How to Get Rid of Freckles?

Freckles are lovely! The face, touched by these drops of spring, looks fervent and flirtatious, freckles refresh a woman and make her younger. No man is able to pass by these red marks indifferently.

How to Get Rid of FrecklesIf you can’t stand your freckles, we won’t change your mind. Everyone has the right to their own opinion. Think about this. If on your face at any time of the year there are several small freckles-you need to try to just ignore them. In the end, they are almost invisible, in extreme cases, you can disguise the tanning, concealer, Foundation or powder.

If you have freckles for a couple of months, with the arrival of spring, you should not be upset either. As soon as the face is slightly tanned in the summer sun, these small spots will become invisible.

But age spots are a phenomenon that is worth talking about in more detail. They don’t disappear by themselves. On the contrary, over time, brown spots seem to “spread out” in size, becoming more noticeable.

Most often, age spots appear in pregnant women, and may occur after childbirth. Often the face, hands, and shoulders of women “over forty” are covered with such spots.

However, even young women can suddenly find these ugly shapeless spots on their face. Most often, the sun is to blame for this, and suffer from such manifestations of “snow white” – dark young ladies rarely become a victim of pigmentation.

What can I recommend here? The same thing you’ve heard a thousand times before: you must beware of the hot summer sun. No matter how much you like to sunbathe on the beach, you should not abuse dangerous UV rays. The sun is very active in summer (and aggressive!), before you know it, you’ll be covered in brown spots.

Don’t be lazy to take an umbrella with you to the beach: it will protect your face, shoulders, chest and back from harmful rays. As a last resort, stock up on some light fabric that you will cover yourself with. And, of course, you can not leave the house in the summer without applying sunscreen to your face.

And if the spots have already appeared?

If you neglected prevention measures, or they did not help, you will have to get rid of spots, that is, bleach the skin.

Whitening cream is an effective tool to combat skin pigmentation. Most importantly, buy a quality cream of a well-known company, not a cheap fake. Go to a specialty store to buy: all kinds of stalls and underground passages often offer low-grade goods.

Carrot juice is also good at destroying brown spots. Just grate the carrots on a small grater, press it through cheesecloth, and often lubricate the pigmented areas with juice. After 25-30 minutes, you need to wash with cool water. Of course, after the first procedure, you will not notice any results. They will appear only if you fight hard with freckles and spots, repeat whitening procedures every day, do not miss them and do not be lazy.

Lemon juice is a well-known bleaching agent. You can squeeze out the juice and wipe the skin with it more often, or you can just put lemon slices on your face. In any case, remember: your goal is to pamper your skin with as much lemon juice as possible, so try to squeeze it out quite intensively.

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Cucumber juice is another way to make the skin white. Cut the cucumber into pieces and apply to areas of skin covered with freckles or age spots. The longer you hold the cucumber on your skin, the better. The results become visible quite quickly. Another method also works – apply the squeezed cucumber juice to the pigmented areas using a gauze swab. This procedure can be repeated 2-3 times a day.

The whitening mask produces a stunning effect on the skin with spots. To succeed, mix 1 tablespoon of vinegar, 1 tablespoon of water, and 2 teaspoons of lemon juice. This mask is recommended to be applied to cleansed skin before going to bed, so that the ingredients can affect the skin for 8-9 hours. In the morning, you need to wash thoroughly.

A decoction of dandelions was used by our grandmothers to whiten the face after hard field work under the scorching sun. Take about 50 g of dandelion flowers and leaves, pour a glass of water and boil. The finished broth must be cooled and strained. Every morning and every evening, wipe the problem areas with a decoction.

Honey with lemon is an excellent tool for removing freckles and mildly pronounced age spots. You will need 150 g of honey and juice from one lemon. The mixture is applied to areas of skin affected by pigmentation, and kept for half an hour, after which the mask is washed off with water. Should be repeated twice a day: before the morning washing and evening.

Fresh onion juice not only smells sharp, but also successfully whitens the skin. If you are not afraid of “onion” tears, wipe the cut onion skin with freckles and age spots a couple of times a day.

Berry mask has an amazing effect: after several applications, the spots noticeably pale, and freckles almost completely disappear. To prepare the mask, take any berries-cherries, currants, strawberries. Prepare a mush of berries and add the beaten egg white to it. After carefully mixing the ingredients, immediately apply the mask on your face. After 20-30 minutes, it is enough to wash with cool water.

Egg-lemon mask: whisk the white of one egg into a froth, mix it with the juice of one lemon and dilute the mixture with half a Cup of boiled water.

Kefir, sour milk, sour cream, curdled milk, yogurt – all these dairy products perfectly whiten the skin. Every time you have something from the above in the kitchen, do not waste time: apply an acidic substance to your face and hold it for 20 minutes, then wash your face and apply a whitening cream to your skin.

Chemicals act on the skin more harshly and aggressively, so use them with caution. It is very desirable to consult a doctor beforehand. Acetic, benzoic and lactic acids, salicylic acid, and hydrogen peroxide whiten stains well.

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