How to get rid of excess weight: nutrition rules, exercises?

Excess weight is a risk factor for the development of certain problems for the health of patients. Numerous studies have shown a link between obesity and overweight, as well as a number of diseases. Despite the fact that there are many diets that promise fast weight loss, a balanced diet and regular exercise are the key to a healthy lifestyle and improving its quality.


The prevalence of overweight and obesity is striking, it is one of the biggest problems of modern health care. Being overweight is a risk of serious health problems, such as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. What would not say supporters of certain principles of nutrition, the gradual introduction of adjustments in lifestyle, nutrition will help to achieve positive results and consolidate it for years to come. So what changes do you need to make in lifestyle and nutrition?


The basis of the diet – healthy meals and snacks. Each meal should consist of 50% fruits and vegetables, only such a diet can be considered correct and healthy.” 25% of the diet should consist of whole grains and the same amount of protein. We must not forget about the fiber. For a normal functioning of the intestines, adults need 25-30 grams of fiber a day.

It is necessary to remove TRANS fats from the diet, limit the consumption of saturated fats, which increases the likelihood of developing heart and vascular diseases. Monounsaturated or polyunsaturated fatty acids can serve as a substitute.

The diet must include:

  • fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • fish and seafood;
  • nuts, berries;
  • whole grains, beans.

The following products should be limited or completely excluded from the diet:

  • with a high content of oil, sugar;
  • meat of fat varieties, red, sausage wares;
  • pastry, bakery products from white flour.

The main thing that the diet was varied and covered all the needs of the body.


Self-control is an important factor for successful weight loss. You can have a separate notebook or download the appropriate program, which contributes to weight loss. In this diary it is necessary to reflect reached process.

The result is the best motivation for strict compliance with all recommendations and achieving even greater results.



Regular exercise is important for both physical and psychological health. Active lifestyle, discipline are crucial for successful weight loss. One hour of exercise, such as long walks in the fresh air, visiting the gym, dancing, will help to achieve positive results. Exercise should take a minimum of 150 minutes per week. The main thing is regularity.

People who do not have any physical training should gradually increase the amount of exercise and their intensity. Compliance with these recommendations will ensure that exercise will become an integral part of life.

Many experts recommend not only a food diary, but also exercises, which, by the way, can also be carried out with the help of special applications or a conventional notebook. You can start physical activity with the following steps:

  • climbing stairs, not the Elevator;
  • cleaning in the yard, floristry classes. Recent studies have shown that such classes will help not only to lose weight, but also to improve health;
  • long walks with the dog;
  • dance;
  • experts recommend to Park at a distance from the destination.
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Before you start a particular type of exercise, you need a medical examination to eliminate all possible risks. This is especially important for patients with comorbidities such as diabetes.


Sweet carbonated water, juices, sports drinks contain hundreds of calories, which are often called liquid or empty. And this is one of the main reasons for the appearance of excess weight. Such drinks are a source of energy, but do not contain any nutrients. Patients should learn to distinguish between hunger and dehydration symptoms.


Overeating – a direct way to the appearance of excess weight, even if the abuse of vegetables. Therefore, the main thing – to monitor the size of the portion, this can help the use of a measuring Cup. Experts recommend the use of small dishes, small plates. Reducing the portion will help to get rid of excess weight.


Conscious nutrition – understanding what, when and why we eat, what exactly the body needs now. Choosing a healthier food is an indication that a more harmonious balance of body and spirit is being formed.

Patients practicing mindful eating, eat slower, enjoy food, focus on her taste. It is proved that a slow meal – prevention of overeating. When choosing products, you need to answer a number of questions in advance:

  • amount of calories;
  • ensure the use of these products satiety;
  • useful products for health.

Only by answering these questions, you can decide whether to include products in the diet or not.


In the kitchen cabinets should be products with diet class, which will contribute to a greater weight loss. Patients who are trying to lose weight should not eat processed foods and unhealthy foods. It is necessary to prepare simple and healthy dishes





An integral part of successful weight loss will be the support of loved ones, as well as other people who also go to this goal. You can find help and support:

  • in social networks, on appropriate forums;
  • create a group or search for it on the basis of the gym, section, etc .;
  • medical assistance programs.

Excess weight is a threat to health, and this is a factor that can affect all aspects of life. To get rid of it will help diet. But it is possible to achieve long-lasting and lasting results only by passing the healthy principles of nutrition, as well as regular physical exercise.

Weight loss should be gradual, too fast weight loss has a number of negative health consequences, in addition, a very high risk of returning lost kilograms.

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