How to Give Yourself a Manicure at Home

To have beautiful well-groomed nails, it is not necessary to visit expensive salons. You can do a manicure at home. You just need to have a little patience and a good tool.

Types of manicure

Classify types of manicure on the technique of execution, design solutions and types of coating. Conditionally, you can distinguish two of the most basic types of manicure:

  • classic or edged, this can also include hardware;
  • European or uncut.

Each of them can still be divided depending on the design solution. There is also such a thing as a manicure SPA.

How to get a manicure at home

How to get a manicure at homeWill you do a classic or European manicure, it depends on what set of tools you will need. In addition to the basic tools, for edging equipment, you must have a device for removing the cuticle. They can be:

1. “Shovel”. It is also called “Fork”. With this tool, it is impossible to get a good quality of processing – it removes only the upper skin of the roller.
2. Manicured scissors with curved ends. Since they have straight blades, they do not capture the skin deeply, and the manicure will not last as long as when processing with tweezers.
3. Tweezers are the most suitable tool for edging manicure.

For hardware, you will need a special electric tool. Otherwise, its technique does not differ from edged manicure. Their only difference is the tool that removes the cuticle.

How to do a trim manicure

Before you start working with your nails, remove the old varnish from them. Tools are disinfected.

Further actions consist of several stages.

Bath for nails

The fingers of the hands are lowered into a container of hot water so that the nails sink into the water. In the bath, it is good to add 1-2 tbsp. of coarse salt or sea salt, as well as a few drops of essential oil (tea tree or other).

The cuticle should steam and become soft. This procedure will take approximately 5 to 10 minutes.

Attention! Do not cut the steamed nail with scissors. This will disrupt its structure. Therefore, the length of the nail plate is cut either before the bath, or after they are dried.

Removal of cuticle

1. Stant one finger out of the bath, remove the moisture with a towel.
2. Push the steamed cuticle gently away with a pusher (spatula) or a wooden stick to the base of the nail.
3. Cleach the remaining skin (eponychia) from under the cuticle.
4. Remove the cuticle with tweezers or other tools designed for this purpose.

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Do the same with the other fingers.

Treat your hands with an emollient cream.

How to do an uncut manicure at home

This manicure does not require hot baths. Softening and removing the cuticle is done with a special gel.

Gel for removing the cuticle lubricates the skin around the nail. After a couple of minutes, move the cuticle with a wooden stick and remove its remnants along with the gel. Wipe the nail with a tissue or cotton swab.

Attention! The gel dries quickly, so it should not be applied to more than two fingers at once.

How to make a beautiful nail shape

In that case, if you did a wet bath, then the nails must be dried. After absorbing water, they become flexible.

First of all, the nails are cut to one length. In most cases, the cut is made in a straight “square” shape, and then adjust the shape of the nail file with movements in one direction.

How to make a square nail shape

Keep the nail file straight at all times, without making any curves. The sides of the nail are processed first. Then a nail file is placed at a right angle and the free edge is processed to a smooth straight cut.

To get the shape of a soft square, lightly pass the nail file along the corners of the nail.

How to make a nail shape “oval”

The nail is given the shape of a square, the corners are cut at an angle of 45, then the nail file is given a smooth shape.

How to make a “triangle” and “almond” shape»

Find the middle on the tip of the free part of the nail. File the sides so that the vertex of the triangle is formed at this point.

The almond shape is formed from the “triangle” shape. The vertex of the triangle is cut off, and all nodes are filed, rounded.

Complete the stage of correction of nails polisher. This is a special nail file for polishing the surface of the nail plate.

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