Cranberry: Useful Properties and Contraindications

Medical research has confirmed the essential importance of cranberries for health, its positive effect covers literally all the main systems of the human body. The berry has a rich sweet and sour taste with a slight sourness, while the taste properties do not disappear even after a long time and during transportation. In this article, we will describe what the main harm and benefit of cranberries for the body, as well as what elements contribute to such a value of this product.

Composition and nutritional value of cranberries

Composition and nutritional value of cranberriesCranberries are useful for various ailments, because what unique compounds are not present in it:

  • Organic acids (quinic, citric, oxalic, and others);
  • A combination of vitamins (ascorbic acid, tocopherol, and others);
  • Complex of micro-and macronutrients (manganese, phosphorus, iron, potassium, sodium);
  • Pectins;
  • Water;
  • Antioxidants;
  • Flavonoids;
  • Ash;

The fruits of sugars are dominated by monosaccharides, but sucrose is contained in small amounts. The most important components in the structure of berries are carboxylic acids, for example, benzoic acid, although its percentage in the composition is negligible, however, thanks to it, the berries can not deteriorate and their long storage is provided.

Due to this rich chemical composition, this berry is considered one of the most valuable in comparison with other wild berries, and therefore the useful properties of cranberries are quite justified.

The calorie content of cranberry

The energy value of the fruit is relatively small and is only 28 kcal per 100 g of cranberries, so in addition to the invaluable health benefits, it is also an excellent product for inclusion in the diet menu.

However, the calorie content of dried berries reaches a higher index and is within 280 kcal, but in candied cranberries – 188 kcal, frozen-18 kcal. At the same time, it is worth noting that during the freezing process, berries lose an impressive part of useful substances.

What are the advantages of cranberry for the body of men and women?

What are the advantages of cranberry for the body of men and womenThe following positive qualities of the fruit of this shrub can be distinguished:

  • Cranberry juice is very effective during colds, flu, and viral infections. it has an antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effect due to the presence of potassium and ascorbic acid;
  • During menstrual bleeding, the berry helps relieve painful symptoms, and this is the benefit of cranberries for women’s health;
  • Fill the berries with hot water at night, you will get an infusion that can be used by patients with hypertension and atherosclerosis;
  • Berry juice with honey is used to treat cough and tonsillitis;
  • In cystitis, fruit juice is recommended in order to prevent exacerbations of this pathology, this is due to the presence of benzoic acid and procyanidin in its structure;
  • Cranberry is considered a natural antibiotic due to its ability to prevent the formation of pathogenic microorganisms in the bladder;
  • The use of cranberries has a beneficial effect on the blood vessels, they are cleaned, their elasticity improves, and the systematic intake of berries serves as a kind of prophylactic against varicose veins and the formation of blood clots in the vessels;
  • Fruits are characterized as an excellent antioxidant that helps protect cells from the negative effects of free radicals, protect them from aging;
  • Berries are used for inflammatory processes of the prostate gland, and prepared compositions based on them contribute to the normal operation of sexual function, that’s what cranberries are useful for men;
  • The presence of flavonoids in berries helps to improve performance and physical strength;
  • Regularly supplementing the diet with cranberries can prevent ulcers and stomach cancers, and the minerals present in its structure neutralize microbes that harm the stomach walls;
  • Red fruits are a natural sedative, because they contain monosaccharides that take part in the saturation of brain cells, in the division and biosynthesis of cholesterol, and serve as a regulator of acid-base balance;
  • Berries are rich in carotenoids that positively affect the visual system;
  • Cranberries are rich in antioxidants, as a result of their use helps protect against the development of various forms of cancer, berry inhibits the growth of tumor cells and contributes to their oppression;
  • From berries, you can make compresses that are used to reduce the pain of migraines;
  • Cranberry-based ointments are effectively used to treat burns;
  • Cranberry juice has a positive effect on the state of the oral cavity, quickly eliminates the inflammatory process on the gums, it is recommended to use it for the treatment of periodontal disease and stomatitis, and bacteria that multiply in the mouth and provoke the development of caries will simply die in the environment created by such an acidic product;
  • Due to the presence of ursolic acid in the fruit of the plant, the metabolism is normalized, it activates the production of the hormone insulin, so endocrinologists prescribe Morse and berry juice to patients with diabetes.
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Cranberries are actively used for a variety of cosmetic masks, its juice gives elasticity and tone to tired skin, promotes rich hydration. The pulp of the berry helps to clear the pores, and due to the presence of acids, skin particles are gently exfoliated.

The juice of these useful berries can help problem skin, it will remove inflammation and pimples, and by preparing a tonic mask, you can smooth out small wrinkles.

Did you know that cranberries are harvested in the spring and autumn, but it is believed that the fruits collected in the spring are sweeter, but they contain less vitamins than in the autumn.

Harm of cranberries to the body and contraindications to their use

Despite such a significant benefit of these fruits, the use of berries can cause harm. After all, this is a fairly acidic product, so people with any pathologies of the digestive system (gastritis, ulcer) use of cranberries is contraindicated. Even if the stomach is absolutely healthy, the berry and its juice can provoke discomfort and stomach pain, so it is necessary to eat it after a meal.

When prescribing medications that reduce blood coagulation, do not use this berry, which can increase the effect of such drugs and lead to increased bleeding.

People with urolithiasis need to limit cranberries in their diet at the same time as products containing a large percentage of ethanediic acid (for example, tomatoes, beets), because the berry increases the excretion of oxolates of this organic substance in the urine.

It is also necessary to remove cranberries from the diet for individual intolerance, there may be a pathological reaction of the body.

Thus, evaluating the useful properties of cranberries and contraindications to the use of berries, we can say that the berry is simply necessary for the systematic reception of every person who wants to be healthy, of course, taking into account all the restrictions for its use.

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