Green Tea Benefits and Side Effects

About the benefits of green tea, you can find a lot of different information, some say that this is the most useful tea, others on the contrary advise you to use it less often and many do not know and do not understand how green tea affects the human body. So in this article we will try to understand what the benefits and harms of green tea for women and men, as well as what its composition, calorie content and how much you can drink green tea per day.

What is useful for green tea? Composition of green tea

Green tea is a tea that is subjected to minimal oxidation during processing (by 3% – 12%), while both green and black tea are collected from the same Bush (they differ from each other by further processing). Many varieties of green tea differ in terms of their cultivation, collection and further processing.

Green tea contains a high content of vitamins such as C, P, A, E, K, and B vitamins, as well as micro-and macro-elements such as manganese, chromium, zinc, selenium, calcium, iron, and potassium. Green tea also contains at least 17 different amino acids.

Calorie content of green tea

The caloric content of green tea is calories per 100 grams of product.

The calorific value of a 200 ml Cup of tea is between 3 and 5 calories.

The caloric content of green tea with sugar depends on the amount of sugar used in the Cup (with each spoonful of tea, you need to add 30-35 calories). For example, the calorie content of a Cup of tea (200 ml) with one spoonful of sugar is an average of 37 calories (4 calories in tea + 33 calories in a spoonful of sugar).

Useful properties of green tea for the human body
  1. Useful properties of green tea for the human bodyFirst of all, green tea is useful to drink, since it is a powerful antioxidant (in comparison with black tea), and also has a beneficial effect on the human body when used correctly.
  2. Every Cup of green tea you drink helps strengthen your immune system, helps protect your body from viruses and bacteria, and helps treat colds.
  3. Useful green tea for the thyroid gland, due to its unique composition.
  4. Regular consumption of green tea has a positive effect on the health of the oral cavity (teeth, gums), since it has a considerable content of fluoride (but this useful property is controversial and 100% has not yet been proven).
  5. A considerable benefit of green tea for the digestive system, it helps to fight dysbacteriosis, as well as for medicinal purposes, green tea is used for poisoning.
  6. Green tea affects blood pressure (lowers it), which is important for people suffering from hypertension.
  7. Green tea is good for blood vessels, strengthens the walls of blood vessels and helps to remove harmful cholesterol.
  8. Green tea is useful for smokers, as it helps protect the lungs from harmful tar and nicotine, and is also useful for people who often use alcohol (it helps protect the liver and restore it after “excessive loads”).
  9. The use of green tea helps to restore the water balance in the body, while it is better than using regular water.
  10. Drinking green tea is useful for the human brain and the entire nervous system, as its constituent substances contribute to increasing the body’s resistance to stress and depression.
  11. Green tea helps to normalize blood sugar levels and is a preventive measure for diabetes.
Green tea benefits for women
  1. What is green tea good for women? In addition to many useful properties for the entire body, for women, green tea is a faithful assistant for the health and beauty of the skin, hair and nails. There are many recipes for various masks, balms and creams that will help restore the strength of hair, get rid of dandruff, smooth and give a healthy appearance to the skin of the face and body, as well as strengthen and give an attractive appearance to the nails.
  2. The benefits of green tea for weight loss. Green tea helps to speed up metabolism, and also helps to remove fat from the body, so that when used correctly, it will definitely be useful for women when losing weight.
  3. Can I drink green tea for pregnant women? During pregnancy, green tea helps fight toxicosis, as well as helps strengthen the immune system of the expectant mother and protects against viruses, but it is necessary to drink green tea not often and in small quantities (no more than 1 Cup per day).
  4. Can I drink green tea for nursing mothers? Many experts constantly disagree about the benefits of green tea for nursing mothers, since it can be useful in small quantities, but at the same time it is harmful for the baby, so drinking green tea during pregnancy or not is better to tell the attending doctor, and it is always important to carefully monitor the condition and reaction of the baby, after drinking a Cup of green tea.
What is useful for green tea for men

Green tea is not only a boost of energy for the whole day and an excellent tonic for constant physical and mental stress, it also has a positive effect on male potency, thanks to the zinc that is part of it.

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The main thing is always to know the norm in the use of green tea and brew it correctly, so that there is a sense of the useful substances that it contains.

What is harmful to green tea for human health

What is harmful to green tea for human healthDespite the large set of useful properties, green tea has contraindications to use, and in some diseases can be harmful:

  • It is not recommended to drink green tea for people with low blood pressure.
  • It is not advisable to use green tea for stomach and duodenal ulcers (the ulcer may worsen).
  • This tea is also contraindicated for people with gout.
  • Green tea is harmful at elevated temperatures.
  • If you brew green tea with boiling water, almost all the useful substances in it are destroyed, while some harmful ones are formed.
  • In no case should you abuse green tea, because if you drink it often and in large quantities, you may have problems with the liver and kidneys.
Popular questions about the benefits of green tea
  • How much green tea can I drink per day? The daily intake of green tea should not exceed 500-750 ml per day (2-3 cups).
  • Is green tea in bags useful? Much depends on the quality of the tea, in any case, it will be useful in case of reasonable use, but it is better to give preference to large-leaf green tea in bags.
  • Can I drink green tea at night? It is not advisable to drink green tea at night, as it has a diuretic effect, and in the morning there may be edema on the body.
  • Which tea – green or black-has more caffeine? The caffeine content in green tea is on average 60 mg (40 to 85 mg) in a 200 ml Cup of brewed tea, and in black tea this figure is usually lower (depending on the type of black tea).
  • What are the health benefits of green tea after 50 years? The effect of green tea on the body of older people after the age of 50 years is the same as on the body of young people (if used correctly, it is useful).
  • What are the benefits and harms of green tea with milk? Green tea with milk has a more unusual and pleasant taste, but at the same time, according to the results of some studies in this combination, tea and milk neutralize the beneficial properties of each other and may even be harmful in this combination.

In conclusion, it can be noted that knowing what is useful for green tea, as well as what are the contraindications to its use and its harmful properties, you can strengthen your immune system and get the maximum benefit from drinking tea with green tea.

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