How to Refresh Your Face at Home?

Many lovers of night adventures come up with the question of how to hide the traces of adventures. Legends and myths are created about how to refresh your face. But there are a number of ways to refresh your face at home, and at the same time really look like you spent the whole night in a cozy bed, and not on the dance floor.

Before you quickly refresh your face, you should drink a couple of glasses of warm water with the addition of lemon and honey. This drink will help to cheer up and bring the whole body in tone. Then go to the bathroom and take a refreshing contrast shower. For the face, it is better to use a warm shower jet. And after leaving the bathroom, you need to wipe the entire skin of your face with frozen mineral water. This will give a blush and freshness.

There are other ways to refresh your face at home quickly and very effectively-they are described in detail in the proposed article. You can use makeup that improves skin color or other tricks of professional makeup artists.

How to quickly refresh your face at home

How to quickly refresh your face at homeIt happens that a girl does not close her eyes all night (because of work, stress, or a handsome man met at a party). Here are a few steps to refresh your face to change everything and be as fresh as after an eight-hour sleep…

To quickly refresh the skin of the face, we awaken our body. So, looking in the mirror, you see a completely flabby face. Whatever the reason, Wake him up vigorously to cheer him up. To refresh your face at home, first remove your makeup with a cleansing wash gel or cool lotion, rubbing it in with neat circular movements to restore blood circulation. Then apply a fortified cream that will serve as a Breakfast for your skin. Apply it with sweeping movements of the palms on each side of the face. Starting from the nose, lead your hands to the ears, always smoothing the skin in the upward direction. Then 3 tap the pads of your fingers on the face, rising from the chin to the forehead. This exercise for tissues activates microcirculation and shakes the skin fibers… facial Features are smoothed, and the skin turns pink. This is a good sign!

How to refresh the color of the facial skin at home

What are the characteristics of a girl who sleeps well? By her glowing skin, of course! To refresh your complexion at home, apply a little luminous Foundation. It contains tiny particles of mother-of-pearl that catch light. To refresh your complexion, use the Foundation as a cream and gently massage your face.

After that, go to the Foundation cream powder. Since your goal is to become as fresh as a rose, choose a liquid and elastic texture that does not tighten the skin. Before you refresh your complexion, choose the right shade: neither too pink nor too yellow. At the end of the day, the tone will turn gray and the color will change. Use a beige shade that evens out and illuminates your face. Put a few drops on your cheeks, nose tip, chin tip and forehead and smear the powder with a brush. Apply the powder with the flat side of the brush always in the upward direction and powder the defects with the tip of the brush, not forgetting the circles under the eyes.

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Makeup that refreshes the face

Now that you have a fresh complexion, add some Shine to it. It is the makeup that refreshes the face that will finally convince you that you are in full combat readiness (while you watched the series all night). Your best friend? Liquid porthole. It contains mother-of-pearl and reflective particles, and is applied sparingly to soften the shadows that weigh down a tired face. Apply a few strokes to the dimple on the chin, cheekbones, back of the nose, brow ridges and mix with the pad of your finger. The heat coming from the skin will soften the texture of the cream, which will allow it to blend better with the cream powder.

Open his eyes. To be honest, you probably want to close them so that you can finally get some sleep. Nevertheless, it is better to come to work with a lively look. Make light and luminous makeup. Pay attention to the creamy texture, which is more comfortable and elastic than the powder. The right shade: ivory, champagne, iridescent beige and yellowish-white. An imperceptible slightly yellowish hue gives the look radiance and energy. Blend the color with your finger all over the mobile eyelid and lightly touch up the lashes with lengthening mascara. Nothing more or less.

Nutrition for lips. If you yawn, then let your mouth look beautiful! And again, do not overdo it, gracefully bet on catching the light, preferring lip balm rather than gloss (with too artificial a glow). Choose a beige-pink shade or crimson, it will refresh your complexion.

How to refresh a tired face in the morning

How to refresh a tired face in the morningTips on how to refresh a tired face can be used in practice no more than 2 times a month. Otherwise, then they will not help. You need to think as little as possible about how to freshen your face in the morning, and give preference to a normal day mode and full rest.

The skin around the eyes is ten times thinner than in other areas of the face, and is very vulnerable! Soak two cotton pads with cornflower water for the eyes and send them to the refrigerator for 10 minutes. Put the discs on your closed eyelids and add small pebbles from the beach. Weight and decongestant will do the trick! Plan against bags under the eyes: massage the base of the nose by pressing on the skin and going down to the inner corner of the eye.

A good sleep allows you to keep a great skin for a long time. If you didn’t get much sleep (or no sleep at all), make up for a sleepless night with an afternoon rest. A soft mattress, a leisurely awakening… in France, for example, thriving salons for sleep and relaxation, which allows you to catch up at any time of the day.

Tired skin does not have enough moisture, it is decrepit and crumpled. If you have had insomnia, let your skin rest for the next night. Before you go to bed (of course, early), apply a thick layer on your face with a moisturizing and oily mask (which contains a lot of hyaluronic acid or Shea butter). Leave it on all night instead of the usual cream. The next morning, clean your face and see how your skin will bloom!

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