Health Tips For Those Who Work At A Computer All Day

Electronic computing equipment is increasingly included in all areas of our lives. The computer has become familiar not only for production purposes and scientific laboratories, but also in student classrooms and school classrooms. Health Tips For Those Who Work At A Computer All DayEven in kindergartens, there are more and more computer games. The number of specialists working with a personal computer is constantly growing, which is becoming their main working tool.

More and more people who use a computer in the workplace complain of eye fatigue, visual focus disorders, and discomfort. The problem is that, having reached the era of computerization, the workplace still does not have the right lighting, furniture, and the correct location of tables, which contributes to fatigue and eye discomfort when working on a computer.
Computer monitors do not impair vision by themselves, but You may still have eye strain, discomfort. In order to determine the cause of the inconvenience, you first need to consult an optometrist to identify a possible eye disease.

You should pay special attention to your workplace:

* The distance from the screen should be about 50-60 cm from the computer monitor, a little further than the distance That you use for reading. The top of the screen should be at or below eye level.
* You need to choose a monitor that can be tilted, rotated, and has a contrast and brightness setting for the image.
* The best furniture option is a chair that can be changed in height.
* The printed materials should be positioned so as to avoid frequent movements of the head, neck, or eyes.
* Lighting should be changed so as to eliminate reflections, glare. To do this, you can use a special visor or filter.
* Take periodic rest for the eyes, try to blink more often so that the eyes are not dry. While resting, turn your eyes from right to left, from top to bottom, clockwise and counterclockwise.

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Then, for about a minute, do this exercise-put your finger at eye level, look at it, then move your gaze to the most distant object, point, then move your gaze back to your finger. Repeat for about a minute or two. Then just close your eyes and rest.

In addition, in winter, dry air in offices also contributes to dry eyes. The reason for dry eyes is the lack of blinking, which is why the eyes does not produce enough tears to moisturize. Common symptoms include burning eyes, scratching, feeling that something has got into the eye, this also happens in people who wear contact lenses. The use of special drops that moisturize the eyes prevents these problems, but if the dryness of the eyes does not disappear, you should consult a doctor.

It is especially dangerous if a person has a profession where there are industrial hazards to the eyes (car repairs, welding, eye-irritating vapors of various substances, etc.) when working on a computer, if they are stressed and dry, the Use of appropriate protection measures in the workplace is the main thing for preserving the health and good vision of such people.
Perhaps over time, technology will invent a computer that is harmless to human health.

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