How to preserve the beauty of the legs?

Beautiful female legs are a strong weapon in seducing men. On the eve of the summer season, many girls think about the beauty and health of their feet. But one desire is not enough and in order to achieve a result, you need to make an effort.


Nutrition plays an important role in this issue, so the diet should be balanced. The basic principle of the diet is that it is necessary to abandon food that impairs blood circulation and Vice versa to lean on food that strengthens the walls of blood vessels and lowers blood viscosity. There are many products that help strengthen the walls of the veins. It is necessary to include them in your daily menu, so that the beauty of the legs pleased every day.

Products to be excluded from your diet:

  • Sweets. Any products with a high sugar content in the composition adversely affect the blood vessels.
  • Jelly or fat from the broth. Due to the high content of cholesterol in these products, there is a possibility of the formation of cholesterol plaques.
  • Pickles/canned. Excess salt in the products violates the water-salt balance, which can lead to swelling of the legs.
  • Bad habits, such as Smoking and alcohol, violate blood circulation, so they should also be abandoned. Beauty of legs suffers from them particularly strongly.

But what products should enter the menu to food can be considered balanced:

  • The use of water about 2 liters per day should become a habit, because water does not thicken blood, and, consequently, blood circulation improves.
  • Green tea. The consumption of this tea helps the blood vessels to become stronger and more flexible, and also thins the blood and prevents blockage of the veins.
  • Dried fruits. The composition of dried fruits includes fiber, antioxidants, pectin and inulin, all this helps to strengthen blood vessels.
  • Sea kale. Due to its composition protects blood vessels from microtrauma.
  • Wheat sprouts. Their unique composition helps not only to rejuvenate the body, but also to strengthen the legs.
  • Orange/tangerine/lemon. They contain a lot of vitamin C – it is he, with regular use, helps to normalize the state of the capillary walls.
  • Broccoli. It helps maintain normal cholesterol levels and strengthens the walls of blood vessels and veins.
  • Cherry. The main advantage of these berries is the high content of coumarins in the composition, it helps to raise the tone.
  • Copper and zinc, which is part of, is responsible for the elasticity of tissues and ligaments.
  • Pomegranate juice. Dilute the blood and help maintain the elasticity of blood vessels.

Inclusion in the diet of these products will help to avoid many problems with blood vessels.


The beauty of the legs depends not only on proper nutrition. Improper lifestyle can also cause problems with your feet. Care for them should be regular and include in your complex, in addition to proper nutrition and procedures such as special baths of sea salt or herbal fees, massage and exercise complex. All this will help to become the owner of healthy and beautiful legs, as well as prevent varicose veins.

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Plus all of these exercises lies in the fact that they perform no need to visit the gym or purchase expensive inventory, all you can do at home.

  • Walking barefoot. This elementary, at first glance, exercise carries a lot of positive factors. Stimulates blood circulation of the lower extremities, develops thermoregulation of the body, helps to maintain a healthy state of the soles of the feet. Also, due to various tactile sensations, the nervous system is stimulated. Walking barefoot is necessary on different surfaces, it is very useful to do it on the sand. Also for these purposes, you can buy a variety of specialized mats.
  • Foot lift. This exercise is performed sitting, the back should be flat, the legs are placed on the floor. Start with fingers, they have to pick up and leave it for a few seconds, and then raise the heel, and after a few seconds turns down first fingers and then heel. Repeat 15-20 times.
  • Rolling a ball with your feet. To do this, take a small ball, similar to tennis and to put it in the middle of the foot. After that, for a couple of minutes to roll in turn each foot of the ball.
  • Stretching of toes and feet. Performed in a sitting position, legs are placed on the floor. Heels are pressed to a floor, and the top half of a foot should be lifted and spread fingers, so to sit seconds 10 then strongly to reduce fingers and to wait 10 more seconds. Lower the legs and let rest, repeat 5 more times.
  • Rolling from heel to toe and back. This exercise should be done standing, smoothly rolling from heel to toe and back.
  • Lowering the heels below the support level, standing on the toes. It is necessary to stand on tiptoes on a small hill, it can be a stack of books. Standing on the toes, heels should reach to the floor, that is below the level of this hill.

These exercises do not require a lot of free time, you can perform them several times a day. This can easily be done in the evening watching TV. And some of them can be done even at work sitting at the computer.


Unfortunately, not always proper nutrition and exercise is enough and you have to turn to medicines. We are talking about varicose veins. Manifestations of this disease not only spoil the beauty of the legs, but also give a woman a lot of unpleasant sensations. Drug therapy includes prevention of the disease, elimination of causes and removal of symptoms. But it should only be prescribed by a doctor after a full examination.

Often the greatest results in achieving the goal is still a comprehensive treatment, which includes the above methods, coupled with medication. If the power is resolved, exercises performed, and the results disappoint – you should go to the doctor he will diagnose and prescribe the necessary medicines.

Legs, as well as other parts of the body, should receive their share of care and attention, and then they will be pleased with their beauty and health for many years.

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