Gooseberry: Useful Properties and Contraindications

This berry perfectly combines both taste and healing effects. Long ago, gooseberries were used only to cure diseases, and later began to be used instead of grapes for making wine, of course, not forgetting the delicious gooseberry jam. Now berries are no less desirable, they are used in the pharmacological and cosmetic industry. Next, we will find out what is the harm and benefit of gooseberries for health, as well as what valuable elements are present in it.

Composition and nutritional value of gooseberries

Composition and nutritional value of gooseberriesThe unique composition of berries includes the following components:

  • Mineral complex (iron, calcium, sodium, etc.);
  • Organic acid;
  • Ash;
  • Dietary fiber;
  • Water;
  • Vitamins (tocopherol, ascorbic acid, thiamine, and others).

In addition to a significant water content (almost 80%), gooseberries contain a large amount of natural sugars, and the dark fruits of the shrub contain rutin (vitamin P), which works in combination with pectin substances, and helps to remove accumulated harmful compounds, heavy metal salts, and toxins, so the benefits of gooseberries for the body are obvious.

Interesting fact: this shrub is almost 4 times higher than raspberries and blueberries in vitamin C content, while unripe berries contain half as much ascorbic acid compared to Mature ones. Therefore, fully ripe fruits will be the most useful for health.

Calorie content of gooseberries

The energy value of gooseberry fruit is small, no more than 45 kcal per 100 g of berries, while the main part of calories comes from carbohydrates (88.8%), proteins occupy 6.8%, and fats-only 4.4%.

Berries do not contain a lot of sugar, which makes it possible to use them in the diet, instead of chocolate or confectionery. As a result of the fact that the product contains a large amount of pectin substances, it will be indispensable for people who want to lose weight, while due to the presence of fiber in gooseberries, the body is rapidly saturated.

What is useful for the body of gooseberries for women and men?
  • What is useful for the body of gooseberries for women and menDaily consumption of a small amount of berries will protect against beriberi due to the presence of a valuable complex of necessary nutrients in them;
  • This berry should be on the menu during pregnancy, it will saturate the body with useful elements and help the normal development of the baby, this is the benefit of gooseberries for pregnant women;
  • Gooseberries have a beneficial effect on the hematopoietic system, its fruits are recommended for patients with a diagnosis of “internal bleeding” or ” anemia»;
  • The fruits of the shrub are very effective in the recovery period, they are recommended for patients after surgery or a long illness, as well as for people to regain strength after hard physical work;
  • The rich content of vitamin C in berries allows them to be included in the diet to increase the body’s immunity and resistance to various infections;
  • Gooseberry juice has a diuretic and choleretic effect, and the fruit of the shrub is lax, so it is effectively used for constipation;
  • Due to the presence of water-soluble vitamins in gooseberries, its use helps to accelerate metabolism, strengthen the nervous system and normalize sleep;
  • Gooseberries are rich in valuable compounds that accelerate the removal of harmful elements from the body, which makes it a necessary product for people who work in factories with harmful working conditions, as well as patients after treatment with chemotherapy drugs or a long period of taking medications;
  • For hypertension, a systematic Supplement to the diet with half a Cup of these berries will help, which help reduce pressure and increase the strength of the vascular walls, that’s what is useful for the human body;
  • As a result of the content of antioxidant compounds in fruits, their use improves the appearance of the skin, slows down the aging of tissues, and prevents the likelihood of cancer;
  • The berries contain unique compounds that have a positive effect on the visual apparatus, increasing visual acuity;
  • Regular use of gooseberries is offered to patients with arthritis to reduce pain and prevent the spread of pathological processes;
  • The positive effect of berries on the functioning of the reproductive system has been proven, the composition of the seminal fluid improves in men, and the menstrual cycle normalizes in women. a decoction of these fruits is prepared to cure bleeding from the uterus;
  • Biological elements present in gooseberries strengthen tooth enamel and prevent the development of various dental ailments.

Did you know that fresh berry juice has the same healing qualities, so it can replace berries.

Gooseberry leaves are no less useful, for example, tea from them is an excellent remedy for the treatment of tuberculosis, and the infusion is an excellent diuretic. For people who are overweight, tincture of gooseberry leaves is useful, which improves lipid metabolism and leads to weight loss.

Harmful properties of gooseberries and contraindications to their use

Compared with the abundance of useful properties, the harm of gooseberries is insignificant, but it is worth paying attention to certain restrictions:

  • An allergic reaction to the berries;
  • Diseases of the digestive system (possible exacerbation of the disease);
  • Tinctures or decoctions from the leaves of the shrub are forbidden to drink before operations and for 16 days after them (they can provoke internal bleeding);
  • Enteritis, diarrhea.

Do not use these berries for a long time, they have a laxative effect, so they can remove valuable compounds from the body and lead to dehydration. Moreover, it is forbidden to eat gooseberries at the same time as plums, the food will not be digested, and this will cause diarrhea.

It is believed that the fruits of this shrub can be poisoned, it is often subjected to chemical treatment to protect against parasites, as a result, before using the berries, be sure to wash them.

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Thus, after learning what are the useful properties of gooseberries and contraindications to the use of berries, we can conclude that this low-calorie berry can strengthen the body, significantly improve health and have a healing effect, and do not also forget that abuse of them can cause a negative reaction from the body.

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