How to lose weight on the face: the most effective tips?

Some girls want to get chubby cheeks and a little to correct a rounded face. This task is not easy, but quite feasible: there are several techniques and exercises that allow you to adjust the shape of the face. We will tell you about these methods.


First of all, tune in for long weight loss – there is no sharp weight loss exclusively in the face – in general, a dramatically thin face with a general sharp weight loss. Therefore, in order to facial features become more elegant and face lost weight, it is necessary to use a special system of nutrition and complex skin care, neck and décolleté.

Make it a rule to take care of the skin every day, and then the result will be stable and noticeable in a couple of weeks. In addition, in addition to losing weight and adding face refinement, you will avoid wrinkles that begin and skin defects. After all, these processes occur due to dehydration and trophic disorders (delivery of oxygen and nutrients) to the skin.


Many women know that weight loss begins with the face, so any diet is including weight loss face. Although there is a group of women who lose weight at the bottom, it is most difficult to put in order the shape of the face.

It is necessary to abandon the methods of losing weight face “per day” or “three days”. Such methods dramatically reduce weight mainly due to starvation, violate health and spoil the complexion. The weight will quickly return to its place complete with dark circles under the eyes.

To weight loss was effective, it is necessary to follow a few principles:

  • we straighten our shoulders and back, for stoop disturbed blood circulation in the collar area and there is swelling of the face;
  • we remove the pillow from the bed, replacing it with a low thin pillow or orthopedic design for the neck area;
  • give yourself regular exercise for the whole body and face;
    keep a special diet;
  • we take care of the face with the help of cosmetics and massages.

It is rather a system of nutrition for weight loss and removal of excess fluid from the upper body. As in any system of balanced nutrition, the diet for weight loss of the face will be the most correct fractional food in small portions, of which we distinguish three main meals and three snacks between them, the last meal should be no later than four hours before bedtime.

Sugar and salt should disappear from your diet – these substances trap excess fluid in your body and give your face swelling. From the diet should be removed fatty broths and meat, bacon, sweets and pastries, carbonated drinks. It is necessary to abandon the strong coffee and tea – they give extra calories and fluid retention in the tissues.

In the diet, half or more of the products should fall on fruits, vegetables and berries. They can be used as fresh in salads, whole or in desserts, and cooked in dishes – pastries, stews, caviar and more.

Cook in vegetable oil, generously add greens, and pepper and salt do not abuse. Due to the fiber cleared the intestines, reduced caloric content of dishes without losing its satiety, and therefore, the weight will gradually decrease.

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It is important to categorically abandon any alcoholic beverages, especially wine and beer. In addition to its high caloric content, they cause swelling of the face in combination with toxicosis. It spoils the complexion and skin condition.


To maintain skin tone and hydration, it is necessary to drink a lot. In a day an adult woman needs about two liters of liquid, on hot days – even more. However, drinking coffee or black tea will not replace drinking clean water. But the decoction of tea is excellent to tone the skin, and coffee scrub allows you to get rid of the dead epithelium.

During weight loss of the person it is necessary to drink pure spring or weakly mineral water, sometimes it is possible to drink herbal or green tea – it helps to decrease appetite.


You need to influence the face in a complex way – from inside and outside.

Excellent effect has a facial massage with infusion of herbs or sea salt solution. It is carried out with a towel soaked in an infusion or solution with pats – quite intense, but not painful, at intervals of several seconds. This will improve blood circulation and tone the facial muscles. This massage is useful to do every morning, then the result will be quite noticeable.

Very useful for skin tone nourishing masks, and it can be both purchased funds and made with their own hands – from oat flakes, cucumber juice and pulp, strawberries, raspberries… On the issue of applying the mask is better to consult with a beautician and choose a mask in accordance with the type of skin.


The face, as well as the whole body for weight loss should be given a load, then the extra fat will go away faster. Combine exercises to body with special exercises for the face. Excellent helps to lose weight swimming. It strengthens and kneads the cervical spine and relieves swelling of the face due to the normalization of blood circulation.

In addition, it is necessary in the evening or in the afternoon in front of the mirror to do a series of exercises:

  • sing vowels, straining the muscles of the mouth;
  • try to reach the bottom lip to the nose, lifting his chin;
  • open your mouth wide and try to lick your lips with your tongue;
  • try to roll up your lower lip without using your hands;
  • alternately pull in and inflate the cheeks on each side or both sides at the same time;
  • try as much as possible to lower and raise the corners of the mouth;
  • move the lower jaw left and right to the maximum;
  • pull the lips proboscis as far as possible.

Very useful for the face, when applying a nourishing cream, Pat massage with fingertips in the direction from the edges of the face to the nose.

Do not forget that the fullness of the face successfully steal the right hairstyles and hats, correctly applied makeup and radiant smile.

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