Broccoli: Useful Properties and Contraindications

Curly green broccoli cabbage beckons today from almost all the Windows of vegetable stores and large grocery stores! “What is this broccoli and what is it eaten with?”- ask supporters of a healthy lifestyle and fans of proper nutrition. We will be happy to tell you about broccoli! After all, this vegetable really deserves attention. So much good, perhaps, is not in all the gifts of nature. And the harm literally pales before the many advantages that the product is endowed with.

Benefits of broccoli for the body

Benefits of broccoli for the bodyWhat is this product of plant origin, which is so trusted by adherents of a proper balanced diet?

To understand what is so attractive to us this curly dark green cabbage, consider its composition.

Broccoli is rich in the following useful substances for the human body:

  • B vitamins (B1,B2,B6). Each element is contained in the product up to 9 %;
  • vitamin C-up to 150 %;
  • vitamin K-up to 126 %;
  • vitamin A-up to 12 %.

Also, curly broccoli greens contain:

  • manganese-10 %;
  • phosphorus-up to 7 %;
  • calcium-up to 5 %;
  • magnesium-about 4-4.5 %;
  • selenium-4 %;
  • sodium — up to 9 %.

There is zinc, copper, and iron in this vegetable. This plant fruit is rich in dietary fiber. The rich content of folic acid makes this food particularly attractive.

Using this fruit for food, a person literally saturates his body with useful microelements and gets a decent supply of vitamins. Broccoli is considered a powerful source of benefits for the immune system. You only have to see how much vitamin C it contains! Broccoli is also credited with the ability to prevent cancer. The fact is that the greens of this cabbage contain substances such as isothiocyanates, sulforaphane. In medicine, these elements are considered antioxidants, which perfectly cope with heavy metal products and other complex toxins.

The benefits of broccoli for diabetic nutrition are undeniable. Dietary fiber, low sugar saturation, and a low glycemic index (up to 10) make this product useful for maintaining the glycemic profile of a diabetic suffering from type II disease. The benefits of broccoli are also undeniable in terms of fighting excess weight. Curly stalks of this cabbage are 100 % safe for the figure, and they are also very useful for the body. So, if there are no special contraindications, you should definitely include broccoli in your diet, in order to create an ideal menu for weight loss.

Broccoli contains an impressive amount of vitamin K (up to 126 %) per 100 grams of product. This vitamin helps to absorb calcium, which is extremely important for the strength and health of bones. Calcium and vitamin K are needed to preserve the beauty of the skin, nails and hair. This will undoubtedly be appreciated not only by women, but also by men.

But for the female body, the benefits of broccoli are invaluable, we will talk about this separately. In the meantime, let’s list the General benefits of using this cabbage for the human body:

  • cleanses the body of salts and removes excess water;
  • stabilizes the hormonal background;
  • improves digestion;
  • protects and strengthens liver cells;
  • strengthens bone and cartilage tissues;
  • helps increase skin elasticity;
  • protects teeth from caries and periodontitis;
  • it has an antiparasitic effect;
  • protects against colds and other infectious diseases;
  • strengthens the cardiovascular system;
  • inhibits the bad cholesterol.

It is worth noting that broccoli has a very pleasant taste, satisfies hunger well and can be considered as a full-fledged component of a nutritious diet.

Benefits of broccoli for women

Benefits of broccoli for womenThe female body is complex. It needs serious support during the reproductive and post-menopausal pathway. Broccoli is a very valuable and important product for the female body! If there are no contraindications, every woman is recommended to pay special attention to this product and include it in your diet in sufficient quantities. The fact is that broccoli contains folic acid. One average serving of this cabbage can provide about 15 % of the daily value of this useful substance. Folic acid is extremely important during conception. The adequacy of this component depends on the correct development of the fetal neural tube, the health of the placenta. This is why broccoli is the best product for expectant mothers. But even after giving birth, you should not neglect the “curls” of broccoli. Useful this cabbage and baby. For older women, this product strengthens joints, increases skin elasticity, and protects against the development of wrinkles. Eating broccoli in the post-menopausal period, it is easier for a woman to maintain hormonal balance and support the nervous system.

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Hair Shine, nail strength, healthy skin color and good mood-this is also to some extent the merit of broccoli! A lot of vitamins and trace elements help to maintain a healthy background in the body, as well as the formation of a positive attitude. And green stems and inflorescences give strength! Eating broccoli in the food, you can significantly improve performance. This is important not only for women, but also for men.

Harm of broccoli

Although the benefits of broccoli cabbage are almost indisputable, there are disadvantages to this vegetable product.

If a person has chronic diseases of the digestive system, a food Allergy to foods with vitamin C is recorded, and there are also serious intestinal diseases, it is either impossible to eat broccoli at all, or you can, but with caution. You need to consult a specialist.

It is also important to note that eating only broccoli cabbage is not necessary categorically! Some women, sitting on a diet, choose only this product of plant origin to saturate their body with at least some strength during this period. But doing so is not just harmful, but also dangerous! The diet should always be balanced. Therefore, it is still worth adding some other low-calorie, but useful products to broccoli.

This is interesting! The nutritional value of broccoli: 34 Kcal, 2.8 g-protein, 0.4 g-fat, 6.6 g-carbohydrates, up to 90 % water, 2.6 g-useful fiber.

Broccoli recipes

So, useful inflorescences beckon with green “curls” and juiciness of the stem? Do not leave useful cabbage in the refrigerator for a long time. Quickly prepare delicious and healthy dishes!

Broccoli, cucumber and lime smoothies

To prepare a delicious and healthy drink that will not only quench your thirst, but also give satiety, you will need:

  1. broccoli — 1 medium-sized;
  2. cucumber — 1 large or 2 small;
  3. juice of 1 small lime.

Broccoli should be disassembled into inflorescences, and thin stalks cut into cubes. A thick stalk is not useful. Peel the cucumber and cut it into cubes. Squeeze the juice of 1 lime. Send all the ingredients to the blender bowl and make a wonderful thick smoothie. The finished drink can be decorated with a sprig of mint. Drink immediately after cooking! This is a real vitamin cocktail that will charge you with energy, mood and nourish your health.

Vitamin salad ” Green bouquet»

To prepare this wonderful salad, which combines the benefits of juicy green gifts of nature, you will need:

  1. broccoli — 1 medium-sized;
  2. cucumber — 1 piece;
  3. green Apple — 1 PC;
  4. carrot;
  5. dill;
  6. 1 drop of lime juice.

The base in the form of broccoli is disassembled into inflorescences and finely chop the stems. Peel the cucumber and cut it into strips. Cut the green Apple flesh (without the skin) into strips or grate it on a medium grater. Cut the carrots into small pieces. Combine all the vegetables in a salad bowl and season with torn greens. For flavor and piquancy of taste, you can add a drop of lime to the salad. Believe me, rich greens, decorated with orange” rays ” of carrots, not only excites the appetite, but also pleases the eye. Therefore, feel free to serve this salad mix on the holiday table!

This is a very useful and delicious product!

Broccoli is a product of plant origin, which is attributed to miraculous properties! And all this is not fiction, but well-proven facts. People who understand at least a little about chemistry, Microbiology and medicine, it is not difficult to understand the benefits of substances contained in broccoli. But you do not need to be a real scientist to appreciate the richness that is endowed with green stems and inflorescences of this vegetable culture.

Cabbage is combined with many other vegetables. You can eat this wonderful fruit as an independent product or by combining it with other vegetables, berries, fruits, and herbs. The taste of this product is truly unique. And it is more likely to impress and become one of your favorite shades than to alienate and make a negative impression. Choose broccoli for your diet and enjoy strength and health!

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