Best Bean Diet for Weight Loss

Legumes and cereals, vegetables and fruits, nuts and berries-this is the most useful food for a person. From time immemorial, people were engaged in collecting. When more men will fill up the mammoth, and women have already found food for themselves and their family! For thousands of years before us, people ate soup from grain and beans, soldiers in distant campaigns quenched their hunger with them, and in Ancient Rome, beans were even brought as a gift to the gods.

A little about the benefits of legumes

A little about the benefits of legumesNowadays, beans are used by kitchens almost all over the world. The list of legumes is quite large. Most often we use peas and beans, recently lentils, chickpeas and beans have appeared on our table. Legumes vary in color, size, and taste, but they all have one thing in common: they are rich in vegetable proteins, fats, carbohydrates, starches, vitamins, and minerals.

Bean dishes are delicious, nutritious, healthy and fill the stomach with satiety for more than four hours!

Many nutritionists recommend using legumes as a dietary product, since they have a low glycemic index. And here it is necessary to recall that legumes contain a large amount of fat and carbohydrates, which is why they give a feeling of satiety for a long time. The results of research have shown that the constant use of legumes not only helps to lose weight, but also to maintain it in a normal way.

What is the bean diet

The bean diet practically does not include additional products. It is not recommended to use canned foods on a diet and it is desirable to eat as little salt and sugar as possible. Usually, the bean diet is prescribed for 7-12 days.

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You can decide which legumes to choose for your diet, depending on your taste preferences. We will give an example of a strict bean diet.

Strict bean diet

If you sit on a strict bean diet, then in the morning you first need to drink clean water, and then only tea or coffee without sugar. After a couple of hours, you can eat something from unsweetened berries or fruits.

Lunch and dinner are almost the same — a small portion of boiled beans with vegetable salad, seasoned with vegetable oil, tea or fresh juice, preferably vegetable. During the diet, you need to drink enough water, but not after a meal, but before!

Usually such a diet is enough to live without snacking, but if you do not feel comfortable, you can enter a little not fried nuts or something from fermented milk products.

On a note. A warm salad of beans with mushrooms and onions, taken in equal quantities and seasoned with vegetable oil and lemon juice, can be delicious and satisfying.

Almost all legumes, including beans, are inconvenient, causing flatulence. This phenomenon can be overcome if you soak the beans for a few hours in cold water, which can be changed several times.


Attention: all legumes have contraindications! Digestive tract problems, the elderly or children’s age are the reason for refusing legumes. Consult your doctor, and if the doctor allows you to have a legume diet, you can easily achieve the desired weight without harm and hunger strikes, because the useful substances in legumes are disproportionately greater.

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