How to Choose the Right Age Cream?

The day cream performs a protective function and protects the skin from the environment. Oily skin types are ideal for day creams with an airy texture or light emulsions containing vitamins, zinc oxide-it prevents the inflammatory process. For dry skin type, you need care with nutritious creams that contain lecithin, cholesterol, and vitamins to smooth out wrinkles. The appearance of the first wrinkles requires the use of a cream of a dense consistency containing a ceramide peptide complex. After 35 years, it is advisable to use cosmetics that contain collagen, which is responsible for the tenderness and elasticity of the skin. If you have problem skin, contact a qualified beautician who will suggest an effective and safe cosmetic product.

Night cream is a must-have tool for maintaining the elasticity and tenderness of the skin. Its main task is to maximize the recovery of skin cells. At night, the ability of skin cells to accelerate metabolism and blood circulation increases, which is why care is so important. You just need to choose the right cream for a certain type of skin — here the principle is the same as in the selection of day cream. It is best if the creams are from the same series — they are guaranteed to combine with each other.

How to choose an eyes cream

The skin around the eyes is different from the rest of the face. It is very thin, sensitive, there is almost no subcutaneous fat and sebaceous glands under it, so it ages faster. Skin care around the eyes should be special, and the attitude should be as careful as possible. Eye creams should be applied only to the fixed upper eyelid and lower, retreating half a centimeter from the ciliated edge and the outer corner of the eye. Otherwise, irritation or swelling may occur. To avoid puffiness, it is generally better to apply the cream on the lower orbital bone, moving from the outer edge of the eyelid to the nose. Contact should be barely noticeable, and the motion of a point. This will prevent skin stretching and the appearance of additional wrinkles.

In the winter the cream to the area around the eyes needs to be composed of vegetable oil, panthenol and allantoin. The texture is preferable to cream, not gel. Then it will protect from frost and wind, and already injured skin to soothe. The cream should be applied 20 minutes before going out in the cold, so that it has time to absorb and not injure the skin even more. In the warm season, it is better to use light products with a gel texture that do not create a film and do not clog the pores. The gel is 80% water and does not contain oils or fats. Gels moisturize well, give a lifting effect and cool. Start caring for the eyelid area at the same age as the face. Up to 25 years of age, it is enough to use light moisturizing gels or creams. Funds with a more active effect can be used from 25-30 years.

20-25 years. Most likely, at this age, you do not have wrinkles yet, and if you do, they are caused either by rich facial expressions (facial wrinkles), or by exposure to the sun. The ideal option would be gels around the eyes with green tea extract, mint, chamomile, aloe, nettle, calendula or essential oils of rosemary, lemon, geranium and juniper. These gels are well absorbed and at the same time soothe and tone.

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25-30 years. After 25 years, the production of collagen slows down, the skin begins to lose moisture, so it is necessary to moisturize it. The best option at this age is a cream-gel around the eyes: it is both light and well moisturizes the skin. Important components of your eyelid skin care product should be vitamins A, E, C, carrot oil, and flower extracts. Even if you have wrinkles, you should not use a tightening cream for wrinkles or anti-age — despite the fact that there is little collagen, it is still there, so do not teach your skin to be lazy!

30-40 years. After 30 years, all processes in the body, in particular metabolism, slow down. The skin becomes thinner, the lack of moisture is increasing. No matter how hard we try, wrinkles appear. At this age, you will have to moisturize the skin around the eyes more intensely. We need creams that contain vitamins A, E, C, hyaluronic acid and collagen. A good option is an eye cream based on fruit or containing grape seed oil and avocado. Creams from the anti-age series are best used after 35 years.

How to care for the neck skin

In no case should we forget about the neck and decollete area! After all, it is the neck that gives the age of a woman. The structure of the neck skin is similar to that of the eyelids: there are almost no sebaceous glands that protect it from external influences. The subcutaneous fat on the neck is also very thin. The first thing you need is to straighten your shoulders, monitor your posture, and not press your head to your chest. Research scientists have already proved that too frequent use of smartphones and tablets to check mail and correspondence in social networks leads to a loss of neck tone. While flipping pages on the gadget, we lower our head (and we can stay in this position for hours!), provoking the appearance of wrinkles on the neck. In order for the skin in the neck and decollete to remain beautiful and elastic, regular care is necessary, including the same steps as for facial care: cleansing, toning, moisturizing, nutrition, and protection. Taking care of the neck skin at night is very simple: choose the right pillow so that during sleep, the skin does not form creases that will later turn into wrinkles.
Anti-aging ingredients in cosmetics

Anti-aging components include coenzyme Q10, retinol, peptides, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, collagen, and stem cells. Peptides are considered the most promising components of cosmetics, not only to combat age-related changes, but also to prevent skin aging.

Preserving moisture in the skin cells is the main task of hyaluronic acid. That is why many people associate it exclusively with hydration, because one molecule of hyaluronic acid attracts and holds water molecules that are a thousand times larger than its own mass. A significant effect of intensive hydration is the smoothing of wrinkles. Due to the effect of hyaluronic acid, the face gets an even color, tone, and the skin looks fresher and younger. By the way, hyaluronic acid works both on the surface of the skin and in the deep layers — this fact was experimentally proven after a long debate.

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