Home Remedies for Cracked Heels

Many people believe that it is enough to wear comfortable shoes, make permanent cosmetic care and use enough minerals and vitamins for the body for the beauty of the feet. But, despite all the measures taken, this is not enough.


The causes of heel cracks may be related to metabolic disorders. Not infrequently, cracks are formed in the summer, when due to excessive use of liquid and from the heat of the foot OTE cabins, which makes the shoes seem tight.

Often, cracks in the heels can be a symptom of a disease such as diabetes (the body has a violation of metabolic processes). This leads to the destruction of microvessels and severe dryness of the skin, including the heels. It is very important to find out the cause of cracks and start treatment as soon as possible.

Lack of vitamins can cause cracks in the heels. For example, the lack of retinol is manifested through dryness, the formation of cracks on the skin, peeling and severe keratinization of the skin. This is very noticeable in the heel area. The first thing to do is to make changes in your diet, daily use of liver, butter, caviar, carrots, eggs (yolk) – these products are saturated with carotene and retinol. Improve the effect of taking medications. The course of drug administration and dosage should be prescribed by a doctor.

If the cracks on the heels are the result of wearing uncomfortable or tight shoes, then cosmetic care will be enough to eliminate them. Do not forget, however, that the infection can penetrate through the wounds on the heels (regardless of the cause of their appearance). Antifungal and antibacterial drugs will help to cope with this.

If there is no infection in the care of the heels, folk remedies will help. Natural products help to heal wounds, soften the skin and make it elastic.

Natural recipes

Natural recipes1. If only, there were cracks it is best to take baths with soap and soda solution. They should be done 1 time a week (as much as possible). To improve the effect, you can add an infusion of chamomile (1: 10). Add 1 tablespoon of baking soda to 3 liters of water. Before taking bath you should rub the heels with a pumice stone. 6 to 10 sessions will be enough to eliminate cracks. Take baths should not exceed 20 minutes. In cases of penetration of cracks into the deep layers of the epidermis, the occurrence of inflammation, it is necessary to seek the help of a doctor.

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2. Another recipe for a bath with St. John’s wort grass. It can be purchased in pharmacies, it is better to buy in bulk, and not in filter bags. One tablespoon of hypericum wort is brewed for 2 tbsp hot water. Should be after the boil for ten minutes, drain, cool and add vinegar (2 tbsp). Then brush your feet with fat cream.

3. In the fight against cracks, bandages from onions or cabbage leaves help well. A bandage with a onions should be done daily before going to bed for two or three hours. You can make mush from onions or apply fresh slices to cracks. After you need to rinse your feet and lubricate them with cream.

4. To make a dressing from a cabbage leaf, first you need to beat it slightly, smear with honey and lightly sprinkle with flour. After the flour is absorbed into the honey, the cabbage leaf can be applied. It is best to make a bandage for the whole night. In the morning, you need to remove the leaf and remove the Horny scales from the heels. To improve the effect, you can make a warm foot bath, then you need to lubricate the heels with cream.

5. You can also make a tortilla for heels. To do this, mix in equal proportions the juice of aloe and onion, flour and fish oil. The resulting cake should be applied to the cracks and left overnight. You can apply a bandage or wear socks. In the morning, wipe your feet with a decoction of calendula or doom bark. Let your feet dry without wiping them, then it is better to use a nourishing cream.

Do not ignore the appearance of cracks on the legs. You should find out the problem as quickly as possible and start treating it.

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