How to get rid of sweating feet?

Excessive sweating feet – a problem that many hesitate to talk about, considering it something indecent. But all people sweat – this is a natural reaction of the body. There are a lot of sweat glands on the human body, most of which are located on the feet. Hence the sweating of the feet. What is the reason for the increased sweating of the legs? Can it be reduced?


Sweating is a natural function of the body, which provides heat exchange and regulation of body temperature. However, sweating can be excessive, not associated with any emotional experiences (and this in most cases is accompanied by increased sweating) and temperature changes. A person can sweat a lot, even being in their normal conditions and calm. This condition is called hyperhidrosis.

Thus, increased sweating feet — not always a cosmetic problem associated with, for example, wearing the wrong shoes. Hyperhidrosis can be a consequence of any disease-endocrine diseases, internal infections, diabetes, fungal infection. Moreover, hyperhidrosis can be one of the first symptoms, drawing attention to which, you can identify the cause of this condition. Therefore, if you become concerned about excessive sweating of the legs, it is recommended to consult a specialist and find out what it is connected with.

The doctors says that usually people with excessive sweating of the feet the problem begins to emerge in adolescence. “This is a normal reaction of the body, if a person goes in for sports and trains intensively. Otherwise, “guilty” may be genetics, since hyperhidrosis is a hereditary condition.”


If severe sweating of the feet is not related to health, then most likely this condition is related to hygiene. And it is not only about washing your feet, but also wearing incorrectly matched or fixed shoes, wearing socks and tights made of synthetic fabric, lack of foot care. By paying attention to hygiene, you can reduce sweating.

1. Pick up deodorant or antiperspirant for feet

The easiest way to combat sweating feet — the use of deodorants or antiperspirants. Be able to distinguish these two types of products. So, deodorants only block the reproduction of bacteria and mask the unpleasant smell, but do not reduce the production of sweat. Antiperspirants block the sweating. They can be based on zinc salts, aluminum, formaldehyde, alcohols.

Antiperspirants have side effects that you should be aware of. The product does not stop the secretion of sweat, but only blocks its output, which can lead to the development of inflammation of the sweat glands. Therefore, antiperspirant is not recommended for daily use. However, this is an effective way to correct strong sweat.

Antiperspirants should be selected depending on the intensity of perspiration. Cosmetic products eliminate the smell, have a drying effect. However, such antiperspirants can not cope with increased sweating. Medical antiperspirants sold only in pharmacies: they temporarily block even heavy sweating.

2. Use Shoe deodorant

This product is useful both for the fight against sweating feet, and to prevent this condition. Please note: we are talking about deodorant designed specifically for shoes. On its feet, it can not be applied categorically!

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This product can and should be used in any season when you wear closed shoes — over time, it begins to “smell”, even if you have no problems with sweating. All the more deodorant is needed for winter shoes, especially for heavy foot on fur, and also for sports shoes. Sprays for shoes to destroy the odor in your shoes and have an antibacterial effect.

3. Keep your feet clean

Wash your feet twice a day in cool water. During the complex struggle with sweating, you can use antibacterial soap: for excessive sweating, the bacteria multiply intensively, hence the unpleasant smell. Soap with antibacterial effect will help to solve this problem, but it should not be used on a permanent basis. After washing, dry your feet well with a towel.

Regularly check the skin between your fingers — increased sweating can be caused by a fungal infection.

4. Take care of your feet

Especially do not forget about the exfoliation of rough skin — it is dead cells of the epidermis that feed the bacteria. Do peels, treat hardened heels, do not allow the appearance of corns and cracks.

5. Do not wear synthetic socks and tights

Socks and tights can cause your feet to sweat a lot. Especially if it is synthetic socks, such as nylon, because they do not pass air. Cotton socks are good at any time of the year, because cotton “breathes”, removes moisture, as well as wool, which is breathable, and also warms the feet. During periods of increased sweating of the feet, change your socks several times a day.

Wearing socks or breathable fabric, such as cotton, or socks made of synthetic fabric, which is specially designed to absorb moisture when sweating heavily.

6. Choose the right shoes

Try to choose shoes from natural materials because synthetics violates the natural process of thermoregulation, promotes the growth of bacteria. Get rid of tight shoes: it squeezes and rubs the foot, creates a greenhouse effect, ideal for the development of bacteria. In warm weather needs to wear open shoes made of natural fabric.

Dry your shoes well, especially winter and sports shoes, summer shoes – wash them regularly. If the shoes fit you in size, but sometimes rubs or presses, then use orthopedic insoles. Closed shoes should be worn with deodorizing insoles, so they do not absorb sweat.

One of the most useful accessories for shoes, especially winter and sports — electric dryers. They completely dry shoes without spoiling it, and also relieve it of an unpleasant smell.

7. Use the powder for your feet

Sweating of the feet is a particular problem in the warmer time of the year when we wear open shoes. Wet feet slide, shoes start to RUB, heels get rough. Many solve this problem with the usual baby powder based on talc, but it only removes the slip, but it greatly dries the skin of the feet, does not eliminate odors. Special powder for the feet, eliminates odor, reduces sweating, moisturizes the skin of the feet.

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