Benefits Of Morning Exercise

People living on Earth can be divided into two categories: those who do exercises in the morning and those who find reasons not to do it. Every person has a good reason to justify their own behavior. Who does not do exercises, says that in the morning there is little time and you need to get ready for work, think and plan the day’s business. Those who do exercises in the morning claim that they Wake up faster, get a boost of energy for the whole day, and in General, thus prolong their life.

Let’s try to understand the truth and fiction related to morning exercise.

Benefits Of Morning ExerciseThe first and most important question. Do I even need to do exercises? On this occasion, we recall the saying of the ancient Chinese: “Ten minutes of morning exercise is equivalent to half an hour of daily training.” We conclude-if you want to save 30 minutes in the afternoon, do a morning charge.

Morning exercises should not take more than 10-15 minutes. Unless, of course, you are engaged in professional sports.

There is always a question. Why do I need morning exercise? By doing exercises in the morning, we help the body (brain, internal organs) to move from sleep to wakefulness. Due to this, our body is able to respond adequately to external physical and mental stimuli, in the end, we experience less stress.

During the morning exercise, you should not do exercises that heavily load the muscle system. The time for training is in the afternoon. In the morning, we need to activate the internal organs, stretch the main joints and ligaments of our body. This warm-up reduces the risk of injury during the day. Remember that not only professional athletes get injured. Unfortunately, pull a muscle, ligament, or each of us can twist a joint or feel a sharp pain in the back in everyday life. But if in big sports injuries occur due to very high loads, then in everyday life, injuries are the result of elementary inattention to your own body. 90% of these household injuries can be avoided.

Charging is not a substitute for morning coffee or Breakfast.

It is not necessary to perform charging “through force”, “gritting your teeth”. First, tune in, find motivation for yourself, and then gradually start doing morning exercises.

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A set of exercises that you will do in the morning, you need to choose individually, and not blindly copy someone else’s experience. Be sure to include exercises that activate the work of internal organs. The easiest way is do it using self-massage of the hands. Rub your palms until they are red. Clench your fists and hold them tight for a few seconds. Rub and stretch your fingers first on one hand and then on the other. The total time of exposure to the hands, let it take you a few minutes.

Do not rush to put Slippers or socks on your feet after waking up. Walk barefoot on the floor for a few minutes with springy little steps. Try to roll from heel to toe when walking. By acting on the feet and hands, we, thanks to the neural connections, have a positive effect on the internal organs and the entire body, preparing for the daily loads.

In the morning exercise, you must include exercises that affect the spine. Since various awkward movements during the day, the spine may respond with pain. Here is the necessary minimum of exercise.

1. Leaning forward. Hands are freely lowered to the bottom. Do not try to reach the floor with your hands immediately. Your task is to feel the stretch of the lumbar spine. Make 7-10 inclines.

2. Bend the top of the torso back, while the pelvis is fed forward. Hands can be lowered freely from behind the torso, or squeeze the hands into a fist and press forward on the lower back area, helping the torso to bend. Do 7 to 10 repetitions.

3. Do torso tilts to the sides 7-10 times to the left and right. Gradually increase the amplitude. We feel the spine stretch.

4. Twisting the torso along the vertical axis. Feet shoulder width apart, turn around and look at what’s behind us. Hands are freely lowered along the body. We do 7-10 turns in each direction.

That’s 10 minutes of morning charging. Don’t expect any miracles from her. But you will feel your positive effect in a few days.

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