How to lose weight without special diets and fitness training?

Few people can argue with the fact that overweight has become a global problem of mankind. Overweight not only spoils the appearance and reduces the quality of life, but also significantly impairs health.

Many people realize too late that the development of some diseases could be avoided if the weight was within the physiological norm. However, even with extra pounds, do not despair and believe that the situation is hopeless. It is necessary to systematically and purposefully achieve effective weight loss. The most comfortable and safe way to achieve this goal is based on three components: the elimination of the causes of constant weight gain, correction of eating habits and increased motor activity.


If weight gain is not associated with a violation of the endocrine system or other physiological problems, the causes of excess weight are most often:

  • Abuse of unhealthy food

Usually it is an excessive passion for baking, sweets, fatty meats, smoked meats, pickles, semi-finished products. As well as fast food and products prepared by the submersible method of frying – deep-fried. Also here you can include packaged juices, soda, energy alcoholic beverages. An exception can be made for spices, as natural spices improve the work of the gastrointestinal tract and accelerate metabolism, which contributes to effective weight loss.

  • The discrepancy between caloric intake the recommended daily intake

The individual amount of calories used by the body to maintain its life, should be calculated based on gender, age, volume of physical activity received in fitness classes and during daily activity. All calories that are not used by a person during the day are transformed into fat tissue.

  • Non-compliance with the diet

Frequent or, conversely, too rare or erratic meals inevitably lead to weight gain. This happens, firstly, because of the jumps in sugar levels, and secondly, through the banal overeating, when a person experiencing a feeling of hunger during the day, in the evening can not get enough.


Having determined the reasons for which excess weight is formed, you need to begin to eliminate them, guided by the following rules of safe weight loss:

  • reduce caloric intake

This must be done before the daily value or not more than 15% of it. The sharp creation of a large calorie deficit can have a negative impact on health;

  • balanced diet

The body must receive all the necessary nutrients to function without failures. It is for this reason that safe and effective weight loss involves compliance with long-term monodiet, which bring more harm to the health of the body than good. In addition, after the completion of such a diet, weight is usually returned, and often also increases compared to the original value. Thus, the body is stocked with an additional source of energy in case of repetition of a stressful situation. Meanwhile, in the process struggle with excess kilograms permissible periodic holding fasting days and short diets. Usually such measures are taken when progress in reducing excess weight stopped and the body the necessary momentum to overcome the “plateau effect” (stagnation);

  • eat 5-6 times a day
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The portions of three of the main receptions should be more, than volume of snacks. Such a schedule of nutrition, firstly, helps to avoid acute hunger, which means overeating, and secondly, accelerates metabolism. High speed of metabolic processes allows you to spend more calories both during fitness classes and when doing household chores;

  • make a correct schedule of meals, taking into account some nuances

All carbohydrates provided by the diet should be taken in the morning. The main evening meal should be planned 3 hours before bedtime. For dinner you can eat only protein foods and vegetables. If hunger arose just before bedtime allowed to drink a glass of low-fat kefir;

  • drink plenty of water to speed up metabolism

The required daily volume of liquid is about 30 ml per kilogram of weight. This volume includes only water – excluding liquid dishes and drinks;

  • sleep at least 8-10 hours

Full sleep plays an important role in the process of weight loss. In a dream, the body is restored, normalized its hormonal background, which has a positive impact on both health and slimness of the figure;

  • to increase the level of daily activity

Effective weight loss is impossible without high motor dynamics. For this reason, you need to regularly engage in fitness and spend more energy in solving daily tasks. For example, you can abandon the Elevator, as well as most of the routes with movements by private and public transport.


In order for fitness classes to be as useful as possible in the process of combating overweight, it is necessary to take into account the following features of training during their organization and conduct:

  • it is necessary to be engaged regularly

The number of workouts per week should be at least three. Due to these systematic exercises, created favorable conditions for the reduction of excess weight; exercise should be primarily aerobic in nature.

Cardio-loading more powerextravagant and actively stimulates processes of fat burning. But strength training will also contribute to weight loss: intensive fitness classes with weights strengthen the muscles, making the figure more slender and tightened;

  • recommended duration of cardio-30-60 minutes

This time, excluding warm-up and cool-down, which are the individual mandatory units. The duration of fitness classes is due to the peculiarities of activation of fat burning processes;

  • physical activity, regardless of their nature, must be periodically complicated

By increasing the intensity of the impact on the body, it is possible to ensure stable progress in reducing excess weight.

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