How to clean the skin of heels at home?

Many women often wonder how to clean the skin of heels with home remedies. Cracks and rough skin on the heels disturb a large number of women. Since the appearance of cracks on the heels look like small notches.

Then they thicken and become hot-tempered. They bring discomfort, pain and look extremely unsightly. Let’s first understand: why there are cracks on the heels?


There are various causes of cracks and rough skin on the heels. Here are some of them:

  • the skin on the heels cracks from drying;
  • have full people, notches can be formed from a strong tension legs;
  • standing work;
  • as result of already transferred illnesses;
  • very tight shoes and cheap synthetic socks are the cause of micro-wounds;
  • on the beach, the sun has a negative effect on the heels, and the skin begins to lose elasticity when walking on the ground and sand;
  • lack of vitamins A, E, F, which affects the body as a whole, and on the heels as well.

Do not despair. Folk cosmetics with its baths, compresses, massages and masks will help you.


The most effective means of home care are baths. How to make them?

Recipe 1

Stir in a glass of milk, a thick soap solution and 3 tablespoons of salt. Add to a basin with hot water. Keep your feet in it for up to 45 minutes. Next, taking a brush with coarse bristles, clean the dead layer carefully.

Recipe 2

Make a decoction of potatoes. Hold your feet for half an hour, then rinse your feet with warm water, lubricate your feet with castor oil and wear cotton socks.

Recipe 3

A classic way to clean the heels is the daily use of soda baths. Dissolve in a bowl of hot water 3 tablespoons of soda and hold the feet for about 40 minutes. The effect will see the next day.

Recipe 4

Easy to clean the heels can be hydrogen peroxide or soda. Dissolve in 4 table spoons of water of 2 table spoons salts. Feet soak in this solution for about seven minutes. Next, add hydrogen peroxide and sit for seven minutes. The skin of the feet will soften and you can remove it with a pumice stone or brush.

Recipe 5

Therapeutic baths with a decoction of chamomile, calendula, St. John’s wort, oak bark have a wound healing, anti-inflammatory effect. Pour a decoction of herbs into hot water, hold the legs in a medicinal broth for about 20 minutes, then apply a moisturizing fat cream.


1.Honey compress. Source of rapid healing cracks heels is honey. It is necessary to make honey compresses every evening. Spread this natural product over dried and rough skin areas and cover with polyethylene film. Then put on socks, and in the morning honey the remnants of wash off. With systematic action in a short time and disappear wounds and excess skin growths.
2. A compress of glycerin and Apple cider vinegar. Vinegar has a healing effect on the skin of the heels. It softens the skin, eliminates dryness, and even kills the fungus. If it is combined with glycerin, the result will increase many times. So we prepare mix from 1 tea vinegar spoon and 3 tea ложек glycerin. Soak the gauze pieces in the mixture and apply to the heels. Then wrap the feet in polyethylene. Put on soft socks, leave a compress for the night, wash your feet in the morning and spread the cream on your heels. The effect will be visible from the first time. But it is better to use such procedures 3-4 times.
3. Apple compress. Wipe the boiled Apple, add a little milk to form a medium-density slurry. This means apply a thick layer on the feet and fix the film or gauze bandage. After 40 minutes, remove the compress and spread the cream on your feet.
4. To apply tomato slices daily to toe, it will help to heal cracks. Do this procedure until the skin softens.
5. It is easy to get rid of cracks if to grease heels with warm olive oil.
6. Your heels will have a healthy look, if well washed prunes, cooked in milk, pitted, in a warm form, attach to the cracks.
7. In the treatment of cracked heels is very necessary and important procedure is to soften. Moisten the skin of the feet with ordinary vaseline, but pre-steam them in hot water, adding a little boric acid. Then apply an even layer of vaseline on the cracks, then apply the patch and leave until morning.
8. Massage is an effective way to enhance blood circulation and promote healing of cracks. Kneading movements when massaging heels with warm (room temperature), fat cream, will help healing cracks.
9. Good effect on rough heels give and as well mask. Take one egg yolk, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, ½ teaspoon potato starch. Stir and apply the product on the heels after the bath and wait for it to dry until a thick crust is formed. Rinse with warm water and grease with cream.

  • For smooth and soft heels, the shoes should be comfortable.
  • Moisturizing creams will help to cure cracks on the heels, if you apply them regularly: in the morning and in the evening.
  • Use brushes, pumice, nail files. They should be carefully cleaned of excess epidermal cells.
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With severely rough skin, it is impossible to get soft heels at a time. Therefore, the procedures should be regular.

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