Healthy lifestyle basics

Health is a priceless gift that people blithely squanders for life’s journey. It’s not that no one cares about their own body and the safety of their vital forces, but many people do not know how to minimize the risks of losing valuable and sometimes irreplaceable health. But it should be noted that nowadays a lot of attention is paid to a healthy (natural) way of life, the correct worldview and the way of self-healing. Being related to different social strata, age categories, regardless of professions and Hobbies, people increasingly decide to take a course on maintaining health. However, not everyone fully understands why they need it. People simply follow General fashion trends. And this is also not bad, because the first step is made. Having understood the typical and deep foundations of a healthy lifestyle, accepting them and choosing the appropriate path, it is much easier to become a happy person than not taking steps towards improving the quality of your own reality. Based on the basis of these foundations, it is easier to develop into a harmonious personality and achieve certain heights in self-improvement.

What are the basics of a healthy lifestyle

What are the basics of a healthy lifestyleThe basic basics of a healthy and proper lifestyle-the wording seems clear. But does everyone really understand what it means? What other basics? Why do these and not other principles form the basis of a healthy lifestyle (after all, everyone can take something of their own as a basis, and not the fact that this will be the right choice)? Choosing the life principles of yoga, the risks of mistakes are reduced, because the basics of a healthy lifestyle, which are based on yoga, have a thousand-year base of knowledge and practice.

All the principles on which the yoga worldview is based are confirmed by numerous results. Positive results and positive changes! That is, choosing this path, you do not have to take your word for it and give preference to “cat in a bag”. All the basics have an explanation, so they are quite logical and supported by practical experience.

What is the basis of a healthy lifestyle

Choosing the right reference point-a healthy principle of life and looking for the basics of health, you want to determine what these principles are. The basics of a healthy lifestyle are nothing more than a set of rules that should be used by a person who chooses the path of cleansing his body, understanding his own actions, and adjusting his thoughts to the right way.

All rules can be reduced to some thematic bases. Some items are considered major, while others are considered secondary. However, a person who takes the path of health should be well aware of what he is doing, what he is starting from, and what principles he chooses. Moving blindly is not easy to achieve what you want. Yes, this is not required if you decide to choose Hatha yoga as a tool for mastering the basics of a healthy lifestyle.

Basics of a healthy lifestyle. Main component
Let’s go directly to the basics that are usually followed in yoga. Moving towards cleansing, healing, and self-development, you can rely on several basic principles. Further in more detail.

Physical culture of the body

For sure, every person who wants to change their lifestyle and take the path of health knows that one of the important aspects of improving the body is physical activity. However, not all exercises are suitable for the chosen goal. Ideally distributed loads can not harm the body. On the contrary, a well-chosen set of exercises literally creates the impossible, namely miracles:

  • diseases go away;
  • aging processes are slowed down;
  • improves the overall condition of the body’s internal systems;
  • you receive the correct internal attitude.

Physical activities should not be heavy, they should assume the appropriate intensity. It is important to perform a physical set of practical exercises correctly, at a certain time, with a given frequency. In Hatha yoga, a huge amount of attention is paid to the physical culture of the body. There are special asanas that are aimed at working with certain energy flows. By performing physical practices, a person develops his own body, trains the spirit, and directs a positive charge to the improvement of organ systems. Being a beginner and just starting your way to recovery, you should choose a yoga course for beginners. Under the strict supervision of experienced teachers, you can develop your own physical culture, learn the basics of performing asanas, learn simple practices and move to the next stage.

Passive lifestyle, lack of physical activity cause serious damage to the health of the body. Even with the “baggage” of chronic diseases, it is possible, and even necessary, to choose the right gymnastics to prevent your body from” stagnating ” and to significantly improve your health indicators. Only 12-25 minutes a day should be given to gymnastic exercises from Hatha yoga. After a short period of time, this will bear fruit in the form of improved appearance, health, and mood.

Healthy diet

One of the most important foundations of a healthy lifestyle is proper nutrition. Physical activity is nothing without a balanced diet. Our body needs to be fed with useful bioactive substances, vitamins, and minerals. People who practice yoga mostly choose the principle of vegetarian nutrition. This is the most correct direction. Giving up food of animal origin helps to rid the body of unnecessary (harmful fats, karmic fees, energy of fear). Choosing vegetarianism, a person is as close as possible to the natural principles of existence. According to the laws of life, a rational being has no right to take the life of someone for the sake of satiation or any other purposes. The plant world of our planet is so rich that it allows you to draw resources to ensure a healthy diet in large quantities without compromising nature.

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Taking as the basis of a healthy diet plant food, people:

  • gets all the necessary components;
  • does not spoil your own figure;
  • does not clog the body with toxins, fats;
  • it does not close the way for positive energies.

Switching to a vegetarian diet, you will feel light, uplifting spirit, and vitality from the very first weeks of practice. Rare people, having tried vegetarianism seriously, return to meat-eating.

If you choose the path of yoga, then vegetarian food is the basis on which a healthy lifestyle is based.

The refusal of the excess

The refusal of the excessOne of the related bases with a healthy diet is the rejection of all unnecessary things – that is, asceticism. Getting on the path of health, you will have to give up a lot. Physical culture and proper diet are only part of the components of a healthy lifestyle. It is important to form the right habits and learn to deny yourself something delicious, but not useful, carrying dangerous prospects for later life.

Simply put, a person should give up any of their bad habits. And this is not only Smoking, addiction to alcohol, a tendency to overeat, the range of bad habits is much wider. Read more about this in a special article.

As mentioned above, this basis is related to the principle of healthy eating. Therefore, here you should indicate the list of products that you need to give up, choosing the path of a healthy lifestyle.

If you decide to become a yogi or just want to cleanse your body as much as possible, give up the following products:

  • sugar;
  • salt (in excess);
  • carbonated drinks;
  • sweet pastries, confectionery;
  • alcohol (strong, light);
  • fatty, fried food;
  • semi-finished products, fast food;
  • food that is derived from the slain creature (fish, meat, eggs);
  • canned vegetables, fruits, and berries on an industrial scale.

If you decide to clean up, get rid of excess weight and improve your body, you should give preference to natural products grown in ecologically clean areas or on your own beds without adding chemical fertilizers.

Positive thinking

An important basis for a healthy lifestyle, without which all other items do not make sense, is correct thinking. A person must find the strength and wisdom to form a positive worldview. I’m sure many people have heard this idea: all diseases are caused by nerves. In fact, not all! But that doesn’t change things. Thoughts materialize, and by thinking about bad things, seeing the negative in everything, a person attracts negative flows to himself. That’s where a hundred diseases, failures, and tragedies come from. If the ” mob ” has gathered in your thoughts, do not expect gifts from fate. The way you think, what you think about, how you perceive the surrounding reality, is directly reflected in everyday life. An angry, sullen person will not be happy. If you don’t know how to think positively and be sincere, open, and kind, you can’t reach the heights of self-improvement. But choosing a healthy lifestyle, we do not just want to become healthier, we want to become better, cleaner, wiser, more beautiful. Only by harmoniously combining all the principles of a healthy lifestyle, you can get as close as possible to the realization of these desires.

Healthy lifestyle: basic points

Summarizing all of the above, I want to draw a line and indicate a clear list of what should be based on a person who chooses a healthy way of life.

It is necessary to start from the following basics:

  • physical culture of the body;
  • healthy diet;
  • giving up all unnecessary things;
  • positive thinking.

If you look closely, you can understand that there is nothing difficult in following these simple rules. You will only have to realize the depth of their importance for your own body, for your soul. A person who perfectly understands what and what he needs, instinctively begins to reach for the right life guidelines and push away everything potentially dangerous and unnecessary. Having mastered the main basics of a healthy way of thinking and being, having tried these principles in practice, having received the first results, you can feel the expansion of borders. This is the next stage of self-development. In fact, following the principles of a healthy lifestyle is only the beginning of the path to self-knowledge and self-improvement.

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