How to Increase Hair Volume On Top the Head?

Before you add volume to your hair, you need to thoroughly wash your head and treat the curls with nutritional compositions. The opinion that dry curls are more lush is not true. Therefore, you do not need to be wise, wash your head before giving volume to your hair at home, because a clean head of hair itself looks more lush. You can use the tips of professional hairdressers given in this article. All the proposed methods are quite simple and can be easily implemented.

Knowledge of how to increase the volume of hair will help you create the most intricate hairstyles and styling for every day and on festive occasions. Therefore, carefully study the proposed information on how to increase the volume of hair on the head, and apply this information in practice, carrying out daily care of your head.

How to visually increase the volume of thin hair at the roots

How to visually increase the volume of thin hair at the rootsLet’s say you never see an African mane, but thanks to two or three confident waves of the hand, you can already hope that the hair will become a little more lush. Say goodbye to split ends by taking a short training course for thin hair. Next, you will learn how to increase the volume of thin hair and do not harm your hair. There are many ways to visually increase the volume of hair using styling and combing methods. But let’s start with something else.

To make your hair more voluminous, you need to start with a shampoo. Before you increase the volume of hair at the roots, buy a shampoo that gives splendor, does not contain silicone. Why? On the one hand, it is more environmentally friendly, but this is not the main thing. In fact, silicone is harmful to thin hair. Although it gives Shine, which is its primary purpose, it makes the hair heavier. And if the hair is heavy, then they are drawn to the ground, and the strands just straighten. What else, besides silicone, can contain a shampoo that gives volume to the hair? Polymers that activate the hair and cover it like an invisible film. And tonic supplements, such as ginseng, fill the hair with strength from the tips to the roots.

Forget the banal arguments that the mask makes your hair heavier. Smooth hair does not imply dryness in the first place. However, be careful when applying the mask: always start from the ends of the hair, rising to half the length, and massage the hair so that the nutrients get inside. Then rinse, rinse, and rinse until the water at your feet is crystal clear.

Before you increase the volume of hair at home, remember that combing is the most important stage, because the degree of their mobility depends on how you dry the curls. Apply a little mousse to the hair roots for volume styling. Then, holding a strand of hair so that it is perpendicular to the surface of the head, dry it from below at the maximum temperature and average power (so that the air stream is not too strong and does not change the shape given by the mousse), so that the roots do not stick together. Continue until the hair is completely dry, otherwise the volume will fall off like a souffle. Repeat the same over the entire head. Yes, it’s time-consuming, but do you want to have a full head of hair, Yes or no?

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How to quickly add volume to hair at the roots

Is your hair fuller? You can make them even better! The tool that changes everything is varnish, damn it! Before you quickly add volume to your hair, lift the strands one by one and spray a little varnish on the bottom. Attention: keep the balloon at a distance, otherwise instead of fixing it, you will wet your hair, and you will have to dry it indefinitely. Have you already spent half a day on the previous stages? Think about speed stacking. Tilt your head forward and spray some nail Polish with a halo around your hair. Lift your head and, checking the volume, smooth the upper strands with a brush from above, without pulling them out.

No, not only grandmothers can do the hair, especially if it is cleverly hidden under absolutely smooth strands! Secure the covering (upper) strands and comb the ones under them. Not too professional, but it saves from many troubles reception (tangles, tousled hair, tears): hair with your fingers. Squeeze between your thumb and forefinger a strand of hair 3-4 centimeters wide closer to the roots, and scratch it, gently pulling the hair up. As soon as you achieve the desired volume, hide this mess under beautiful and completely smooth strands.

Unfortunately, too clean hair tends to fall off like a souffle. Therefore, try to wash your hair less often (no more than twice a week), so that the skin fat slightly strengthens the hair texture. If you feel that they are really “at the limit”, pay attention to dry shampoo: these cosmetic products based on clay absorb skin fat and cover the ends of the hair, making them visually thicker.

Tip. Don’t wait for the alarm to ring for the fifth time before adding volume to your hair. After the first signal, grab your head, pounce on the hair roots, lifting them with your fingertips. They are still warm after a night spent on the pillow, and you can send them wherever you want. It is enough to spray a little varnish to fix it.

Before you add volume to your hair at the roots, understand that a successful haircut saves valuable time in the bathroom. What is the haircut ensures that the maximum amount? Graded! Thanks to this technique of cutting the ladder strands are superimposed on each other, creating the impression of thick hair. The shorter the hair on top, the more interesting they are. However, there is a risk that you will no longer be able to tie them. In this case, tell your hairdresser about a new technique that involves grading the hair from the bottom, leaving the covering strands long. The full illusion of volume is preserved!

There is botox for weakened hair. The origins of this amazing product is a molecule of intracrani able to harden upon contact with water. The hairdresser applies this product to each strand of dry hair, and then rinses them so that the molecules of the substance penetrate into the core of the hair fiber. The hair seems to thicken, and the cheating effect is enough to wash your head a dozen times.

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