How to achieve the ideal density of eyebrows?

In Ancient Egypt if you died a cat (a sacred animal), her owner had to shave the eyebrows. Today’s representatives of the fair sex do not need an excuse. In the pursuit of beauty, they boldly take up the tweezers, and then regret it. How to grow eyebrows if suddenly “overdone”?

On average, one eyebrow has 250 hairs. If a woman never plucked her eyebrows, the number may be more-up to a thousand. Those who passed the correction have to be content with little. And if the procedure of removing excess vegetation was aggressive and led to damage to the follicles, rare eyebrows can remain forever.

But what if “it’s done”? Perhaps the experience of women from Central Asia will help. They have the right to pluck eyebrows only with the permission of the husband. Cruel? No doubt! But now all means are good.


So, who knows how to use eyebrow pencil, there is no need to practice scrolling or increase sable eyebrows (as did model Cara Delevingne). The ability to draw natural beauty and create the right accent on the face is an art that changes everything. Thanks to him, you can grow eyebrows without loss of appearance! How to do it – next!

1. Let them grow

The first eyebrow modeling tool for more than 5 thousand years! The prototype of the tweezers was found in one of the Sumerian tombs. On different continents, in different eras in fashion were different forms eyebrows. Even the new salon procedure “build-up” – also once was. So, in France in the eighteenth century women shaved hairs and wore “eyebrows” with mouse wool. Cheap and angry!

Appreciate what you have now! Forget about eyebrow modeling for at least 3-4 months. This is the only way to restore the natural density of the arcs.

2. Add color

If you take a mirror and look at the hair on the head, it will be noticeable that the hair has an uneven shade. Where the curls are a little lighter, and on the other site the shade is darker. Identical situation with the eyebrows.

Sometimes they seem very rare, but if you look closely, you can find more than a dozen light, almost transparent hairs. That is why during regrowth of natural beauty it is useful to paint the eyebrows with henna or special paint. You will be amazed how much “thicker”they will become!

3. Do the styling

American supermodel in an interview complained that by nature has expressionless eyebrows that are almost invisible on the face. But if to paint them, the stress will be too bright, deliberate.

In this case, the correct eyebrow styling will come to the rescue. Special comb (you can use a brush for eyelashes) combs the hairs of the eyebrows up towards the ears. And then – in the opposite direction. And, at last, concludes them upwards and to the temples. Thus, your eyebrows look bigger. And besides, the follicles are stimulated, hair growth is accelerated.

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4. Just a necessary correction

Even while growing eyebrows, they need to be shaped. It is better to entrust this matter to a professional. But if there is no such opportunity temporally, it is necessary to start for tweezers independently. But you only need to remove a strictly limited number of hairs!

Place your index finger exactly in the center between your eyebrows. Mark its right and left border with a pencil. Remove only those hairs caught between the lines. All correction is finished, give the tweezers to the custody of the husband.

5. Take the above

Australian supermodel , grows eyebrows using cosmetic serums. Due to the content of complex vitamins (A, B, E and C), D-panthenol, soy protein, caffeine, hyaluronic acid, chitosan and other nutrients, hairs after the use of such cosmetics grow much faster.

But no less effective and natural vegetable oils – for example, castor or burdock. They need to be applied every night before going to bed and in two weeks will be the first results.

6. “No!”Cosmetics for the face

Some women know that nourishing face creams, concentrated boosters and other remedies can slow down the growth of eyebrows. Fragile hairs under the “force of attraction” of dense textures may eventually thin, slow down in growth. So experts recommend that nothing “extra” is not nasty on eyebrows. And if the cream or gel is still on the edge of the eyebrows, wipe the product with a cotton pad soaked in micellar water.

7. “Yes!”Gentle scrubbing

A useful procedure for growing the desired vegetation is a delicate cleansing of the skin. A gentle eyebrow scrub gently removes dead cells in the hair growth area and stimulates the growth of new ones, paving the way for them.

To scrub the eyebrows for the fastest effect you need 2-3 times a week. From the procedure it is better to refrain for those who have a different skin sensitivities.

8. Proper diet

Vitamins and SUPPLEMENTS for hair growth can help reduce the waiting time of “sable arcs”. They have a complex effect, stimulating the growth of hair, eyelashes and eyebrows at the same time. A balanced menu has the same effect.

It should be a lot of protein, calcium, vitamins A, E and group B. So lean on dairy products, meat and fish, fruits and berries, green leafy greens. Proper nutrition can make a woman even more beautiful.

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