new project on a romantic date. It is important to understand that staying in a state of nervous tension, in a constant “standby mode” and the inability to relax lead to rapid fatigue, depression, strokes and heart attacks.


To normalize your condition in your life you need to introduce concepts such as Hobbies and creativity. Any hobby that is of interest to a person and gives him pleasure, helps him to live happily, feel balanced and versatile, relieve stress and distract from problems. Being engaged in creativity, the modern eternally busy person will be able to fill the life with paints and to overcome dullness of everyday life more successfully.

Some people are quite unnecessarily shy about their Hobbies, considering them inappropriate in today’s high-tech world. It does not matter what kind of hobby it will be, the most important thing is to enjoy it! This can be collecting something (postcards, coins), knitting or drawing, fishing or roller skating – the main thing that a person gets pleasure from this activity. If you do not have a hobby, it’s time to get new skills and knowledge that will give an opportunity to look at the world from another side.

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