How to do waxing at home?

Hair removal with warm wax is a simple and effective cosmetic procedure. To achieve an ideal result, it is necessary not to neglect the preparatory activities and know a few basic rules of work with wax.

  1. Hair length in places of hair removal should be at least 0.5 cm.
  2. If you plan to remove facial hair with wax, 2-3 days before the procedure, give up cosmetics containing retinol. Under the influence of retinol, the upper layer of the skin becomes very sensitive, and during epilation there is a risk to tear off the skin along with the hair.
  3. The day before epilation, RUB the skin with a hard sponge or scrub. This is necessary in order to remove dead skin particles and provide better adhesion of the hairs to the wax.
  4. Minimize pain: half an hour before the procedure, take ibuprofen or apply an ice pack to the depilation site. Remember that during menstruation pain may increase, so try to remove the hair at another time.
  5. Do hair removal in a warm room, for example in the bathroom after a shower: in warm hair channels will expand and you will not be so hurt.
  6. Before epilation, take a shower and wipe dry. Wax sticks best to clean, dry skin.
  7. Sprinkle talcum powder on the depilation area to completely remove excess moisture from the skin.

If you have never done waxing, it makes sense to trust the master.

First, you will be able to understand, this type of hair removal suits you, and secondly, you will have the opportunity to observe the actions of a professional.


The obvious plus of the finished wax strips is that you do not have to warm the wax and wash the bathroom from its drops. However, using strips is a little more painful than hot wax.

Choose strips designed specifically for the area of the body that you are going to handle.

Warm the wax strip between your palms for a few seconds, then carefully remove the protective layer.

Apply the strip of wax down to the place of hair removal and quickly smooth it in the direction of hair growth. Press the strip firmly against your body and leave it on for a few seconds.

Slightly pull and press the skin under the strip with your palm, and then remove the wax against hair growth with a quick sharp movement.

Try to keep the strip as close to the skin, not pull it up, and quickly pull along the body.


Heat the wax exactly following the instructions on the package. Most likely it can be done in the microwave, but you need to make sure that there is no foil on the jar. As a rule, 15-20 seconds is enough for a full jar. The consistency of ready-to-use wax should resemble liquid honey.

Be sure to check the temperature of the wax dripped on their wrist. Too hot wax can be burned, and not warm enough will be badly smeared.

If the wax is heated to the desired temperature, dip the applicator in it and apply a thin layer in the direction of hair growth.

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The thicker the hair grows, the thicker must be the layer of wax and so, alas, the more painful the procedure would be.

Quickly put on top of the wax fabric strip and smooth it in the direction of hair growth, while leaving a free bottom edge, for which you will pull.

After a few seconds, when the wax grabs, gently pull and press the skin under the strip with your hand, and then sharply pull the fabric against the hair growth. Do not be tempted to remove it slowly and gently – pull quickly, trying to pull along the body.

If hair removal with hot wax met your expectations and you plan to regularly carry out this procedure, it makes sense to buy a heater for wax.

With it, you do not have to constantly run from the bathroom to the microwave to warm up the cooled wax.


The easiest recipe for home wax hair removal includes only three ingredients in a ratio of 1:2:4, namely:

  • 50 g of paraffin;
  • 100 g beeswax;
  • 200 g of rosin.

Put all the ingredients in a heat-resistant bowl, melt in a water bath and mix. As soon as the mixture becomes liquid and homogeneous, remove it from the heat, allow the wax to cool to an acceptable temperature and proceed to hair removal.

However, it is still recommended to use the finished wax, which accurately observed the proportions of the ingredients and which certainly passed the quality test in production. Self-made mixture can be no worse, but can fail if you get badly cleaned or, worse, falsified wax with a mixture of paraffin or stearin.


After waxing, remove any remaining wax with baby skin oil or olive oil. Then take a shower and apply body lotion to soothe the skin.

If the place of hair removal left a lot of hair, the reasons may be as follows:

  1. Too short hairs.
  2. Too hot wax.
  3. The wax was applied against hair growth.
  4. Too thin a layer of wax.

Perhaps sugaring is more for you.

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