How to enlarge lips at home?

The trend for volumetric sponges of the correct form is only gaining momentum. Since you can increase the lips at home without going to a beautician, we will touch on this topic in more detail. We have collected only effective methods, reviews confirm their effectiveness.


Lip augmentation is a process that must be approached with full responsibility. There are many methods of implementation conceived at home, choose the best.

№1. Special devices

Otherwise they are called fullers, there are 2 varieties:


They create a certain vacuum that increases blood circulation. Very popular pump “Luscious Lips Pump”. If you use devices with frequent intervals, the result will remain forever.


The same vacuum, but are different in appearance. Plumpers similar to a conventional sucker in principle as they are. On sale there are many types, but the best is considered “Fullips”. The result is stored for 4 hours, then the lips start to return to its original shape.

№2. Gymnastics

Since the lips will increase with the help of banal exercises, we will analyze the technology at home. Repeat the exercises every day, then you will achieve the result quickly and very easily.


It involves absolutely all the muscle fibers located on the face and lips in particular. Whistle at any opportunity, in a couple of weeks there will be a result.


Place the Apple in front of your face. Try to reach to it by the lips, as if kissing then stretch your lips in a smile, repeat many times until you get tired.


Hold that between your lips (not teeth!) pencil. Put an easel in front of you and start drawing eights.


Take a very deep breath to expand the chest. Slowly release air through the compressed lips.


Close your lips, then move each of them in the opposite direction pull up-down, right-left.


№3. Massage

Massage will help both to increase lips, and to get rid of wrinkles in the area of the mouth and nose. In home conditions he is executed by a few methods.


Moisten the pads of your fingers with oil, then drive over your lips and squeeze them. Movement must be smooth and strong. Pound lips to reddening.


Than can be increase lips? With a toothbrush, of course. Parallel conduct the peeling skin and make it soft. Just wet the Toothbrush and rub lips to reddening. Don’t overdo it.


Take some napkins. First soak in hot water and the second in the cold. Alternately, wipe the leather to provide a contrast.

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Spend a piece of ice with the addition of coconut oil on the lips for 2-3 minutes. In this time they should redden and to expand hereinafter the lips preserve size is increased and beautiful form is acquired.

№4. Folk remedies

Consider how to enlarge the lips using different means at home. Save the result forever is unlikely, but with systematic use you will maintain the form.

Cinnamon oil

It has an amazing effect on the lips. The active ingredients increases blood circulation and irritates the capillaries. RUB the oil into your lips three times a day and massage.

Peppermint oil

Use it as an alternative to the usual Shine. Oil improves microcirculation, lips become more expressive.

Hot pepper

Cut the chili pepper very finely and add to the lip gloss. Use it regularly. As a result, the lips look natural and very seductive.


Combine in a Cup of 0.5 tsp glycerin, lemon juice and sugar. A homogeneous mixture, spread a thick layer on the lips. Take half an hour. Rinse with plain water.


Since you can increase the lips in different ways, consider how to do it at home with toothpaste. Spread it in a thin layer, wait 3-4 minutes. Due to the content of menthol, capillaries are irritated, the lips increase.

Nicotinic acid

Before using the product, treat the lips with oil. Turn 2 tablets of nicotine into dust. Dilute with water until mushy. Smear your lips and wait for 12 minutes, then rinse.

№5. Makeup

Before quickly enhance the lips, correct select makeup. At home, learn how to do it to be fully prepared.

1. To lips became visually plumper, focus on them. Forget about eye isolation. Only slightly touch up the lashes, and use light shadows. For underlining of the lips line do cheekbones by more expressive.

2. When you paint your lips, use a contour pencil. Repeat the lines, slightly stepping over the edges. Due to this, the lips are visually enlarged.

3. Using a light pencil as eyeliner, lips will look natural. Always use glitter. It emphasizes the lips and makes them expressive.

Now you know how to enlarge your lips. Arm yourself at home with everything you need and start acting. Follow the tips to avoid a negative result. If you ignore the recommendations, the lips can swell to indecent sizes and in the next few hours you will not do anything with it.

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